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The joint opinion of the speakers and scientists, academicians, university students, artists, politicians and representatives of non-governmental organizations who have participated in the conference is to revise the curriculum in its entirety beginning from elementary education. Evolutionary claims should not be presented as scientific facts and this one-sided education should be brought to an end by introducing the scientific proofs for Creation in the school curricula.

It must be explained to our youth that the theory of evolution is obsolete and this theory that lies 150 years in the past is particularly introduced under the pretext of science to distance people from the values of religion, although it no longer has any scientific validity in the light of today’s scientific findings.

Our proposal is: In those parts of textbooks where evolutionary theory is given as an explanation to origin of life, the scientific proofs that refute evolutionary claims (that will be summarized below) should be included along with the scientific evidence for the fact of Creation that rebuts evolution theory. There is an important requirement to provide for scientific facts besides evolutionary claims. This is the only way in which students will not be misdirected and it will allow them to make objective decisions based on the scientific truths displayed for them. For that reason, there is definitely a need for changing the school curricula to present these scientific facts. Today, our children have no access to such truths of science in the educational system, and thus they are subjected to a biased education.

It is possible to give an outline of the scientific impasses of the evolutionary theory as below: The theory of evolution cannot give an explanation as to how inanimate molecules attained life. It cannot give an account to how the first protein came into existence.

The simplest protein molecule is in need of other proteins and the complete cell to come into being. The imaginary mechanisms suggested by scientists in advocacy of evolution theory have all been refuted by scientific data.

Evolution theory cannot give an explanation for how the human soul and mind came into existence. The so-called transitional forms alleged by evolutionists have not been found in fossil records despite the 150 years of research: THERE IS NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL. Hundreds of millions of fossils were unearthed, but none of these are intermediary links but intact forms of certain species of living beings that have gone extinct.

Detailed research has demonstrated that fossils such as Archaeopteryx, which were claimed to be transitional forms by evolutionists, are in fact not intermediary forms. That is why evolutionists can only bring up imaginary drawings for their claims of transitional forms today, as they simply cannot show any single intermediary fossil.

Fossils of extremely complex creatures such as trilobites were discovered in the period described as the Cambrian Explosion where the first traces of living beings emerged. The sudden appearance of highly complex organs such as the 3,000 lenses in the compound eye structure of the trilobite destroys the gradual evolutionary claims and is evidence for the fact of Creation.

In light of the first data received via the Hubble Telescope, which has proven that the universe had a definitive beginning, which commenced with the Big Bang. This discovery debunked theories of those who claimed the universe was eternal and thus did not have a Creator – surely God is beyond such thoughts. The universe has a beginning and it was created.

If deemed appropriate, we as the Technics and Science Research Foundation would like submit this work for your most valuable evaluation in assertion that we may conceive that all the evidence that scientifically refutes evolution theory be included in the textbooks used in every level of education in concert with a scientific committee consisting of researchers, instructors and experts on the topic and we are prepared to offer every means of support and contribution to this end.


They said "Glory be to You!
We have no knowledge except what You have taught us.
You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise."
(Surat al-Baqara: 32)


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