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Dr. Cihat Gündoğdu’s Presentation: “Darwinism Legitimizes All Kinds of Oppression”

First and foremost, I would like to thank each one of our precious participants and colleagues for sharing their valuable remarks with us.

The detailed analyses and all the scientific data presented in this important meeting once again leads us to a single truth: That God exists.

The universe is not a product of random chance or disorder. In every corner of the universe there exists a flawless and perfect order, which is glorious down to its finest details. This orderliness leaves no room for errors.

Despite its clarity, some scientists however ignore and hide this fact, which all the branches of science subscribe to.

On the other hand those academicians who see and want to express this truth are dismissed from their positions in their universities only because they criticize the theory of evolution. The question is; why do these people, speaking on behalf of science, hide the scientific facts?

In order to understand this, let’s make a brief outline:

The theory of evolution, which is the ideology of Darwinism, claims that there is a struggle in life. And it alleges that life is so-called a field of struggle, the stronger will eliminate the weakest one and then this way the humanity will improve, the species will change from lesser ones to the higher ones that will improve. So, this way the theory of Darwinism, the theory of evolution legitimizes all kinds of oppression, all kinds of bloodshed. And this way we observe all the wars, all the bloodshed, all the oppression, all racism in the world today. So, Darwinism should be refuted in the scientific sense.

Everyone accepts that the last century was one of the darkest and most horrific centuries we lived. And it caused inordinate bloodshed and violence. We can give a few examples of the disasters Darwinism visited upon the world in the 20th Century as follows:

◉ Bloody dictators such as Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot massacred millions of people and became notorious with their cruelty.

◉ In the 20th century, 160 million people were killed in wars. This figure is many times more than the number of people killed since the beginning of the history of humankind till the 19th Century.

◉ Hitler even had thousands of his own people killed in gas chambers. Why? Because he considered them to be “useless.”

◉ In many Western countries from England to Germany, from the USA to Sweden, hundreds of thousands of human beings were sterilized or left to die because of the ideology of Darwinism.

◉ Racism became the official ideology of some states and, because of their race, some people were not considered as human beings and massacred easily.

◉ Conflicts and wars between the East and the West, communists and capitalists, the left and the right took place. For this reason, people of the same nationalities and even brothers turned hostile to one another.

The materialist viewpoint, which is the basis of Social Darwinism, must be defeated in the intellectual sense. This will bring peace, happiness, love and respect to the entire world.


So, the ideological foundation that pushed the 20th Century into such turmoil, conflicts, wars and commotion takes its roots from Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is also responsible for the hate and enmity among people now in the 21st Century.

Consequently, what needs to be done for the vicious cycle of violence to come to an end is obvious: The materialist viewpoint, which is the basis of Social Darwinism, must be defeated in the intellectual sense. This will bring peace, happiness, love and respect to the whole world. For this end, it is vitally important to explain that Darwinism has been refuted in each and every field of science. So as to make people understand that Darwinism has nothing to do with science but in contradiction with the evidence from the scientific field.

Finally, on behalf of the Technics & Science Research Foundation, we want to thank every participant once again.

We thank you for supporting us to establish a better world in the light of the evidence shown by objective and true science and we wish that the friendships we have established today would become long-lasting.

I thank you for your attendance and wish you a good evening, and hope to see you all again in our next meeting.

Thank you.

The Error of Applying Nature's Laws to Human Beings

At the time when Darwin proposed his theory, science was still rather backward in many respects. The electron microscope had not yet been invented, for which reason the minute details of living organisms were unseen. The cell still resembled a simple blot, and no one knew that it possessed a structure no less complex than that of a city, made up of a great many different organelles. There was no science of genetics; the biological laws of inheritance remained to be discovered. Many biologists and scientists, including Darwin himself, were sufficiently ignorant as to believe that “acquired” characteristics could be passed on to subsequent generations. For example, they believed that if a blacksmith developed powerful muscles because of his work, his sons would have equally strong muscles.

In that primitive scientific climate, Darwin developed his theory. Neither Darwin nor any who supported him was able to submit evidence for the theory of evolution from such branches of science as paleontology, biology or anatomy. Moreover, observations and experiments performed in the following years, and especially new findings obtained in the 20th century, revealed that the theory was clearly wrong. But despite the theory's scientific weakness, its providing a basis for materialist and atheist thought led to its immediate adoption by one part of the scientific world.

Certain circles began to apply the theory of evolution to the social sphere, on account of the ideological messages it contained. It took its place at the root of such 20th-century disasters as genocide, mass slaughter, civil wars in which brother slew brother, and world wars that ruined nations. Religious moral values and the virtues they bring with them, were abandoned in favor of the law of the jungle in which the weaker are oppressed and eliminated. This theory, devoid of any scientific validity, influenced an entire century.

One of Social Darwinists' major errors was their attempt to implement that theory to the social arena.

Another of their errors was to assume that laws applying to animals also applied to human beings whom God has created with conscience, reason, consciousness and the ability to make judgments. Therefore, contrary to what Social Darwinists claim, the laws of the jungle do not apply to human beings, every one of whom is responsible for using his abilities as best as he can throughout his life. God has also created human beings with a finite life span. When it comes to an end, all individuals will die, and will then be resurrected to account for all their behavior during their life of this world.

The primitive microscopes of Darwin's time gave the impression that the cell was merely a simple structure of undifferentiated protoplasm. On the other hand, modern day microscopes have shown how complex and flawless the structure of the cell truly is.

In nature, living things may die or become extinct when they cannot adapt to the prevailing conditions. For example, a dark-haired rabbit in a snow-covered forest may soon fall prey to a fox who can see it clearly. Yet, contrary to what Darwinists would have us believe, dead dark-haired rabbits don't give rise to the emergence of a new lighter-haired species. Furthermore, animals are very different from human beings, who do not have to adapt to natural conditions in order to live. We possess the means to change our surroundings in accordance with our needs and wishes. For instance, we adapt our buildings, heating and cooling systems and clothing according to the climate where we live. There is no natural selection in human societies, because human beings' reason and abilities prevent such elimination.

Such errors lead Social Darwinists to look at societies from an inhuman perspective. An important example of that perspective, so devoid of reason and conscience, is how they thought that societies could progress by abandoning the weak and needy, the powerless and handicapped to their own devices. The fact is that such a selfish refusal brings with it decline, not progress. Those whom Darwinism maintains should be neglected and left uncared for are conscious human beings, able to think and reason. When abandoned to injustice and cruelty, unless they possess the virtues of patience, forgiveness and understanding imparted by religious moral values, they may feel great anger and hatred for those who inflict such treatment on them. To assuage that anger, as many recent examples have shown, they may then resort to violence, which can then give rise to conflict and chaos. As a result of all the material and spiritual means expended to resolve those conflicts, there will be a decline in all spheres—from art to technology, from the economy to science—rather than progress.

Furthermore, killing the sick or handicapped in the name of eugenics, is not only terribly brutal, but also contributes nothing whatsoever to social progress. Such an open acceptance of murder will bring enormous losses that will spell ruin for society. Today, some 6% of the world's population—some half a billion people, a very large number—are handicapped. That would mean that everyone would lose someone from his family or circle of acquaintances, and will have acquiesced in their deaths. This will open spiritual wounds that wreak great harm on people's psychological well-being. In any society where a mother cannot trust her children, children their mother, or brothers each other, where one can allow another to be killed at any time, there will be severe degeneration and depression. In any case, a society that kills people just because they are handicapped is undergoing a devastating moral collapse. It must already have lost all spiritual values, all humanity. Without doubt, to claim progress by means of murder indicates very serious mental and psychological problems.

The greatest suffering will be experienced by those condemned to “elimination,” and that suffering will give rise to deep wounds in the consciences of others.

Social Darwinism sought, to apply to societies the theory of evolution—itself based on Charles Darwin's rather backward scientific understanding—but its world view is in total conflict with human nature. When put into practice, it belittles humanity and drags it back towards depression and chaos, bringing hatred that leads to conflict, warfare, and murder.

Social Darwinism reached its peak during the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th, but its adverse effects can still be seen in the present day. Under such names as “evolutionary psychology” and “genetic determinism,” attempts are still being made to evaluate societies according to the errors of Darwinism. In order to protect the 21st century from further catastrophes, the dangers of Social Darwinism must be revealed in all their aspects, and the world must be told that there is no scientific evidence for the theory on which this philosophy is based.


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