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Chapter 6: How should Turkey act?

Based on the evidence and explanations provided in the previous chapters of the book, it is clearly seen that Turkey is surrounded by PKK mischief in various matters, and the KCK has built up its own structure in the country like a virus. It is apparent that the PKK is about to invade the country from within by means of this infiltration, while this organization is receiving support from the West for diverse reasons. For that reason the treacherous and perfidious PKK terror organization is seemingly occupying the country with differing methods in comparison with its general practices. While perpetrating such a plot, it is attempting to cause turmoil throughout the country. In the course of such affairs, some of our intellectuals, writers, politicians and bureaucrats have turned a blind eye to this assault and the daring of the PKK, and some have even had their hands on an operation for whitewashing these murderous guerillas.

Nevertheless, on the face of the unrelenting traitorous attacks of the PKK carried out on a daily basis, some of them have come to realize the true colors of the PKK and turned against it. When the southeast of our land is under such comprehensive occupation, the conduct of these persons has led to a state of apathy in our people, obscuring the scope of the threat. A great majority of people cannot name this menace our country is encountering or figure out a solution to it. The foremost step to be carried out in order to rule out this danger is delineating the peril properly and designating a cure as a compatible treatment. The second significant essential is the concerted action of our entire nation, including all political parties and the Turks, Kurds, Laz, Abkhaz, Roman, Circassian, Armenian, Greek Orthodox, Muslims, Christians, Jews and even atheists, when the remedy is being implemented. It should be kept in mind that the partitions and conflicts among us would only reinforce the communist terror organizations.

The measures that need to be taken against this threat are listed below in the form of short and long-term precautions.

An important reminder

Turkey is obligated to possess a powerful army, as it is located in a quite strategic geography and in the middle of conflicts, and is at the same time under the threat of communism. This requirement will be discussed in detail in the following chapter. However, the possession of armed forces or weapons does not suggest making preparations for killing others or intentions for the outright use of ammunition or troops. It is mistaken ideologies and ideas that entrap or mislead people to error. That is why the gruesome and terrifying mentality that aims at killing people who hold wrong ideas is nothing but dreadful savagery and most important of all, forbidden by religion. It is the outcome of this vicious mindset that has led the Middle East to a setting of horror and war. The formula to eliminate these fallacious concepts is not through killing more people, but providing those that hold these wrong ideas with a proper education.

That being so, regardless of religion, opinion, race and nationality, we take up a stand against the mindset that would call for the murder of even a single person and struggle against this with all our strength. In discussing the elements of deterrence, this important fact should never be forgotten. Deterrence is one thing, war and murder is another. God encourages making efforts for deterrence, but forbids any offensive attack.

1. The state should bring forth its deterrent demeanor

Our Lord reveals the following in the Qur’an:

Arm yourselves against them with all the firepower and cavalry you can muster, to terrify the enemies of God and your enemies, and others besides them whom you do not know. God knows them. Anything you spend in the way of God will be repaid to you in full. You will not be wronged. (Qur’an, 8:60)

In the verse, God advises military preparations as “a means to terrify” the enemies that we know and do not know. As it is clearly understood in the verse, this military readiness terrifies existing enemies or those who are preparing for such hostility and thus debilitates their power. As a result of these measures, the assailants are obliged to back down from their planned attacks and are neutralized. On that account, military reinforcement and power building as well as devising the necessary steps in that regard are crucial courses of actions that Muslims should undertake in order to suppress such peril.

In response to the deep trouble in the Southeast of Turkey that has facilitated the PKK's empowerment within the region's cities, the people in the region are always urging our state to revitalize its presence and make haste in its efforts. The PKK is blatantly hammering away its corrupt onslaught and laying traps for our soldiers and policemen right in the middle of streets, and persisting in their treacherous methods. Our people who encounter such insidious plots also come across the tents of KCK courts, witness the so-called security units of the YPG at every turn, and are frequently intimidated and exploited by the PKK. That being the case, they demand the leadership of our state and our military forces be more resilient in the region. Otherwise, they fall into doubt and are of the opinion that they will not be protected; in that case, they are compelled to carry out the orders of the KCK, which they consider to be more powerful in the region, and seem to be its supporters. The threat is so overwhelming that our people are unsure whether the state will guard them if they were to struggle against the PKK.

In order to do away with these circumstances, deterrent elements should be put in place. No doubt, the primary condition for deterrence is definitely arms and a powerful army. It is crucial for our army to make an appearance particularly in the Southeastern cities in might and grandeur. The military should be reinforced with more comprehensive and long-range arms including fortification of its ammunition; the military personnel must absolutely travel in groups. Special Operations Units should be on duty in the region at all times beside the police force and given broader authorities. It is of vital eminence that the PKK rags hanged here and there should not be allowed, tents erected must be taken down at once, and no provocations should be allowed.

Special Operations Units should be stationed at all times in the region, and the construction of Kalekol (high security outposts) should continue. Both the number and quality of the Kalekols should be increased; in addition to security, those outposts should be converted into living areas contributing to people in the region.

The strictest measures should be put in effect to prevent the mischievous attacks such as the obstruction of roads or setting trucks on fire. The sources of intimidating letters must be determined right away and the culprits be put under arrest. If the PKK attempts at growing more brutal, it must see that the professionally trained Special Operations Units, who are closely acquainted with guerrilla warfare and equipped with broad authority, will take a stand against it. These units should consist of troops plenty in number and brigades comprised of a high number of soldiers should be dispatched even to small provinces. In these days when the PKK has grown more brutal and the news of martyrs have multiplied, military mobilization should be declared right away and four million troops should be called to service at the soonest time, thus resolving the issues related to the PKK in a few days.

The marching of Special Operations Units glorifying the name of God and chanting "Allahu Akbar" in city centers and on the streets of urban areas in the Southeast and thus publicizing their arms and ammunition to the PKK on an official parade will relieve the restless hearts. To remind once again, these weapons would only be displayed for deterrence purposes and not for killing or offensive incursions.

The construction of “kalekol,” high security outposts, should continue. The recent ravenous incursions of the PKK against our soldiers and police, the unrepentant street fights and vicious ambushes laid against our military and law enforcement officers are adequate reasons for keeping on with high security outpost constructions. In fact, the Southeast region of Turkey is already surrounded by a perilous geography in consideration of our Syrian and Iraqi borders. Accordingly, the continuation of building these outposts has great significance in that regard too. While the number of high security outposts is multiplying, their quality should also be enhanced, turning them into living spaces providing facilities for health, education and social activities in a way to contribute to the people of the region while also serving as security points. The mobile electronic system integration should be transformed into a highly professional scheme to allow for the best and most far-reaching monitoring in the region.

It is impossible for us to approve of practices like violence, attacks and executions in Iran. However, it is important to take Iran into consideration in terms of deterrence and show of force. If an alliance is formed with Iran to struggle against the PKK it is clear that the PKK will lose the majority of its power and demoralize. This alliance should be formed within a short period of time.


Cemil Bayık, who once confessed that he “was defeated by ISIL that carried out guerrilla warfare on lowlands” 113 set forth in the Die Zeit newspaper, “Turkey can no longer combat against us with regular armed forces”.114 In this way he clearly set out how he was in despair in the face of treacherous attacks that hit from behind like his own way of assault, and regards Turkey as incapacitated – just because Turkey does not take part in perfidious guerrilla warfare. For that reason, the manufacturing and purchase of long-range missiles should be accelerated and these missiles should be directly deployed towards predominantly risky territories and indeed immediately towards Mount Qandil. Missiles are definitely the most effective and deterrent arms in comparison to other weapons of defense such as tanks, rifles, cannon, and even fighter jets. That being the case, it is of vital necessity to give prominence to deployment of long-range missiles.

Taking an example from Iran will be pertinent at this point. It may be recalled that Iran launched an unexpected operation against the PJAK (the Iranian branch of the PKK) in 2011. In this operation, the PKK militants that had infiltrated into Iran were turned away, and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps chased off the militants up to Mount Qandil, got hold of an entire PKK camp and granted a certain time period to the PKK for them to pull back right before Iran’s preparations for a full- scale military operation targeting the camps. The Peshmerga in Iraq was also alerted to secure their borders. At that time, out of excessive fear, the PJAK pulled back long before the time given to them by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and was obliged to announce a “unilateral” ceasefire. Thus, they “kindly requested” Iran to comply with this unilateral ceasefire. PKK leader Karayılan’s statements at that time reveal how the Iranian regime had a powerful effect against the PKK:

… There will no longer be any PJAK guerillas in Mount Qandil's territory and other areas over the border. This is a measure implemented unilaterally not to spark off Iran for a new attack and I hope Iran will take notice of this, too. At this stage, this prospect of confrontation with Iran is at a very critical point because, if after this stage, Iran starts its onslaught once again, then not only PJAK, but we, as the PKK, will also have to step in... However, we, as the PKK, have not declared any war against Iran and we do not want to fight against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This reluctance of Karayılan for an armed struggle against Iran is because of its fear of Iran’s arms and the country’s strong military force, and its expected defeat. Karayılan’s whiny statements are in a way to confirm this:

By means of this attack carried out in person of PJAK, Iran wants to invade Mount Qandil in its totality... It has deployed all its tanks, cannons, and modern armament and missiles, capable of hitting not only Qandil and Hewler, but also much far, bazookas and entire technique, along with 30 thousand of troops right across Mount Qandil. 115

Arm yourselves against them with all the firepower and cavalry you can muster, to terrify the enemies of God and your enemies, and others besides them whom you do not know… (Qur'an, 8:60)

It is important to remind one thing here: We would not in any way approve Iran’s practices like ferocity, intrusion or execution. Yet, it is important to take into consideration the example of Iran in terms of deterrence and display of power. As can be seen in the statements of Karayılan, the Iranian missiles lined up on the border, and the arms and troops of Iran caused tremendous panic in the PKK's ranks, to such an extent that the PKK came to a point that it had to state that it has no relation to PJAK, even though it is actually a branch of the PKK. It apparently appealed for mercy from Iran, and begged Iran to abide by the ceasefire it was forced to declare. This was the outcome of this Iranian power play. Certainly, Turkey, too, has a strong army and capacity. It will be beneficial to implement the deterrent attributes of Iran but not its anti-democratic practices, and possibly further collaborate with Iran in the struggle against the PKK. In the following pages, this topic will be dealt with in detail.

Our Special Operations Units should come into prominence especially in the Southeastern region of Turkey. The deterrent power of the state should be made evident with the help of these units. Opening more schools for training Special Operations Units is crucial.

2. The village guard system should be reinforced

The village guard system is one of the most substantial defense mechanisms that have dealt a major blow to the PKK in the Southeast. The beautiful Kurdish community of the Southeast risked their lives for years but never gave free passage to the communist terror organization that made its way by exploiting the notion of Kurdish nationalism. Even during the period when the Ergenekon terror organization was committing ruthless persecution in the region – this topic will be articulated in subsequent parts – they did not lose heart; getting strength from their fear of God, their faith, and love for their homeland and nation, they turned their bodies into shields. A majority of the provinces and villages of the Southeast at no time turned into a hearth and home for the PKK due to the courageous and brave struggle of these unnamed heroes, and it was not even possible for the PKK to take a step into these territories. A total of 70,000 village guards loyal to their nation have paid service against the PKK militants and many of our village guards were martyred on that account when the PKK targeted their families and raided their villages. Despite all this, our village guards duly performed their duties for the country with no fear, having faith that their lives are for God and in submission to our Lord, holding their heads up all the time.

Since the past, the village guard system has been one of the most effective systems that dealt the hardest blow on the PKK. Therefore, at times of ceasefire the primary request of the PKK has always been to disband this unit. That is why the village guard system should definitely be strengthened with more protection and its conditions should be improved.

If we pay close attention, it is the village guards that caused the PKK run into difficulties and disturbances throughout its history. According to the amendment made in Village Law number 422 on March 26th, 1985 the Temporary Village Guard system was enacted. Right after the villages on the side of the state attained village guard status, the PKK pointed its treacherous guns at the village guards, and even further, raided their villages and slaughtered their spouses, elders and children. This is further evidence affirming that the PKK is a perfidious terror organization that shoots against innocent women, children and elderly people and sets houses with babies in cradles on fire, not only defenseless soldiers or village guards. As a matter of fact, Öcalan singled out the village guards and their families in many of his instructions, and ordered the following: “We have to circumvent them including their villages, in person and their families. They have to be reproached with a special setting of revenge. We cannot ignore them; suppression is imperative." 116

The numbers given by Ümit Özdağ in his book are dreadfully gruesome:

In this period when the PKK’s revolutionary violence knew no limits, a total of 799 civilians were massacred including 243 babies and children, and 172 women. At the end of this term, the village guards had given 1,614 martyrs in total. And 1,856 of the village guards turned out to be veterans.117

The “Kurdism” propaganda of the PKK and how it manipulates people through its exploitation of Kurdish nationalist sentiment is completely invalidated with the fact of the village guard system. The majority of our village guards are of Kurdish and Zaza origin. Ata Altın, the General Coordinator of Temporary Village Guards Association and Federation of Families of Martyrs, has stated that the village guards incorporate a body of one million including their family members, and “are of Kurdish origin and speak in Kurdish language. They live by the Kurdish culture, but do not want terrorism or separation.” 118

Adem Çakmak, the Chief Village Guard in Ergani Kortaş Village, gives this affable testimony:

We are on the side of the state. I was the first one to arm in Ergani, two years ago. We were against the PKK then, and still we are. We have been armed to prevent the loss of this land. Some rascals are not allowed to get some weapons in their hands and declare these territories to be “Kurdistan”. We do not accept this, and we are not in denial of our origins here. We are also Kurds, but not separatists. 119

The Chairman of the Fraternal Association for Preserving Rights of Temporary Village Guards says: "While we were on duty, the PKK was looking for a place to hide. There was no such thing as the PKK.”

In all its specifications for disarmament throughout its history, the PKK has insisted on the abolition of the village guard system as the primary principle and asked for its quick implementation. It may be recalled that during the scope of the Solution Process, a similar list of conditions was imposed by the PKK, including ten provisions that particularly aimed at the village guards under the title, “socio-economic dimensions of the Solution Process.” According to this provision, the requirement was “... to eliminate all socio-economic problems that emerged during the 30-year long armed conflict such as the village guard system and evacuated villages.” This provision actually points out to this fact again that the village guard system is obviously the soft spot of the PKK and a pain in their heart.

In these circumstances, the case of village guards should be handled more seriously by our state. The village guard systems should be fortified more seriously, and the number of village guards should be multiplied two folds, in addition to their being under further protection and support of our state. Village guards should be equipped with powerful weapons, and laws should be enforced to allow for their carrying arms wherever they go. Their salaries should be improved with new arrangements and the conditions of their living with their families in a secure environment must be in assurance.

It is known that our government is currently working on this matter and these efforts are delighting us. The fact that temporary village guards are not covered by the social security services is a grave issue, which needs to be resolved right away and the required insurance coverage has to be put into effect immediately. These people have risked their lives for the good pleasure of God and in the name of their nation. Therefore, if they are injured in any way, their goodness and welfare of their families and their being protected under social security should be under the responsibility of the state. It is of great significance that village guards should not be bereaved of their weapons after retirement because it is known that the PKK designates these people as enemies, and anticipates a time when they will have no defense. For that reason leaving these people unguarded would mean putting them in the crosshairs of the PKK. By paying a certain salary even in their retirement, they should be guaranteed a prosperous life with their families.

Time after time, there should be gatherings for consultation with our village guards who have directly taken part in the struggle against the PKK for 20 years, and their experience and intelligence should be evaluated on a continual basis. It is a widely known practice that soldiers act together with the village guards, as the soldiers are not so well informed about the lay of the land. Therefore, it is obvious from all aspects how influential the village guards are.

A spectacular view from Şanliurfa.

More frequent acts of kidnappings and the taking of hostages are more evidence of how the PKK is disturbed by the village guard system. However, such incidents sometimes result in the martyrdom of our village guards since they are not guarded adequately. What's more, for a long time, our village guards are being intimidated and terrorized by the PKK by means of threatening letters. In these letters of intimidation it writes, “Enemy! Give back your weapon, so that you may have the right to live in Kurdistan!” Thus the arms given by the state are described as weapons of the enemy while the Southeast of our country is called Kurdistan. While this recklessness is persisting, ignoring the current incidents in the Southeast would be against all rationality and conscience.

The following statements by the Chairman of the Fraternal Association for Preserving Rights of Temporary Village Guards on A9 Television are highly significant:

While we were on duty, and when our state was in need of us, and we were right in charge of our struggle, the PKK would look for a place to hide on encountering us. There was no such thing as the PKK then. 120

It is obvious that the village guard system is one of the vital systems that both the PKK fears and feels desperately about. The manner in which our President attaches significance to this matter is clearly observed in his meeting with the village guards. The government should preserve this sensibility and the village guards should be assured of the continuous support of the state.

3. Kurdish as the native language: A tactic, or a necessity?

Recent steps taken in regard to the Kurdish language, especially the Kurdish translation of the Qur’an printed by the Religious Affairs Directorate are very important and gratifying improvements.

It is obvious that the issue labeled as “Kurdish as the native language” is quite a sensitive matter for some of our Kurdish brothers. Many mothers and fathers speak only Kurdish in the Southeast, and many are concerned that their primary language would be lost on that account. Such concern seems to be reasonable in view of the practices in Turkey’s history in having the Kurdish language forgotten, and casting off people who speak or write in Kurdish, even having gone so far as to imprison them in the past. As we will see in the following parts, the Ergenekon terror organization also tyrannized our Kurdish brothers on various matters, including the use of the Kurdish language.

Let us make one point: Making Kurdish forgotten as a language or casting it off will never be encountered in this country again as we will definitely never allow this to happen. On the contrary, Kurdish should be spoken a great deal more as an important value of our country; courses and associations should be instituted for teaching the language, the number of works in Kurdish should increase and Kurdish songs should be listened to more.

The initiatives of our government in the last decade on this matter are very promising. The launch of TRT Kurdi, and various other openings for Kurdish, and most important of all, the preparation of the Qur’an’s translation into Kurdish by the Directorate of the Religious Affairs are substantial improvements. The fact that the Qur’an has not been published in Kurdish till now shows the severity of the pressure on Kurdish language. It is well known that the Directorate of Religious Affairs is making preparations also for printing the translation of the Qur’an in other languages and dialects in Turkey. This should be viewed as very good news and it will be highly beneficial to undertake such work in Turkey in other languages such as Albanian, Armenian and Greek as well.

On the matter of native language: Our Kurdish brothers have to be very careful on this matter because the discussion on native language is deliberately plotted by the PKK as a tactic in order to discriminate between Turks and Kurds living in the same country. The PKK has always resorted to taking advantage of Kurdish nationalism as a veil to conceal its communist attacks or utilize it as a justification for its terrorism. That is why they have brought this topic of native language to the agenda in order to make it seem as if their intention is to save the Kurds. We need to recall here once again: It is obvious that the bloody attacks that the PKK has started again is not for the salvation of our Kurdish brothers.

Şemdin Sakık explained why the condition for “Using Kurdish as a native language in the public domain” was added to the list of demands in the hunger strike started by “PKK’s coercion” in 58 prisons all over Turkey by the 483 prisoners affiliated with the PKK and PJAK:

For example, at the beginning, the request for "Education in Native Language" was not among the targets of the strike; it was obvious that the ones who planned for it had forgotten to add that slogan to the list of demands.

But, why?

Forgetting is the activity in the brain to clear away unnecessary things. They forgot because the PKK… never had any issues for “Education in Native Language”. On the contrary, any new step made by the government to improve the Kurdish language and culture, such as the launch of the TRT-6 broadcasts along with Kurdish being included amongst elected courses in school curricula, drew a reaction on their side and they did everything to frustrate these steps. They even threatened the Kurdish girl Rojin because she was working for TRT-6. They are essentially so distant to the Kurdish culture that they even do not speak Kurdish in their daily dealings. That was why they did not remember adding the “Education in Native Language” item to the list of demands, because they had no such purpose. Why they annexed it later on was to receive the support of Kurdish people to this so-called protest and conceal the real purpose of the protest. 121

In truth, it is a known fact that Turkish is used for communication by the PKK in its publications and correspondence while again Turkish is spoken in the meetings of the PKK unless there is another occasional requisite. 122 Many people are not proficient in Kurdish, and the Kurdish dialect spoken in different villages or provinces is not similar; that is why Kurdish is not preferred as a way of communication. For that reason, the best way of communication between them is Turkish. They have again invariably referred to works in Turkish to read and understand their ideology because of the insufficiency of the publications in Kurdish.

In that regard, the PKK has no concerns for Kurdish language in reality. The terrorist organization gets use of the native language concept to create an image that “We are defending the rights of Kurds,” and in this way, they focus on winning over public opinion in the Kurdish community. Yet, Kurdish is not a preferable language spoken among the younger Kurdish generation. It is not possible to open to the world, or attain historical knowledge, or have access to works on literature, science, technology, general culture or politics in the Kurdish language. While it is possible to find a renowned foreign work published in Turkish, this is not the case for the Kurdish language. An analysis carried out by the 21st Century Institute in Diyarbakır is below:

There are a considerable amount of people who doesn't speak Kurdish because they are ethnically Turkish and also a great majority of people who speak very little Kurdish or Zaza language even though they are ethnically Kurds or Zazas; thus they all speak only Turkish in their daily lives. The fact that the local tradesmen stick to Turkish when they put on job postings, despite all the efforts carried out by the local municipalities to make everything Kurdish, demonstrates that the efforts to make everything Kurdish is not a natural process but a political one. 123

The Diyarbakır Ramparts and Hevsel Gardens cultural landscape are on the world heritage list of UNESCO. No one will be able to prevent us from living with our Kurdish brothers in these beautiful lands.

This is of course a political process. No ethnic group living on these lands ever since the Ottomans made it a point to distinguish themselves with their mother tongues. Although the Ottoman State consisted of a large variety of ethnic groups who were completely different from one another, the official language of the Ottomans was always Turkish. It was mandatory for governors and deputies in the Parliament to know and speak Turkish. The language used in the Enderun School, which raised state officials, was Turkish and the recordings of court proceedings were also kept in the Turkish language. This was the case in Arabia, Egypt, Benghazi, Tripoli, Rumelia, the Balkans, in short, everywhere under the rule of the Ottomans. This was because every individual living on Ottoman lands was regarded as Turkish, a representative of the nation, regardless of his religion and race. The concept of “Turkishness” mentioned here and the use of the Turkish language as the primary language is not an attitude aimed to exalt an ethnic group but a concept identifying the integrity of a nation.

When we look at the democratic countries of our day, we will see that the current implementation is no different than this one. Among the international conventions, European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) jurisprudence is the one consisting of the most admissible verdicts with the highest power of sanction in force today in Europe and worldwide, especially in respect to human rights. Consequently, taking the ECHR as the truest reference guide in not only matters of human rights, but also regarding language, culture and identity, which also constitute the parts of human rights is the accurate approach. ECHR jurisprudence contains numerous rulings that reject the search for a different language in unitary states. Some examples on this matter are below: An appeal was made from Turkey to the ECHR in which a citizen who wanted to change his name and use letters such as q, w and x letters that are not used in the Turkish language, appealed to the court after exhausting domestic remedies. The ECHR overruled the claim.

The Federal Court of Switzerland, taking the command of the constitution related with the use of languages into consideration, refused to hear the cases demanding to give education and open schools in languages other than Switzerland's national languages of German, French, Italian and Retoromanian and its official languages (German, French and Italian), no matter what the mother tongue of the petitioning citizen is. 124

The PKK, in its own twisted ways, is trying to snatch the Southeast region from Turkey through a series of phases. For this communist organization, breaking apart the official language will be a factor that will expedite this disengagement the most. That is because once they do this, eventually a Kurdish citizen who would come to Ankara or Istanbul from the Southeast would suffer the difficulties of being a stranger to the culture and a doctor, who would be assigned to the Southeast from the city in North would not be able to communicate with his patients; likewise, a teacher who would be assigned from Antalya would be unable to teach anything to his students. That would bring about severely disconnected communities living in the same country but speaking different languages and are unable to communicate with each other. In order to lay the grounds for this so-called "natural separation" the PKK is using this mask of the mother tongue. They have invented this as the shortest way to completely isolate the Southeast of the country and to establish a communist administration therein to pressure the people of the region, as they like.

Sadi Somuncuoğlu, one of our former ministers, summarized the situation as follows:

The primary goal of these discussions about language is to legalize and legitimize the bloody terror targeting our very existence under the guise of "language and cultural rights"; the second goal is to ensure the switch to a "bilingual-two identity" state structure. In this way, the path to fragmentize our country will be opened. 125

This plot designed to divide the Turkish nation, which has lived on the same lands for hundreds of years, should not deceive our Kurdish brothers. The Kurdish language should of course be taught in schools; it should definitely be encouraged and kept alive and enriched with literary, political and artistic works. The Kurdish language should be preserved and widespread as an important value and part of Turkish people. However, by attempting to make Turkish forgotten as a language and teaching Kurdish alone in the region, this treacherous terror organization wants to establish a foundation to create a very deeply-rooted problem, using language as a means to externalize and alienate our Kurdish mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers and our Kurdish sisters and brothers from the rest of Turkey and to use this as a means of separation.

4. Invigorating religiousness

Despite all the pressure of the PKK the main reason why it was not able to establish a sovereign territory in the Southeast region of our country in so many years is the devoutness of our Kurdish people. Bringing up a faithful generation will be one of the most intense strikes over the PKK.

One of the most important characteristics of our Southeast region in which our brothers with Kurdish, Zaza and Arab origins mostly live is that their people are very religious. Those lands have been kneaded with the warmth, beauty and beautiful morality of Islam; strengthened with deep love and affection to God and have remained standing on those foundations. Our Kurdish brothers cannot think of being removed from religion and cannot live away from religion. Therefore, despite all the pressures they face, they have stood up against the threats of the treacherous PKK all the way and behaved resolutely to preserve the integrity of our homeland with the strength of their faith, despite all the oppressions carried out in the past by the deep state. In fact, the religiousness that rules the region is the primary reason for the failure of the PKK in attaining sovereignty in our Southeast region for all these decades.

In order to be able to overthrow the feudal system under the rule of tribes living in the region, a different and highly erroneous approach was adopted in the past. And an understanding, which suggested that these regions would be freed from the feudal order if they remain distant from religion, was developed. Therefore the youngsters of the region were given an educational style with largely leftist tendencies that generally remain aloof from religion. By doing so, a sort of affected culture in which leftist discourses prevail was developed. The decrease in the rate of religiousness among Kurdish youngsters is one of the tragic results brought about by this method. Some of the new generation Kurdish youth were brought up according to this mindset and as a result of this erroneous education they've been given, they were left in the middle of the "irreligiousness-Kurdish ethnocentrism-PKK" axis. These young people are enraged by events that took place in the past even though they are well aware of the fact that the solution is not to be found in the PKK. Yet because the common understanding of religiosity that bound the Kurdish communities to our state for years has been interrupted, they tended involuntarily towards the PKK.

In the following pages of this book, the subject of education will be explained more comprehensively. However here we need to focus on the education policy developed aiming at the youngsters in this situation. The existence of tribes that symbolize strong family ties is very nice and these tribes are the ornaments of our Southeast region. Overcoming the harm caused by the feudal system, one that compelled many youngsters in these tribes to go to the mountains, is not going to be possible by keeping the youth distant from religion but by providing them with an education based on the true values of Islam. Eliminating superstitious beliefs that have been falsely attached to religion, such as regarding women as second-class citizens, would not be possible with socialist approaches. Socialism will soon bring about communism and the practice of terror within the PKK mindset, and while societies were expecting equality, they would soon fall into the trouble of anarchy, injustice, poverty, fear, and lovelessness. It is impossible for us to allow such a structure develop in front of our eyes in the Southeast.

Top left: An amazingly beautiful Kurdish child.

Beautiful scenery from the Great Mosque in Diyarbakir.

Superstitions ingrained in society can only be abolished by completely understanding the real Islam as described in the Qur'an. To be able to succeed doing this, an education system that explains the concepts of the superiority of women, democracy, justice, and peace with the verses of the Qur'an should be developed in the Southeast. The facts that true Islam encourages values such as art, music, science and describes the most perfect form of democracy, denounces ethnocentric or racist attitudes and holds women in high esteem, the like of which they've never experienced in any other society, should be demonstrated. The youth who are given this education will be able to build an order based on respect and the Qur'an by keeping their own ties with their tribes and families and also upholding their faith with strength. Establishing this will be very easy for our new generation Kurdish youth so long as our state organizes the form of education in this sense.

An education system emphasizing the concepts of superiority of women, democracy, justice, arts, science, and peace based on the verses of the Qur’an is needed in the Southeast of Turkey. It is important to introduce the true Islam as described in the Qur’an in upbringing the Kurdish youth.

Such an education would be a major blow to the PKK while ruling out the inequalities that push some of the youngsters in the Southeastern Turkey towards the PKK. With the education they will be given, religious youth would not only be equipped to counter the distorted ideology of the PKK but they would also never turn towards the PKK. Such an ideological background, as we will see the details soon, would be sufficient to render the PKK completely ineffective in such a way that they would not be able to hurt our people any more.

5. Alliance with the Iraqi Kurdish region and Iran

Especially when it comes to the struggle against the PKK, it is important to form an alliance with Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani.

As we have previously stated in details, the names of four countries are mentioned within the dream of the West related to the foundation of a Great Kurdistan. Syria, which is one of these mentioned countries, was excluded in terms of alliance or various suggestions of cooperation as a result of the civil war and the environment of disorder that has plagued the country for years. However Iran and the Iraqi Kurdistan Autonomous Administration are two of our border neighbors with whom we have strong alliances. The PKK has dreams about establishing a communist Kurdistan on the lands of both of those two countries and the leaders of the two states are troubled by the existence of the PKK. These very important details turn those three countries into unique candidates for an alliance against the PKK. What Turkey should be doing in these circumstances is to establish a great, effective and strong unity, siding with Iran and Iraq against the PKK.

We have previously mentioned Iran's deterrent attitude against the PKK. Of course, it is not possible for us to approve the anti-democratic practices of Iran regarding this issue; however it is possible to forge a very strong alliance aiming to deter the PKK, particularly on the borders, one that should definitely be realized. When we look into history, we see that the times Iran and Turkey enjoyed a serious amity were also very tough times for the PKK and the times relations between these two countries were at a standoff were conversely the times the PKK made use of as opportunities for new attacks. It means that the alliance of Iran with a strong state like Turkey intimidates the PKK.

This opportunity should be put to good use. With our army and our means, Turkey should make her alliance with Iran against the PKK be felt and moreover, should make it official with new strategic agreements by sharing intelligence information and it should be made possible for the PKK to estimate what any foolish moves would cost them. Such an alliance would be strong enough to singlehandedly put an end to all acts of the PKK.

Barzani called on to the Kurdish Parliament in Iraq to prevent the impact of the PKK leaders such as Duran Kalkan in Northern Iraq and the presence of the PKK in the region.

With regards to the Iraqi Kurdish Autonomous Administration; both President Masoud Barzani and Prime Minister Nechervan Barzani are trustworthy people known for their religious personalities. It is very good that their ties with Turkey are strong; this togetherness should be reinforced with an even stronger friendship and alliance. Right now, it is a known fact that there is a serious influence of the PKK in the Iraqi Kurdish region and moreover that some of the Peshmerga became supporters of the PKK. From time to time, some threats aimed at Barzani come from the administrators of the PKK who are hiding in the caves in Mount Qandil. Through those threats, it is clear that they want to coerce Barzani. Furthermore the PKK has in the beginning of 2015 declared the land in which Yezidis are residing in the Iraqi Kurdish region as a canton in their own minds and Barzani issued a strong reaction to this situation. Barzani is again the one who adopted a serious attitude against the PKK during the air operations conducted by Turkey targeting Mount Qandil and he also declared an ultimatum to this terrorist organization demanding that they “vacate Kurdistan.” On occasion, Barzani voices his complaints regarding the PKK and in an open or covert fashion expects Turkey's support.

Barzani made the following call to the Parliament and the Government of the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Administration regarding Duran Kalkan, one of the executives of the PKK, who made allegations about him:

Take proper precautions against these formations that are in treason. Such formations are dangerous... Put an effort with all your might to silence this voice (Duran Kalkan). Choke the life out of these opinions that constitute the offense of treason. My call to the honorable people of Kurdistan is this: Do not let such groups to gain a footing in Kurdistan. These components in treason want to pick a civil war. Do not allow these formations aiming to create instigation. Put in the effort with all your might to defend Kurdistan and ensure the unity of our people. 126

The PKK has been a threat against the Kurdish government in Iraq for years. Instituting an alliance with Turkey is essential for the welfare of that region, and for the children of Iraqi Kurds to prosper in peace.

Clearly Barzani has concerns for the peace and unity of the Kurdish people and his autonomous region and describes the PKK as a virus that instigates corruption, disrupts unity and spreads terror. Beyond doubt, being under the supervision of the USA ever since its foundation is risky for the Iraqi Kurdistan Autonomous Administration; that is because the administration in question is unable to step out of the sanctions and conditions imposed by the USA and their free decisions are made under supervision. That is the reason why Iraqi Kurdish Autonomous Administration had to unnecessarily go into combat with ISIL in the region and the Peshmerga suffered devastating losses as a result of that combat. However alongside all these issues, the fact that USA has withdrawn from the region should be taken into consideration. In order to preserve the privileged status they have attained by means of the USA, the Iraqi Kurdish region needs the existence of a friendly and strong neighboring country. When these conditions are taken into consideration, it can be seen that Iraqi Kurdish Autonomous region needs the support of Turkey more than ever and every now and then Barzani voices this demand. Of course Barzani's security of life should be ensured primarily. Taking into account the peril facing Barzani, who is under constant threat by the PKK and who has had to deal with covert PKK supporters within his army, it is both crucial and urgent that Turkish Special Forces and the MIT (National Intelligence Agency) should protect him.

Former CIA agent Graham Fuller, who said that the Great Middle East Project has turned into a disaster and confessed that Turkey's involvement in American plans would come to mean signing its death warrant, also made another accurate assertion; "Turkey can solve the PKK problem if they can succeed to increase their dialogue with Iraqi Kurds." 127

This substantially accurate and important assertion should definitely be taken into consideration. An alliance of the three border neighbors such as the Iraqi Kurdish Autonomous Administration, Iran and Turkey against the PKK, exhibiting all deterrent components against the PKK, sharing intelligence data and logistics support and making it felt that they are a significant threat against the PKK whenever possible would deter and silence the terrorists within a very short time. Turkey should take action to ensure this alliance at once and those three countries should act together in their struggle against the PKK.

On the left: Iran Revolutionary Guards

On the right: Heroic Turkish Maroon Berets (Special Forces) In order to create an effective deterrence against the PKK, a joint military action with both Iraqi Kurdish Autonomous Administration and Iran would yield very positive results.

6. Forming close alliances with the Western world based on solutions

Among the Western think tanks and politicians, especially in the USA, the existence of people who take the problems in the Middle East seriously as a problem of humanity and make a sincere effort to solve this matter is undoubtedly known. What should be called upon here is that the plans to divide the Middle East actually belong to a very small group of people. "Humanity" and "peace" are the points many politicians, bureaucrats and opinion leaders concentrate on. Consequently what is going on in the Middle East pains them as well and they try to make an effort for a solution.

Western countries should be informed comprehensively about the PKK. The treachery of the PKK should be disclosed in detail. The West should be informed on how a supposed communist state set about from Turkey would be detrimental.

Those people in question are those with whom we should be in alliance against this communist movement such as the PKK, which will bring about a horrifying disaster in the Middle East. Getting in touch with some names abroad, especially with those who have moderate and warm policies towards Muslims in the region and who look for solutions to the Middle East problem, is a must. Connections should be established with various non-governmental organizations and each and every one of them should be informed separately about the danger that is the PKK.

With the effective use of social media, editors, columnists, TV producers both in Turkey and abroad, should be contacted one by one. These people should be told about the dream of the PKK to establish a communist, materialist, autonomous state in the region and should be informed about the insidious, bloody acts they carry out to attain this dream. The facts that those PKK terrorists who put on a show as peace envoys towards certain segments of people abroad and at home are actually martyring our police officers and soldiers the first opportunity they get by laying ambushes in streets, who are perfidiously shooting police officers sleeping at their homes and are not even hesitating to attack women and children, should be explained thoroughly.

The harm that the disintegration of Turkey would bring about on the whole world should be explained and the fact that a communist based separatist movement starting from Turkey would instigate a war and terror environment that would spread to all Islamic countries and then to all the continents in a domino effect, should be expounded. It should be kept in mind that many Westerners do not know the true nature of the PKK. The cost of strengthening a communist-Stalinist organization to the Middle East should definitely be set forth with the use of persuasive facts.

It should be taken into consideration that various difficulties will be faced while forging an alliance with the West and during the efforts for persuasion. Some people unaware of the fact of the PKK might resist these explanations. For that reason, hostile and racist discourses should be avoided and the situation should be explained by using kind, rational, patient, sincere, and moderate words. The intellectual substructure of the things that will be explained should be prepared and scientific methods should be employed. Romantic, weak explanations, bereft of evidence, that are not based on scientific and rational foundations, should strictly be avoided.

The YPG is a branch of the PKK. While the PKK is listed amongst the terrorist organizations, West’s not including the YPG to that list and thereby supporting it unreservedly will only benefit the PKK. The West is unaware of the trouble it is a part of and must definitely be informed of this.

Sensible individuals in the West should be persuaded about the fact that instead of a "clash of civilizations", "the alliance of the good" will definitely bring about victory. It should be emphasized that Christians, Jews and Muslims should act in unison in the face of troubles and that Turkey is ready for such an alliance. The true Islam and the sufficiency of the Qur'an should be explained. It should be emphasized that our Middle East policy is a policy of peace reflecting the true spirit of Islam.

It should be reminded that although Turkey is a member of the NATO, the aforementioned organization does not carry out its due commitments. While the NATO accepts the calls for meetings when it comes to our country, it is substantially ignorant towards the fact that our country is under the threat of separation and is currently facing numerous terrorist attacks. The unjustified occupation of two countries -Afghanistan and Iraq- in the wake of a terrorist attack towards the US was accepted as normal. While that is the case, it should be shown to everyone that nothing tangible has ever been done against the terror organization that's been attacking Turkey for 40 years and that the related countries merely placed the organization into their list of terrorist organizations and that even this condition had been broken over the PYD/YPG. Consequently, the PKK terrorist organization is currently enjoying direct support of various institutions and deep states of the world and this should be made known to everyone.

7. The definitive solution is to collapse the ideology of the PKK!

Communism is the ideology of the PKK. The origin of communism is Marxism; and Marx defines what this ideology he developed uses as basis with the following sentence:

(Referring to Charles Darwin's Origin of Species) This is the book which contains the basis in natural history of our view . 128

Darwin's book is very important and serves me as a basis in natural science for the class struggle in history.129

It may be recalled that Öcalan defines himself as the “Lenin of our times” and puts the techniques of Stalin into practice. Stalin, whom Öcalan regards as a guide, explains the basis of his practices as follows:

In order to cleanse the minds of young generations from the notion of creation, we need to teach them only one thing: The teachings of Darwin. 130

As can be seen, the common point that attracts attention is Darwin's theory of evolution. This theory has been taken as a starting point for communism and communist leaders have always espoused the spreading of the concept of evolution. As we have mentioned in great detail in the previous sections, Öcalan is a Darwinist and he has shaped the PKK organization upon this ideology.

The ideology of the PKK is the same as Mao who shed blood in China, Stalin who terrorized Russia, and Pol Pot who carried out mass massacres in Cambodia. The PKK is attempting to build the same terrible system first in the Middle East and then all over the world.

The acts of terror that are carried out in our country right now, and the horrible massacres that have taken place in countries such as Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea in the past have always taken this single ideology as basis: The theory of evolution. That means the following; if the theory of evolution collapses, then concepts such as dialectic materialism and communalistic systems that communism takes as its basis would disappear and the notions suggesting "the strong crushing the weak" and "the struggle for survival in nature" will be abolished and thus, the terror and anarchy that communism mandates will not be able to find a basis. We have "bad news" for communists; the theory of evolution is a fallacy.

Darwinist education is the first training the PKK gives to the militants in the mountains. After that, propaganda studies about the association of Darwinism-communism is carried out and as a result of this one-sided education given to them, terrorist activities, killing people or going to their own deaths becomes quite easy for these people. The communist ideology should be annihilated to put an end to this terror organization and that can only be possible by explaining the fact that Darwinism is a fallacy. However, while Darwinist education is being given in our schools to our own children as a part of the official curriculum (this has been explained in detail in the previous section) attending to our own children at home will be difficult, let alone giving the correct education to the PKK militants in the mountains. May God forbid, the settling of a communist, terrorist mindset in our society, which currently is complaining about the widespread use of violence, terror, intolerance, hatred and aggression would become shockingly easy within this education system. Consequently, our youth is really not prepared to fight against the PKK, in the ideological sense. Since they are given the same erroneous education as the PKK militants receive in their schools and because they never received the correct education in any aspect, they do not have the necessary background for an ideological struggle against the PKK.

Certainly, the Darwinist dictatorship is a violent structure and just as it is influential in all other countries, it is also influential in our country as well. Therefore making changes in the curriculum might not be very easy. The authorities might be unable to find a way out about this matter. However, the following method can nevertheless be followed.

They can continue to teach the theory of evolution as a part of general culture at schools; we have no objection to that. However, adding various courses that provide scientific responses to this theory to the curriculum or teaching these responses in lessons currently present in the curriculum is crucially important. This point will be left at the students' discretion and the students will only be presented with many fossil examples that were excavated from different layers of the geological stratum. Scientific evidences that demonstrate why a protein cannot come into existence as a result of coincidences in muddy water will be explained. Scientific outcomes will be expounded saying, "Evolution suggests that a living cell comes into existence on its own through coincidences, while scientific experiments, on the other hand, prove the contrary”. That will not be a lesson on creation. It will only be presenting scientific evidences while giving information on the evolutionary frauds in biology lessons; that will be all.

Apart from all this, it is imperative to develop a special educational program particularly for our Southeast region. Giving a meaningful anti-communist education to the local community and ensuring that this education reaches the terrorists in the mountains as well is the only effective path. In order to be able to do that, distributing books and brochures explaining the fact that Darwinism and communism do not have a foundation in terms of its ideology with scientific evidences, giving conferences, preparing television programs and carrying out enlightening educational programs are of crucial importance. We need to reach the people of the Southeast, especially with TV programs; the television channels belonging to the state should be facilitated in this respect. This education mobilization should urgently be carried out through TRT and TRT Kurdi channels. [For further details of the education programs that should be followed, see The Danger of a Communist Kurdistan by Harun Yahya (full text is available on the internet at)]

Communist terror will not come to an end without education

This fake map designed for a communist Kurdistan will never become reality. Eradicating terror and the communist mindset completely is only possible through education.

It should not be forgotten that every deterrent means possible can be used against communist terror, but their underlying ideology is the reason why communists take up arms. Peace agreements, mutual negotiations or deterrent methods can never give definitive results unless their ideology is refuted. No communist uprising has ever been soothed through negotiations. Those who attempt to give the IRA in Ireland or ETA in Spain as an example in our day are gravely mistaken. The terror in our country is based on the dream of establishing a communist Kurdistan and unless an educational policy is initiated, it will not come to an end before they reach that goal.

Our youth should be educated against the communist threat and should learn what they are up against and with which scientific methods they will be able to annihilate this. Our brothers in the Southeast should have a grasp of scientific data that would refute the Darwinist-communist danger, and by getting to know the true understanding of Islam as depicted in the Qur'an, they should free themselves from the bigotry and superstitions brought about by the radical mindset. A policy of education, particularly aimed at our Southeast region, is of crucial importance. This policy of education should advance with a policy of love aimed towards our brothers in the region. This education should be given together with the love of our state and of our people.

Educators having a self-righteous or arrogant appearance would create grave disadvantages. It should not be forgotten that this truth lies at the root of the long-standing unrest of the Kurdish youth. All our citizens are equal in every aspect in this country and anyone claiming superiority over another would only be displaying his own profound ignorance. Consequently, education should definitely be presented to the people of the Southeast along with the love that they long for.

The oppression our people in the Southeast have suffered over the years is a dire situation that we know full well and we are all too familiar with the results. Even though our Kurdish brothers have suffered a great deal over the years, this is certainly a mistake that could be easily redeemed. That should never be forgotten.

The following chapter is allocated to this important matter.



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