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Chapter 4: The perception of the PKK in the West

While the PKK is attempting to ingratiate itself with the West by changing their appearance and statements, it is perhaps natural that a mistaken perception regarding the PKK was swift to develop in the West.  The USA, who was in a merciless struggle against communism for years, who has been in a high stakes Cold War with the Soviet Union and fought in Vietnam and Korea to this end, and the Western Powers who supported the US, have included the PKK in the list of terrorist organization because of its communist, terrorist identity. Nevertheless, it is of course a known fact that the PKK was supported by some of the European states for years and that it was quite well organized in those countries. This foreign support the organization enjoyed is certainly one of the most important reasons why the organization could not have been annihilated despite the struggle that has been going on against it for decades. Thus, the PKK was able to find an environment abroad to carry out some of their activities they could not do within Turkey. They could easily disseminate the propaganda of the organization through various television and radio channels, have the articles of the executives of the organization published in various periodicals and were able to create financial sources through front companies. The efforts of Marxist parties, associations and institutions abroad in this regard were significant.

But still, albeit on paper, the USA in particular and other anti-communist countries largely stood against the Marxist identity of the PKK. As we have previously stated, this opposition in the Western countries did not serve the PKK's purpose in time and the change in appearance and statements within the PKK started to manifest themselves after this. Indeed, the mask of Westernism, which mainly targeted to get into the good graces of the USA, substantially opened previously obstructed paths for the PKK. It is not surprising that now some people appeared among writers from the US and Europe who are reckless enough to openly suggest "taking the PKK off the list of terrorist organizations."

The question that should be asked here is the following: Did the USA really believe in this mask? 

Among the government and the deep state of the USA there might be some who really believed in this mask, yet in actual fact this mask served the purposes of many.  So much so, that it is highly probable that this deep state might have a role in this change in identity. Consequently, especially while evaluating the Western point of view towards the PKK, this evaluation should be made in two different aspects:

1) Those who want to use the PKK and; 2) Those who fell into the trap of the PKK.

Those who want to use the PKK

PKK'nın hedefi, Komünist Kürdistan ve ardından komünist dünya devleti hedefine ulaşmaktır. PKK, bu hedefi gerçekleştirmek için güçlü bir müttefike ihtiyaç duyduğundan ABD'nin himayesine sığınmıştır. ABD'ye karşı sadece rol yapmakta, komünist kimliğini gizleyerek komünist hakimiyete doğru adım adım ilerlemektedir. ABD ise, nasıl bir bela inşa etmekte olduğunun farkında dahi değildir.

Some segments of the Western deep state known as hawks are well aware of all the actors in the Middle East and their development strategies and their targets. These people we have mentioned in the beginning of this book particularly constitute a certain portion of the Evangelical neo-conservative wing and are certainly aware of the fact that the PKK did not essentially break away from its Marxist roots. They are well aware of the fact that the goal of this organization is to become a communist world state starting with the Communist Kurdistan that they are trying to create on the lands of four countries; they are merely putting on a show for the USA within the scope of this goal. They also know that by congregating with all the communist countries and organizations, the PKK actually is of the opinion of annihilating imperialism. Despite this fact, the US is using the PKK to create a democratic Kurdistan that will be their supporter; for them, the PKK is the first organization that will be dispensed with right after a pro-American democratic Kurdistan is founded on paper. The people in question believe that after the aid and support they've been giving to the PKK is cut and the management of the newly established state is taken over directly by the USA, the PKK would not have any kind of authority in the region and that they will easily eliminate the organization.

At this juncture, this segment of neocons that we mentioned are making a mistake that would have grave consequences. This mistake stems from their inability to realize the dimensions of the threat of communism.  As a matter of fact, after the PKK establishes a communist Kurdistan in accordance with their plans in the region with the support of the USA, they will switch to a strong hegemony in the region with the communist organizations and countries that they have covertly been in contact with for years. They will get the support of European communist organizations and parties to that end and thus will be able to seriously increase their policy of expansionism. Because communism is an ideological system, it will always find the ideological substructure and supporters it seeks. By means of this substructure, it would be possible for them to come into the picture as a communist union against the USA. While the USA is using the PKK to reach their goals, actually it would be the PKK that would be using the USA. Then the aforementioned circles in the USA would be feeding the very communism that they are opposed to and would be constructing a communist country that is preparing to rule the world with their own hands. 

Those who fall into the trap of the PKK

It is an acknowledged fact that there is a segment of people in the Western world who are acutely ensnared in the plot of the PKK, and who imagine that the easiest way to create a democratic Kurdistan is to support the PKK; what's worse is that those people mistakenly define the PKK as an ethnic Kurdish movement. This propaganda is mainly carried out in regard to the PYD in Syria, which is actually a part of the PKK. That is because the PYD is not listed in the terrorist organizations lists of various countries, unlike the PKK, and that makes it easier to carry out these speculations through the PYD. This point will be more comprehensively analyzed in the following lines. Let us now look into the dimensions of the support the West provides, knowing or not knowing the real face of the PKK.

Sensitivity of the Western world about Kobane

The West’s sensitivity on Kobane was noteworthy. As the coalition concentrated on that area alone, powerful propaganda was also spread within Western countries. The sole reason for that is; the actual area of sensitivity for the West is the Kurdish region rather than the Middle East.

When we look at the course of events starting from after the First World War, which is the starting point of the plans about Kurdistan in the concrete sense, till today, we see that due to international alliances such as NATO, the UN, etc., the plans made regarding the Middle East could not be voiced overtly as they used to be. Although secret agreements such as Sykes-Picot and dreadful agreements such as the Treaty of Sèvres do not exist in our day, the plan that is to be implemented is essentially the same plan. 

Within the scope of these plans, recently, it has been possible to see the sensitivity of the Western world in the current Kurdish regions starkly once again. We know that the Arab Spring protests, which started in 2011, hit Syria in particular quite strongly and brought it to the brink of destruction. ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), which grew stronger on the lands of Syria - which is basically divided into five different parts and is being divided even further - has occupied fundamental strategic regions both in Iraq and in Syria.  Interestingly enough the West who did not say anything while ISIL was occupying strategic regions both in regard to oil reserves and the border regions in Syria such as Ar-Raqqah, Deir Ez-Zor and while they occupied Fellujah, Ramadi, Tikrit and Mosul completely and then took the Turkmen regions of Tuz Khormato and Bayji under their sway in Iraq and then advanced into Anbar province and approached the capital Baghdad, only took action after ISIL changed their current plans and targeted the Kurdish regions. The Western world, who remained completely indifferent about almost all these occupations in the Middle East, prepared a coalition force without hesitation to protect these regions when they sensed an attack towards the Kurdish region in Iraq. 

The second and the real mobilization took place during ISIL's attacks towards Kobane, the Kurdish canton in Syria. 

As it can be remembered, after letting civilians cross into the Kobane canton, ISIL started a guerilla operation aimed at the PYD, who held the control of that region. Coalition forces, unfalteringly and swiftly took their place on the side of the PYD (the Syrian branch of the PKK terror organization) and started to bomb the occupied regions and supplied arms to the YPG, the armed force of the PYD. In the meantime, the entire Western media started to make reports about Kobane as if they are all in cahoots, giving the impression that an unprecedented disaster was taking place there and the mainstream TV channels were reporting almost entirely about this. In social media a support campaign, the like of which has rarely been seen, was started for Kobane. As if the lands occupied by ISIL only consisted of that small town, an extraordinary international uprising was initiated. As a matter of fact, while all this was taking place, ISIL announced that they had established an Islamic State, organized themselves in key cities of Iraq and Syria, formed their own army, set up their own education system in the curriculum, put their own laws into force and established their own judicial system. But no one had even mentioned these regions.

The West that failed to react when large cities in Syria and Iraq were captured immediately went into act, through coalition forces and the media, when Kobane, a small town run by the YPG, was occupied. Of course the people of Kobane had to be protected, and Turkey assumed that responsibility alone. In addition, we can never approve of attacks by coalition forces anywhere. What we are criticizing are the West’s areas of sensitivity.

Of course, we would not want anyone in any region, in any town or city, in any village or country to suffer. The people in Kobane are our own people. Indeed, right after the occupation of Kobane, Turkey was the only country who showed any awareness in the humanitarian sense. Almost two hundred thousand Kurdish people from Kobane were accepted into our country as refugees in a single night. Consequently, the people of Kobane were already under protection. 

The criticisms of Turkey during the occupation of Kobane were totally dishonest. Turkey was the only country to exhibit any sensitivity after the occupation and welcomed more than 200,000 of our Kurdish brothers in a single day. The great majority of our brothers are still under the protection of the Turkish government in specially erected camps.

Additionally, we need to state that just as we do not support a military attack of the mentioned coalition forces aimed at Mosul, Ar-Raqqah or any other region to defuse ISIL, it is not possible for us to support the attacks aimed at Kobane either. Solution and peace in the region cannot be attained with weapons but with a rational scientific approach. Peace has never been attained with war, weapons have never brought any solution and it is not possible for weapons to remedy anything.

What we need to draw attention to here is the sensitivity of the West.  The fact that the coalition forces took action almost immediately after the Kurdish regions alone were under attack once more confirmed that these regions are the most crucial points for the West.  They did not take the disorder on Syrian and Iraqi lands or their subsequent disintegration all that seriously. That is because, according to the plan, the Middle East should turn into this state of perpetual warfare due to a variety of factors, and moreover, it should be demolished and rebuilt according to the Gospel in any event. The mistake of the aforementioned circles is that with their own hands, they are trying to create the portents of the End Times mentioned in the Gospel which in fact will inevitably take place within the course of destiny anyway. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why the coalition forces unfalteringly and instantly intervened when ISIL occupied Kobane, while they didn't make a sound during the civil war going on in Syria for four years and that had spiraled into a tragedy of epic proportions.

ISIL is an unexpected development for the plans on the Kurdish regions; according to the West, the Kurdish regions that are expected to become independent and gain strength had been badly harmed as a result of the unexpected attacks of ISIL. Naturally, having Kurdish regions come apart at the seams is not something that we would want. The reason why this is specifically stated here is that a plan developed and was put into practice for 100 years has been rather interrupted unexpectedly. The panic, especially among some neocons, should be evaluated in this sense. 

The only reason why such an unexpectedly large part of the West declared things like “World Kobane Day” while the Middle East was drowning in blood was that the town stood inside the borders of the Great Kurdistan of which the West dreams.

In the meantime, when we look at the Islamic accounts, we come to see the fact that ISIL is actually an "expected" portent of the End Times. This is one of the "labor pains" that will be realized in the End Times heralding the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Before the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), troubles will rain down upon the world one after the other and people will be dragged into a horrible collapse both materially and spiritually. ISIL, which is probably one of the most riveting portents, has been explained in great details in the hadiths. According to this description, they will appear as an "undefeatable" power in the Middle East. They will pledge allegiance to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) after his appearance and will stop their violence at the command of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

Our Prophet (pbuh) Foretold the Current Events in Iraq
and Foretold ISIL 1,400 years ago

1. Those With Black Banners Would Appear From the East

When those with black banners appear in Khorasan’ (EAST) ... (Ghaybah Nomani, p. 228)

2. Again From the East Another Group With Black Banners Would Appear

... Once they proceed for a while, this time small black banners appear… (Hadith from the compilation of Jalaladdin Suyuti, The Portents of the Mahdi of the End Times, p. 61, hadith no. 7.77)

3. Before the Appearance of Black Banners There Will Be Fighting in Syria

“Following the three portents await the appearance of Qaim [Hazrat Mahdi].” They asked him: “What are these portents?”

“The mutual disputes of Syrians, appearance of those with black flags from Khorasan and fear in the month of Ramadan.” (Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, 14)

4. Those With Black Flags Will Remain in Syria

... And again when a man with small black flag is seen from Shaam (Syria)… (Hadith from the compilation of Jalaladdin Suyuti, The Portents of the Mahdi of the End Times, p. 61, hadith no. 7-8)

... Another portent of (Mahdi’s appearance) is that the soldiers of the army with black banners tie their horses to the olive trees in Shaam.... (Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 23)

5. They Will Fight Against Al-Assad

They fight against a man from the descent of sufyan [Bashar al-Assad]... (Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 29)

6. They Will Turn Their Attention to Iraq After Syria

Black banners appear belonging to Bani Abbas (Iraq)… (Nuaym bin Hammad, Qitab al-Fitan)

They will kill (those opposing them) on the land and sea on their cities on the banks of Euphrates. (Ghaybah Nomani, p. 327)

7. They Will Obtain Results Very Quickly

While they are in this situation, flags from Khorosan will come, they will move swiftly. (Ghaybah Nomani, p. 327)

They will return from there with an army and seize Qufa and Basra in one night (Qitab al-Haft Al Sharif, p. 174)

8. The Cities They Enter Will Almost Be Presented to Them

Once this is not given to them, they will triumph by making war and what they want will be presented to them. (Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, v. 51, p. 87)

9. Their Hair and Beards Will Be Long

His (the commander of the black banners) soldiers’ hair and beards will be very long, their clothes are black, and they are the men of black banners. (Ghaybah Nomani, p. 303)

10. They Will Carry Out Enormous Massacres

God will send a hard-hearted person with no known lineage and triumphs will be with him

They will kill them (those opposing them) en masse without seeing any difference. (Ghaybah Nomani, p. 303)

11. They Will Proceed Towards Qufa

Those with black flags appearing from Khorasan come down to Qufa... (Hadith from the compilation of Jalaluddun Suyuti, The Portents of The Mahdi of the End Times, p. 61, hadith no: 7.12)

12. Due To The Increase in Violence and Conflict, People Will Ask For Hazrat Mahdi (Pbuh)

A great war occurs. Ultimately those with black banners triumph. The forces of Sufyan flee. At that time, people desire Mahdi and seek him. (Hadith from the compilation of Jalaluddun Suyuti, The Portents of The Mahdi of the End Times, p. 61, hadith no: 7.26)

13. Those With Black Banners Will Ultimately Obey Mahdi

... and they come under the obedience of Mahdi. (Imam Suyuti) But they will not accept it and give it to Mahdi, who is of my own descent… (Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, v. 51, p. 87)

14. In The Time Of Mahdi, Wars Will Come to an Ultimate End and Not a Drop of Blood Will Be Spilled

One of the main attributes of the Mahdi is his not spilling any blood. It is not the Mahdi who sheds blood, gets into wars or oppresses people. Such false Mahdis are doomed to failure.

(Mahdi) has such a justice that, even a sleeping person would not be awoken and not a drop of blood will be shed. (Majlusi, Bihar al-Anwar, v. 51, p. 87)

The armies will leave their burdens (that is, weapons etc.). No enmity will remain among people. All enmities, struggle, jealousy, oppositions will definitely disappear. (Imam Sharani, Death-Doomsday-Hereafter and the End Times, p. 496)

According to the hadiths, the people from the East who bear black banners will have long hair and beards and will commit acts of violence in Syria and Iraq. The bearers of the black banners will eventually become followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

Speculations about the PYD

The most attention-grabbing factor related to the protectiveness the West feels regarding Kobane is speculations about the PYD (Partiya Yekitiya Demokrat) ruling the Kurdish region in Syria. This manipulation, carried out especially by the Western media and some neocon writers, is sometimes deliberate and sometimes stems from a general lack of information. Consequently some factors about this issue that are known to very few people should be explained in details.

The PYD is an organization that has been established in 2003 and is an extension of the PKK. It was founded by the PKK members remaining in Syria after Öcalan and other PKK leaders had to leave Syria in 1998 as a result of the pressure applied by Turkey. The YPG is the PYD’s armed branch. Although the PYD has lately put on an imperialist mask, just as the PKK has, they are Leninists and communists just like the PKK. Abdullah Öcalan is the leader of both of those groups. In their official definitions, it is stated that they are a subsidiary organization of the PKK and that they regard Öcalan as their ideological leader and Kongra-GEL (the PKK's political organization) as the "highest legislative organ of the Kurdish People." As a matter of fact, in the second indictment that was prepared in 2012 within the scope of the investigation about the KCK, data about the PYD are given as well. (An investigation was started in Turkey in April 2009 about the KCK, which is known in Turkey as the urban wing of the PKK but which is actually the PKK's so-called state structuring. In the following pages of the book, details about the KCK are given.) In this indictment, it is stated that in April 2011, Öcalan sent a cooperation letter to Bashar al-Assad through his lawyers. In this letter, it was stated that in return for the administrative authority that would be given to the PYD in the north of the country, the organization would support the Assad regime. 63 http://ajanshaber.com/-ypg-pkk-tarafindan-kuruldu-haberi/132098

Left, Militants from the YPG, the armed wing of the PYD Right, PYD joint leaders Salih Müslim and Asya Abdullah with posters of Öcalan

In October 2014, the Mardin 2nd High Criminal Court sentenced a man brought to Turkey from Rojava, as a member of the YPG, to imprisonment on the offense of being a member of a "terror organization." With this verdict of the court, the PYD and the YPG, who were not on the terror list, were accepted officially as "terror organizations."  

Indeed, Salih Müslim, the co-chairman of the PYD, holds his conferences under the posters of Öcalan, the co-chairwoman Asya Abdullah directs the PYD directly from the Qandil mountains, and the YPG militants carry pictures of Öcalan in their pockets and have them in their homes.

Retired Major General Armağan Kuloğlu states the following regarding this point:

The YPG is not a terror organization found as an independent terror organization. It is an extension of the PKK in the north of Syria. Once the conflicts in the north of Syria broke out, a Kurdish formation appeared in the north. The YPG has been established by the PKK as an organization ensuring the control of the region and governing the people there. It is an extension of the PKK, one under its command. Since the PKK is a terror organization, the YPG is a terror organization as well. 64

Those who seek to portray the PYD/YPG as independent of the PKK are either ignorant or else overlooking the true facts. YPG meetings are held to the accompaniment of posters of Öcalan, while YPG militants carry pictures of Öcalan in their pockets and in their homes and read books by Öcalan.

Masoud Barzani, the President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Autonomous Region, accuses the PYD of seizing Rojava by force of arms with the cooperation of the Syrian government and constantly lambasts the anti-democratic practices of the PYD. Although Barzani says, "They are taking up arms with several ambiguous excuses every passing day... Unless free elections are held, no group has the right to impose itself on others. The real representative of Syrian Kurds is the Kurdish Supreme Committee,” 65 the PKK pays no attention to these words. Barzani's following assertions are highly important and accurate; “The PYD broke the alliance we tried to form and started to pursue a policy in the region demanded only by itself. The PYD uninterruptedly continued its policies of taking the executives and the members of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party into custody, arresting them, deporting them and attacking them and it is progressively widening such policies. Because of the PYD's monist approaches, a legitimate policy, a democratic system could not be established in the region. The situation in Rojava became even worse than the regions under the rule of the regime. Demands in Rojava, which lacks any political freedom, are being suppressed with violence; they want to rule the people of Rojava dictatorially.” 66

The facts voiced by the Commander of Peshmerga Major Muhammet Hasan, stating that the border region under the command of the PYD has been turned into a trading route and that the PYD is taking money from the people passing the border under the rubric of a customs tax, are important indicators showing how the PKK/PYD has made life miserable for Kurdish people living in that region.

Interestingly enough, the connection between the PKK and the PYD – a fact that has been known to almost all politicians up until now and is overtly expressed by the PYD – is being denied today by some individuals and countries for some reason. 

Tankın üstünde PKK ve YPG militanları yanyana poz veriyor.

It is clearly evident that many politicians and writers from the West are really unaware of the reality of the PYD in Syria. According to them, there are people of Kurdish ethnic origins in the Southeast of Turkey and the North of Syria and these people are merely freedom fighters. Because of this ignorance, they fail to understand the reason why Turkey reacts against these "freedom fighters" and why Turkey did not support terrorists who were presented as "Kurdish fighters" in the region during the Kobane protests. They vehemently accuse the Turkish government with "ethnic discrimination."  All the more amazing, there are those who do the same thing even among politicians and writers in Turkey.

The truth of the matter is that those who fight against ISIL in Kobane are not "Kurdish fighters" or anything else but a terrorist group that is the extension of the PKK. The PKK is a treacherous terror organization that has made separatist propaganda for about 40 years in Turkey, attacked Turkey treacherously from behind and terrified our Kurdish citizens in particular and  martyred tens of thousands of our soldiers.  Asking Turkey to help such a terror organization in Kobane demands an extraordinary lack of consciousness or else, ulterior motives. The Turkish government would of course not help such a treacherous and perfidious terror organization, who has been shooting them from behind for decades and who try to divide our country. Turkey has already taken the innocent civilians living there under its protection. Those who are fighting against ISIL in Kobane are actually the very bunch that has been blatantly hostile to the Turkish people for over thirty years.

Certainly those who accuse Turkey of discrimination are not only those who lack information about this matter. Some intelligence officers, politicians and writers who are ready to do whatever needs to be done for a Kurdish state to be established in the region – even though they are very well aware of the true nature of the PYD – are frantically trying to use the situation there to their advantage. As a matter of fact, almost all of the mainstream media has been used to this end and European and American politicians have forwarded serious criticisms about this point against the Turkish government. The reason why Turkey did not help the terrorists from the YPG has been questioned numerous times, and Turkey has been placed under enormous pressure by an international dictatorship during this period. Right now, Turkey is probably the only country in the history of the world which is being questioned why it is not helping blood-guilty terrorists who've been killing its citizens for years.  This extraordinarily weird situation has somehow never been voiced by anyone: Turkey has been made the target of a smear campaign, masterfully planned and implemented, especially by the international media oligarchy.

Let us state an important point here; in the Southeast of Turkey, the PKK has suppressed our brothers, particularly Kurds, for some four decades and the great majority of the people they've killed are Kurdish as well. The same situation is also valid for the Rojava region in the north of Syria. Our Kurdish brothers there have for years been crashed under the horrific persecution of the PYD, which is an extension of the PKK.

The PYD’s pressure upon the Kurdish people in Syria

PKK ve PYD aynı silahlı terör örgütüdür. Biri Türkiye'de diğeri ise Suriye'de yıllarca özellikle Kürtlere baskı uygulamış ve komünist düzeni inşa etmeye çalışmışlardır.

During the first years of the civil war in Syria, the first Kurdish refugees to reach Turkey from Rojava came from the Jazira canton. These brothers of ours have explicitly stated that they have fled not from the persecution of al-Assad but of the PYD. Indeed, the PYD is in cooperation with al-Assad in Syria as per Öcalan's promise of alliance with him; consequently al-Assad did not attack those regions during that period. Those who considered the turmoil in the country as an opportunity and made use of it to flee from the persecution of the PYD they've been subjected to for years took refuge in Turkey. The PYD, to the contrary of the appearance it is trying to create before the international community, is a highly dangerous communist terror organization that has established a Leninist system on the lands under its rule and is persecuting its own people, just like the PKK is.

The following words of Abu Abdullah al-Kurdi, the leader of the Syrian Kurdish Islamic Front speaking in the name of the religious Kurdish people of Rojava, the Kurdish region in Syria, are highly important; "We've been freed from the dungeons of al-Assad and stepped into the dungeons of the PYD; both are the same for us." 67

Indeed, in the wake of what happened in Kobane, religious Kurdish people have declared that they do not approve of the PKK through a press bulletin. The bulletin read; "Undoubtedly, Muslims have the power and might to respond to those coward gangs [the PKK] who fled from Kobane like rabbits." 68

As could be seen, the Kurdish people in Rojava consider the PYD taking command in the region as a scourge and want to be freed from the persecution of the PYD. It needs to be recalled once more that the same situation is also valid for Turkey and that the Kurdish people in Turkey must never be regarded the same as the PKK and that the Kurdish people in Turkey are among the targets of the PKK as well.

The 108-page report of Human Rights Watch from 2014 carries great importance in documenting the circumstances in the Syrian Kurdish region. According to this report, in which the situation in the Kobane and Jazira cantons are examined, the PYD forces ruling the region are held responsible for arbitrary arrests, the systematic violation of legal rights, as well as many unsolved murders and abductions. Although the report was prepared with a cautious and soft language, a terrifying scene appears in front of us: The problem of torture, the limitation of individual rights and freedoms, the malfunctioning of the legal system is in the foreground in almost every line.

Suriye'nin Kürt bölgesi olan Rojava'daki YPG militanları, İnsan Hakları İzleme Örgütü'nün raporunda da belgelediği şekilde kendi halklarına insanlık dışı uygulamalarda bulunmaktadırlar.

Suriye'de Kürt halkı, Esad'ın saldırılarından çok önce, PYD baskısından kaçarak Türkiye'ye sığınmışlardır.

Representatives of Human Rights Watch, who met some criminals in prisons, stated that these people in prisons were there without a legal warrant of arrest; they were denied access to a lawyer and were held in detention without being brought to trial. The people detained were subjected to constant beatings in jail by the authorities. It has been understood that such arrests are generally based only on slanders and the confessions by the detainees were made under duress. Almost every opposing voice is being silenced. There are a lot of suspicious casualty cases during custody.  

The report stated that children are being given weapons and used as militants and that anti-PYD riots invariably been forcefully and bloodily suppressed. Along with those, scores of other violations of human rights were listed in the report. This report also emphasizes that the PYD is a direct part of the PKK terror organization in Turkey and it states that this organization has been carrying out arbitrary punishment with its own legal courts, prisons and police forces established in the region since 2012, after the Syrian government withdrew due to civil conflict. The report also states that these arbitrary treatments are “worrisome”. 69

According to a Human Rights Watch report, children in Rojava are given guns and used as militants. Since this policy of forced enrolment of children as soldiers is still continuing, our Kurdish brothers in the region are constantly fleeing to Turkey to escape repression by the PYD.

The child militant on the left is wearing a YPJ armband, representing the YPG Women’s Defense Units.

Certain Western media groups, which ignored the warnings of Turkey following the Kobane attacks, felt compelled to change their tune as they learned more about the region. Jamie Dettmer of the Daily Beast described the Kurdish regional administration in Syria as despoticand noted how some people that wished to return home weren’t allowed to do so by the PYD. He quoted a Kurdish retiree named Ali: “The fighters [YPG] do what they like and no one can say anything to them—if they order you to do something or not to do something, you can’t say no or argue that it isn’t right.” 70 According to statements by the locals Dettmer talked to, many of the people who wanted to go back to Kobane after the siege were not allowed to do so; YPG militants had already seized their properties, effectively forcing them to migrate. 71

He explains the despotic atmosphere in the same article as follows:

“Kobani Kurds are careful with public criticism of the PYD, fearing retaliation. None who are critical agree to their family names being published. The party [PYD] can make life very difficult for dissenters.”

The same article mentions the difference between the perspective of certain circles in the West and what Dettmer saw there, and provides evidence that shows Kobane is, in fact, under the control of the PKK:

“Many of the fighters in Kobani weren’t Syrian Kurds but members of the PKK, designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. and the European Union... The commanders calling the shots now in Kobani are not the local municipal leaders trotted out for Western media interviews to highlight the role of women fighters during the siege. They are instead what locals call Qandil Kurds, a reference to the PKK’s mountain-range sanctuary in northern Iraq that extends 30 kilometers into Turkey and contains the separatist movement’s military training camps.” 72

One YPG militant who wished to remain anonymous admitted this point with the following words:

“Five of the top commanders during the siege were from Kobani and 15 were Qandil commanders.” 73

After making all these observations, Dettmer seems convinced that Turkey had been right all along in its decision to place its tanks along the border.

As in the case of Kobane, the PYD wanted the coalition forces to target neighboring Turkmen and Arabic regions such as Tal Abyad using ISIL as an excuse, so that the PYD could seize Turkmen regions along the Turkish border and achieve a solidified border line. All the while, the USA and other coalition forces blatantly helped the PKK under the pretense of fighting ISIL. The locals that escaped the region to seek refuge in Turkey, however, clearly expressed that they weren’t running from ISIL but from the violence of the YPG. If the USA and other coalition forces cannot see or choose to ignore this fact, it will lead to very serious and dangerous outcomes.

Some Western journalists not believing the speculations from abroad and closely observing the YPG persecution in Kobane admitted that Turkey was justified for deploying Turkish tanks to the border during the occupation.

In the light of all these issues, it is important to correctly analyze the situation in which Kurdish people of the region have been seeking refuge in Turkey since 2011 to rid themselves from the tyranny of the PYD. The persecuted people of the region have been trying to escape from the domination of this Leninist terrorist group for a long time. The fact that they choose Turkey, where they know they will be safe, should tell the Western world a lot, which twists the situation or fails to understand it properly. Turkey has always welcomed with joy and honor all that took shelter in its lands and embraced our Kurdish brothers and sisters in the finest manner and made sure that they were safe. Our Kurdish brothers and sisters who came to Turkey from Kobane started hugging Turkish soldiers who were there to help them as soon as they passed the border and expressed their happiness at being safe and on friendly soil. It is clear that they saw Turkish soldiers as their own friends, relatives and even as their own sons.

Turkey took care not only of all asylum-seekers that sought shelter from it with honor, but also the Kurdish people who came to Turkey after Kobane invasion with the same love and honor. Kurds who crossed our borders hugged Turkish soldiers with great joy and enjoyed arriving to secure lands. Syrian Kurds should know that we will always look out for them.

Turkey is now caring for more than two million refugees that came from Syria. Most of the refugees have resettled in 22 different camps in addition to another refugee camp built especially for our Kurdish brothers and sisters from Kobane, which is the largest refugee camp ever built in the world. This refugee camp in Suruç with a capacity to accommodate 35,000 people has its own school, hospital and 100 laundry and recreation areas. It also has its own water network, which is able to meet the needs of both the residents of the camp and the agricultural lands around it. A massive organization was carried out to meet all the needs of our Kurdish brothers and sisters in the camps from health-care, to education, recreation and employment opportunities. This camp was praised on numerous occasions by the UN, Western politicians, human rights representatives, and the media.

One of the world's largest refugee camp was established within a very short time in Suruç county for our Kurdish brothers and sisters who fled from Kobane and took shelter in our country. All kinds of comfort facilities for our brothers and sisters have been considered.

The real reason why certain Westerners act in favor of the PKK

Ever since the beginning of the solution process, which the government set in motion with the best of intentions, we have constantly been issuing reminders that a Stalinist terror organization that desires fragmentation and violence will never lay down its arms, that it will take every opportunity to strengthen itself and that it will resort to cunning methods to seize control over the Southeast of Turkey. Now that the fighting has flared up all over again, the PKK is indeed showing that it has turned the former climate of the solution process into a covert policy of occupation for itself. The measures that need be taken concerning this are both urgent and vital. In later chapters, we will be dealing with these measures in greater detail.

The issue that we wish to emphasize here is the approach of certain Western figures since the start of the solution process. Needless to say, when peace comes to a country, the whole world should rejoice and therefore there is nothing wrong in the Western countries’ praise and admiration with respect to the fact that there has not been an outbreak of violence during the period concerned. The odd part is that some spokespeople in these Western countries went on to make some strange propositions to Turkey. Interestingly, all these propositions were in favor of the PKK and built around the PKK’s demands. These suggestions had no indication of any desire to preserve the indivisible integrity of the Republic of Turkey or to make Turkey stronger in the face of the PKK. Probably the most important reason behind this is the fact that what will be achieved by means of the PKK in fact represents the West’s own aims.

Türkiye'ye yönelik baskılar hem içten hem de dışarıdan gözle görülür boyutlara ulaşmıştır. Fakat bu güzel vatanı ve Kürt kardeşlerimizi komünist teröre teslim etmemiz imkansızdır. Bu kirli planı kuranlar, bu sevdadan vazgeçmelidirler.

One of the most striking examples of this phenomenon is the statements of neocon David Phillips, who has been working as an advisor in the US State Department for a long time. Phillips’ suggestions, made in 2007, regarding Turkey are quite striking. His first suggestion was a general amnesty for the members of the terrorist group if a peace process with the PKK is started. He later followed it up with another fundamental suggestion saying that a civilian constitution be put into practice immediately, which meant that important rights would be granted to local administrations, thus setting the basis for separation.

A statement of Ross Wilson, former US ambassador to Turkey, on April 13-15, 2009, contained similar sentiments. The most important condition was the release of PKK members; the second fundamental condition was the reinforcement of local administrations, which will eventually lead to federalism.

Clearly, certain US groups are attempting to put pressure on Turkey to portray the PKK as a force for peace, to get Öcalan released and to open doors to the division of Turkey. All these plans, which were made years ago and are offered now as fresh suggestions, are being publicly discussed.

The aim is to give the PKK a federal region and pave the way for it to establish a state of the kind that all nations would recognize as a part of “the project to redesign the Middle East”. It is also intended to weaken and defame Turkey, which will be now divided and cut off from the rest of the Middle East as a result of this new formation. The deep states of the Western world think that it will thus be more difficult, both geographically and ideologically, for an Islamic Union to be formed, and Turkey and the Islamic countries will be separated by a communist-Stalinist PKK state which is opposed to Islam and that acts like a barrier in between. It will create an impression of Turkey as a second-rate country defeated by a terrorist group and which is therefore far from being able to find solutions to the problems of the Islamic countries. If the PKK is given autonomy or a federal state, Turkey will have to face a new era which Turkey will have to deal with for at least 50 years and which will further weaken it. Talk of population exchange demands, fresh land demands, and fresh separation demands based on regional factors, when combined with different languages, will alienate people from a common language, a common goal and a common cause. A divided, weakened and powerless Turkey will be giving certain deep powers of the Western world what they have been dreaming of for a century.

For this reason, certain Western powers have long attempted to put pressure on Turkey to ensure local administrations are given increased authority, without directly referring to phrases like “autonomy” or “federation” (though there are exceptions where some brazenly speak in such terms). In fact, some of these privileges have already been granted as a part of the law of harmonization code of the EU, which we will be discussing in more detail shortly.

The pressure by various think tanks, diplomats and writers on Turkey has now become quite visible. Turkey from time to time faces threats that it will find itself embroiled in a Middle East war if it fails to comply with the conditions set by the spokespeople of the Western deep state. It is implied that without NATO aid, we will be vulnerable to missiles and other air strikes and there have even been suggestions that Turkey be dismissed from NATO. Turkey is threatened to be portrayed in the Western world’s sight as a country not worthy of investment, where there are extensive human rights violations and which is best dealt with through being isolated.

Let us reiterate: We, too, want PKK issue to be solved. However, this solution will never be one based on the bullying of the Western deep states, which will bring the establishment of a communist state with it and in which Turkey will compromise its territory or identity. The only way to fundamentally resolve the PKK problem is a thorough-going educational campaign that will alienate the terrorist group from Marxist ideology.

Expecting Öcalan and other PKK members to be pardoned is pitiful

We mentioned previously how some figures from the Western deep states push Turkey strongly for the release of Öcalan. Some people who are virtually minions to the West have no reservations in repeating this demand even in Turkey. This preposterous offer is being normalized and made acceptable through gradual steps and subtle propaganda that targets the subconscious minds of the people. HDP mayors publicly say that they want to see Öcalan free. The supporters of this idea seem completely indifferent to the horror of the mothers of the martyrs. They are almost lobbying to get the murderers of 40,000 of our soldiers released, and even suggest that when this is done, it shouldn't be called an amnesty, but “a release from captivity.” They are brazen enough to suggest to the Turkish people that “they didn’t commit any crime.” The fact that such outrageous remarks can be made in our country shows that the situation is very risky. We have to make it very clear that we will never allow such an amnesty to take place and that our people, as one, will stand against such a prospect.

The homeland is one of the most sensitive issues for the Turkish nation. The ones hesitating on this issue should take a look at the Turkish history. Therefore, there will be no such a solution for Turkey that would compromise its land and identity. The expectation of certain Western deep-state powers in this direction is in vain.

There are some important points we believe the supporters of amnesty in Turkey and the representatives of the foreign deep states should be reminded of:

  • As everyone would recall, amnesty has been tried in the past in our country related to this matter but this only increased terror and crime rates. The amnesty proposal pioneered by former Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit’s wife Rahşan Ecevit was passed in the Parliament in 2000 with Law No.# 4616 on Conditional Release and more than 44,000 people were released as a result. In the following three years, the number of convicts increased by 20,000 and reached 64,000. Rahşan Ecevit would later admit that it was a mistake with grim results, saying, “I wanted amnesty for the helpless, but murderers ended up benefitting from it.” Now, 15 years after this amnesty, referred to as the “Rahşan Amnesty,” the number of convicts in prison has reached 160,000.
  • DHKP-C terrorist Ecevit Şanlı, who attacked the US embassy in Turkey with a bomb, had been pardoned during the administration of Ahmet Necdet Sezer on the basis of health concerns. Apparently, 200 out of 260 convicts that were pardoned during Sezer’s administration were members of groups such as DHKP-C, Dev-Sol, PKK, THKP/ML and TİKKO. These released people have taken part in numerous new terror attacks. According to the Security Directorate’s reports, DHKP-C militants like Okan Ünsal, Berna Ünsal, Ökkeş Karaoğlu and Cemal Keser, who were later killed in an armed conflict that broke out in Tunceli, had also been released after being granted special pardons by Sezer.
  • Terrorists Hüsamettin Özdem, Keskin Hasan Bölücek, Abbas Alkan, Cihan Alkan, Enis Aras, Deniz Yıldız, Sakine Ögeyik, Gülten Özdemir, Özkan Güzel and Mehmet Leylek, who were seen via camera surveillance during the May 1, 2003 Incidents, had also been pardoned in the same way. And finally, DHKP-C leader Hüseyin Fevzi Tekin, who ordered the slaughter of Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz, had also been pardoned during the administration of the 10th President Sezer.
  • On the other hand, granting amnesty to PKK members is not only humiliating but also violates the dignity and honor of the Turkish nation.
  • Pardoning the murderers of soldiers, policemen and village guards would be devastating for the families of tens of thousands of martyrs, and hundreds of thousands of veterans. It would harm Turkey in an irreparable way, and cause insufferable pain.
  • Any concession given to communist terror will pave the way for unstoppable aggression, impertinence and lawlessness.
  • Releasing such murderers would essentially legalize all the illegal acts of the PKK over the past 40 years and after that point, there will be no respect for the laws and state, and terror will be legitimized.
  • In order for an independent and PKK-affiliated Kurdish state to be founded, a series of processes is needed which will force the Kurdish people to support it, impose it on the region and stimulate the society. It also needs Turkey’s power and honor to be undermined and weakened. That’s one of the reasons for the plan to release Öcalan. If a person who ordered the massacre of 40,000 people is released and considered by a strong state like Turkey as a person that can be negotiated with, this will lead this person to be perceived as the leader of all Kurds. In such an event, Öcalan will naturally start dreaming of being the president of all Kurds.
  • This new political social trend will give rise to the birth of a new Saddam, Gaddafi, Ho Chi Minh, Stalin or Mao in the region. In such a case, it will be a piece of cake to get a PKK state, now furnished with intelligence support and heavy ammunition, to fight against other regional countries. Öcalan also knows of the duties that are planned for him, sees which Western countries will support him and how, and even calculates which communist countries will lend him military support. In the meantime, Öcalan will not hesitate to wear any disguise and perform any theatre in order to attain this power. He, who suddenly became an imperialist when he had been a communist till then, who said that he was ready to serve the country when he was captured in 1999 yet later led hundreds of PKK attacks, and who made it clear in his books of 2004 that he wanted a confederation, is therefore one of the actors in history that merits careful watching if anyone wishes to take important lessons.
  • If the idea that “when murderers kill a lot of people, they become so intimidating that an amnesty follows” settles in the society, scores of new terrorist groups that are lying in wait will begin their attacks in Turkey. Hundreds of terrorist groups like ISIL, Al-Qaeda, ASALA and the DHKP-C, will begin to think that killing a lot of people will eventually make the government take them seriously and start negotiations with them. They will expect that concessions will be made for them as well and that their murderers will eventually be released like “heroes.” That would spell the doom of Turkey.
  • Release of the murderers of the police will dishearten our active 300,000 police officers. Release of the murderers of soldiers will psychologically weaken our active 700,000 soldiers. Considering also the families and relatives of these people, it is apparent that millions will be terribly discomforted by this mistake.
  • Öcalan and other PKK-member murderers also martyred more than 17,000 Kurds as a part of the PKK’s internal executions. The release of these murderers will cause a horrible psychological trauma amongst the Kurds as well. The murderers of their relatives will be there again to oppress them and the state will not be able to stop it. This is nothing short of torturing dignified, honorable and conscientious Kurds.
  • PKK members spreading to the cities will increase pro-PKK propaganda, boost one-sided propaganda, and increase Marxist-Leninist pressure by folds.
  • Öcalan has lots of enemies, not only in Turkey, but also in many countries around the world. The number of people who have sworn to kill him if he is ever released from the prison, most of whom are PKK members, is quite high. It is very difficult for him to be protected in the face of such a huge risk. If Öcalan is released, a war for leadership will inevitably start within the PKK. Some leaders will even see Öcalan as a traitor and he will be ordered to be killed no matter what.
  • If Öcalan is released, it will be difficult for Kurdish leaders such as Barzani and Talabani to stay in charge, effectively ending the current multi-party system in Northern Iraq. The PKK will easily be able to export its one-party communist dictatorship to that region.

In general terms, these would be the outcomes of the release of Öcalan, who is responsible for the blood of thousands of our martyrs, and those members of the PKK who have murdered anyone. But more importantly, such a decision will mean that dignity, honor, pride and virtue are no more. The Turkish nation, however, is known for one thing: Turks cannot live without their dignity and honor. They are willing to fight and die for it, hoping to gain God’s approval. If anyone needs proof, they can study our glorious history.

The PKK targeted mainly our Kurdish brothers and sisters throughout its history and committed massacres without hesitating to kill women, children and babies. The fact that the PKK continues terrorism where it left off the moment it finds an opportunity indicates that the PKK would never give up terrorism. The ones trying to portray the treacherous terrorist organization as if it were innocent are not aware that they serve the aims of the terrible terror targeting oppressed people.

Amnesty cannot be an issue for Öcalan and the murderers of the PKK. Once the idea that "Murderers are forgiven when they kill many people" is instilled into people's mind, it is evident that the terrorism would be easily grounded.

No one should come up with an idea such as suggesting the release of PKK leader Öcalan and the PKK murderers and impose it on the Turkish Nation. We advise the Western deep-states and their supporters in Turkey to abandon such a dangerous idea.

The Turkish nation cannot live without honor and dignity. Therefore, people are prepared to strive and even risk their lives for the sake of God to keep their honor. The ones who attempt to break the country into pieces might have to see how the Turkish army, the police, Special Forces and the Turkish people respond.

For this very reason, no one should even imagine making such outrageous suggestions to the Turkish nation like releasing Öcalan or other murderous members of the PKK. Those who resort to this inside or outside of Turkey might have to learn the hard way that such an action will trigger a tremendous reaction in Turkey, that the Turkish Army, the Turkish police force, the Special, Forces and the Turkish nation will strongly respond to it. We recommend the deep states of the West and their minions in Turkey to abandon this dangerous idea before it is too late.

Global Media Dictatorship and Perception Operations in the West

As we have explained before, some Western authors have embarked on a concentrated perception operation and even a social engineering work. Some do this hoping that the aforementioned one-hundred-year-old plan can be put into practice, while some others do it because they believe in the imperialism of the PKK in earnest. At this point, it is imperative to mention the global media dictatorship that has certain control over the world. The countries, individuals, systems, ideologies and institutes to be supported or opposed by the leading mainstream media have already been carefully determined. The project is based on the principle to support those whom the power groups are supporting, and disparaging at full speed those whom the same power groups are not supporting. The elements of this global media network can never deviate from those pre-determined lines; the news should be reported and columnists should write along these lines. Since this system is a dictatorship, the ones who fail to follow these rules are turned into outcasts. In this system, which is silently acknowledged by the whole world, perception engineering is carried out accordingly. The administrators of the global media sometimes put certain individuals into operation in those areas that they aim for and thus achieve their goals easily.

French comedian Djamel Debbouze, who was seen with Abdullah Öcalan posters in his hand at the Communist Party's traditional Fête de l'Humanité (Humanity Day) event that is held annually apologized to the Turkish associations. Through perception operations, introducing terrorism and terrorists as if they were heroes is today's one of the biggest problems.

The global media dictatorship has lately used this method on behalf of the PKK intensively and some countries, influenced by this perception management, have even suggested that the PKK should be removed from the terror list. So much so that, photos of militants of this group, which has been martyring Turkish soldiers and Kurdish people for about 40 years in sinister and cowardly attacks, stroking a bear cub came to the fore in the media with the headline: “Turkey still thinks that this guy holding a baby bear is a terrorist. Is he really?” 74

Portraying a terrorist like a symbol of compassion and presenting this notion through one of the world’s biggest newspapers, and usually choosing Middle Eastern writers to create this perception, is an example of this engineering tactic we have been describing. The deep states of the Western world are using this tactic in such crude, common and conspicuous ways that they are clearly not concerned if their true aim is recognized or not. After all, there is no one that can criticize the said media dictatorship or say “stop.”

By displaying a picture of a PKK member holding a baby bear, The Washington Post tried to exculpate the murderers who martyred 40,000 Turkish soldiers. Interestingly enough, such propaganda efforts intensified when plans for Turkey's Balkanization plans came out.

The death of Serap Eser, a dear youngster of ours who was burned to death by the PKK murderers in a municipality bus, is just one of the malicious terrorist attacks conducted in cities. Some Western media tries to portray the PKK as a "peace dove", however, it always has sought an opportunity to carry out terrorist attacks and never abandoned its terrorist mindset.

This perception operation surely has significant effects. Western societies, in particular, through the information they gain from these publications alone, regard the PKK as a wronged group of people and fail to see that they are a cruel and very dangerous organization that has a cowardly habit of shooting people in the back, slaughtering innocent people for decades and ruthlessly executing its own members. As a result of this operation, creating an image of a “Turkey that oppresses Kurds” becomes fairly easy. Particularly some Westerners who are unaware of the dangers of communism imagine that the PKK represents the Kurds and that Turkey hates all Kurds. However, the Kurds are an invaluable asset of Turkey's that sets great examples of honor, dignity, honesty and integrity. The PKK, on the other hand, is a despicable, cowardly terrorist organization that oppresses mainly our Kurdish brothers and sisters and is nothing but a scourge to them. The difference between the two is that apparent.

Worldwide known newspapers and magazines such as Time, Elle, Der Spiegel, BBC, Newsweek, and Marie Claire portray the PKK, which point gun on Turkish police, soldier and even Kurdish people, as the hope of the Middle-East. If the PKK conducted such terrorist attacks in Europe, the headlines of these media agencies would definitely be different.

“Why did Elle Magazine kiss the female Kurdish guerilla?”

TIME, with its cover story “Navigating the New Middle East,” praises women that join the terrorist PKK, and compliments Öcalan, murderer of babies, as a so-called “charismatic leader.” World famous fashion magazines ELLE and Marie Claire also carried stories praising female PKK terrorists. The German Der Spiegel, in its cover story entitled “Allein gegen den Terror” (Alone against Terror), showed the PKK as the final hope of the West. Russia’s Ogonyok magazine, an affiliate of the Kommersant publishing group, praised female PKK terrorists. Newsweek presented Kobane as a major victory and brought the YPJ and the YPG, the Syrian branch of the PKK, to the agenda. Germany's Marx21 magazine carried a report entitled “Freiheit für Kurdistan. Aber wie?” (Freedom for Kurdistan. But how?), which contained comments of praise for the PKK. The BBC also continuously carries stories in praise of the PKK.

The global media dictatorship and media organs under the influence and auspices of that dictatorship have the power to easily show black as white and vice versa. Those who are unaware of this sinister tactic can usually be easily influenced by this perception operation and regrettably, the number of such people is quite high.

Pseudointellectual sycophants in the Middle East and Asia

It is most important to be well-acquainted with the flaws of character and logic of those who prefer to support the American, British, German and other deep states instead of the interests of Islam and Muslims. The most distinguishing features of these pseudointellectual sycophants is their sense of inferiority and the way they try to cover it up by putting on airs. Such people, who are frequently found in Asia and the Middle East, make numerous foolish concessions in order to acquire prestige and, even worse, encourage others to make such concessions, too. This character defect – that no Muslim who believes in God and who knows that all might and power belong to Him would ever exhibit – is spreading rapidly, by being encouraged by such types in most countries. It is of the greatest importance to perform an accurate analysis in order to take the necessary precautions before this turns into a societal disease and for these people’s moral and intellectual flaws to be exposed.

One of the main activities of intelligence organizations such as the CIA and the think tanks that are the extensions of such organizations is to identify people they can control inside Middle Eastern and Asian societies. However, the CIA and other intelligence organizations tend not to deal with them directly, but use various think tanks or writers and go-betweens. Having identified such people with their sense of inferiority, they then win them over with clichéd language and ideas. They start approaching such people by saying things like, “You are very talented, you could be a great and famous author,” “You are very clever, your cleverness stands out among other people” or “You are different from the rest.” One of the tactics they frequently employ to influence people with that pseudointellectual sycophant character is to manipulate them by saying, “You are clever and modern. Muslims are misunderstood, and it would have a great impact if people could see you.” Since they accurately identify the other person’s sense of inferiority and know that they can easily influence them with such manipulation they frequently resort to such ideas. 

The next stage is to control the writings of such writers with their sense of inferiority. In fact, most of these people are not particularly talented writers anyway, but they are in one way or another made into authors. These people are first provided with an opportunity to write for the domestic market and later for international web sites or newspapers. They then become “famous.” And all these writings are supervised and are usually totally rewritten by those who provide those opportunities. It begins with advice along the lines of “Do you not think it might be better to say such and such instead?” after which these writings gradually come to entirely support the views and interests of those sinister forces. That is the trickery lying behind dozens of articles in the international arena against a Muslim country or Muslims that obviously all share a common source.

At the basis of this system is the pseudointellectual sycophantic character of various writers in the Middle East and Asia. Let us now look at that pseudointellectual sycophant character in more detail:

The defeatism that stems from an inferiority complex

The inferiority complex is a widespread psychological problem in the Middle East and Asia. The complex derives from a person regarding himself as unworthy in the face of someone else, particularly someone whom he regards as superior.

Many people from Asia and the Middle East are self-conscious right from the outset, due to the color of their skin, the different languages they speak or the fact that their resources are relatively less than those of the West. According to such people’s sickly mindset, being born in a Middle Eastern or Asian country, being an Arab, Pakistani, Indian, or Egyptian, is enough to feel inferior. Those born in the West must necessarily be superior to them.

Since they have no self-respect, these people are unable to develop a character that will be respected by others. They are deeply pained by their feelings of inferiority in the face of those they regard as their “superiors” and they strive to cover that sense of inferiority up by striving to be happy and content. They are always trying to prove themselves to the people for whom they act as pseudointellectual sycophants. They therefore advocate not their own ideas, but those imposed on them by others, and imagine that they will enjoy greater esteem by doing so. They live, not a true life, but one shaped by the idea of, “if you do this, you will be admired.”

Pseudointellectual sycophants are prepared step by step by their lords and masters

Pseudointellectual sycophants are easily employable tools for intelligence agencies and their various think tanks. The bodies in question generally use these people to raise issues they could not bring up themselves or issues that might provoke a negative reaction. For example, it would not be that significant among the international public if an American were to make comments against Turkey, and it would be most unwelcome among the Turkish public. Yet if a Turkish writer says things against Turkey, then that will be very sensational indeed. That is why the identification and training of pseudointellectual sycophants and making them ready for use is such an important process.

Once such pseudointellectual sycophant characters have been identified, they go through a lengthy and fastidious grooming process. These people are first approached by telling them, “You are an intellectual, and very different from the others.” Then they are gradually molded into the desired form. During this process, it is the pseudointellectual sycophants’ immense efforts to gain approval that most serve the interests of their “lords and masters.” They begin influencing such a person by first praising his/her “intelligence” and “knowledge,” while indoctrinating that person with their own philosophies on the one hand and turning him or her into a writer on the other. Guidance along the lines of, “This sentence on that subject is not exactly right,” or, “Why not put it this way instead?” is actually part of the training. Through this detailed training these people are both turned into writers and indoctrinated with a specific philosophy. After minor corrections of sentences in their articles, this then turns into, “Why not let me write this section for you?”. Whole paragraphs are added or removed. During this time, the pseudointellectual sycophant starts to learn what form the “ideal” written text should take. The result is basically a conveyor belt production of numerous papers, the work of a common mind and defending the same way of thinking.

Many articles you read overseas in particular are prepared in that way.

Pseudointellectual sycophants’ education is not limited to their writings. They are also taught in fine detail how to behave in which environment, what to wear, what subjects to make jokes about and how to react to events. They are told to adhere to this model if they want to be famous in the West, to be admired by those around them and to be regarded as “someone very important” in their own country. The ultimate result is people with no beliefs, analyses or ideas of their own and who are totally devoted to the beliefs, philosophies and lifestyles of their “lords and masters.”

At this point, the person imagines that they have made friends within a terribly important social circle. The idea that they have acquired such a circle of friends goes some way toward easing their inferiority complex. The people in charge of the system are also very careful to give that same impression. The German journalist Udo Ulfkotte, who admitted working for the CIA, summarized how the system works very clearly:

“The reason I agreed was that I came from a poor family. It was like a penniless child suddenly finding himself in a candy shop, and everything was free … Instead of money, they game me gifts that money could not buy. For example, an honorary citizenship award in the U.S. state of Oklahoma, gold watches, five-star trips and even women. But most important of all I was being included in a five-star business network. I could call for help whenever I was in any difficulty because I knew the highest-ranking figures in the network. You are chosen to be present in the same diplomatic environments as chancellors. You are placed next to influential people when you travel to foreign countries. They trust you. That was a lovely feeling.”

As we have seen, the system satisfies feelings such as “being famous,” “rubbing shoulders with famous people” and “being admired,” on the part of those whom it wishes to win over. Rubbing shoulders with cabinet ministers and members of Parliament, in other words giving the impression that “you are important, too,” is far more important than money to such people.

The desire for approval, the idea of being approved of by the “lords and masters”

The most sensitive point of people with an inferiority complex is “being taken seriously.” Those who know how to do that can easily make these people devoted to them through small gifts and gestures. 

There is no need for expensive gifts in order to win over the pseudointellectual sycophant. While they may appear to be greedy, they do not actually expect a very lofty position or title. The most important thing to satisfy them is to receive the approval of those from whom they seek it because their true sense of inferiority is actually in the face of those people. Even if they become involved in the running of their own countries or become the CEO of a very large company, they are still unable to shake off that feeling of inferiority toward those to whom they behave as pseudointellectual sycophants. That means that they can never truly escape the desire to be liked and approved of by them.

Since their aim is to be liked, approved of, honored and esteemed, hearing things like, “Well done, that was a good piece of writing” or, “That was a good speech,” cause them to feel like they're walking on air. They have no hesitation about writing negative things about their own circles, loved ones or countries in order to hear the words, “Well done.” They ruthlessly denigrate and look down on everyone. The main subject of their writings generally consists of such denigration. They imagine that the more they speak out against Muslims, the more they foolishly criticize Muslims and the more they look down on Muslims, the more praise they will receive. They even tend to put on airs along the lines of, “Look, nobody can criticize Muslims as much as me. I know them best and I put them down best.” Or they imagine that the more they denigrate their own countries as “anti-democratic,” “backwards” or “oppressive,” the more “first-rate” analyses they will be producing. The way that a great many writers denigrate their own countries to foreigners and look down their noses at their own people is based on sending the message that “I am different from them; I am in fact one of you.” The aim behind their writings and analyses is not to produce genuine criticisms and solutions, but to disseminate propaganda and hear the words “Well done.”

Of course, Muslims or the countries they live in may very well have attitudes deserving of criticism, and that criticism certainly needs to be made. But the aim of these pseudointellectual sycophants is not to be instrumental in the correction of errors through criticism, but to earn the approval of the people whose approval they seek. That means that their writings and analyses and statements go no further than being propaganda for the circles in question.

They also offer up their sexuality to their lords and masters

One of the most appalling aspects of this clan-like order is the way that the pseudointellectual sycophants of the Middle East and Asia also offer up their sexuality to their “lords and masters.” Male or female, these pseudointellectual sycophants also attempt to earn the physical and sexual approval of those they regard as superior to them. Young girls of the Middle East and Asia are made available for the enjoyment of middle-aged people belonging to secretive organizations in the West with great wealth at their disposal.

In the same way that young girls who wish to become famous in the movie industry from time to time offer up their sexuality to people they believe can help them become stars, some Middle Eastern and Asian women with affectations and feelings of inferiority will also make their bodies available so that their articles can appear in a well-known newspaper or so their views can be heard on a well-known channel. It is known that many young Palestinian, Pakistani or Egyptian women seek to be a part of certain circles by building and using such relationships.

These young women who offer up their own sexuality for the sake of acceptance have also become part of a very strange system. They not only have to offer their sexuality to the lords and masters they are directly associated with, but also to other people those masters refer them to. Although this is a humiliating situation, it is not regarded as in any way extraordinary in those circles. One often sees an attractive Palestinian woman entering into a relationship with a well-known Israeli businessman, being made part of the circle she has wanted to enter all her life as a result and also entering into relations with other “lords and masters” in order to be able to remain in that circle. Many politicians are known to have taken advantage of this in the murky world of U.S. and British politics. Many Middle Eastern and Asian girls are used in this painful way by personalities that include former ministers, former prime ministers and former lawmakers. 

As the public reads their daily papers or watch analyses on TV they are unaware of this painful truth. They imagine that these people are setting out their own ideas and thinking and researching matters for themselves. The fact is, however, that these people who have fallen under the influence of those circles, even in sexual terms, cannot possibly set out their own opinions or conclusions. 

Submission to their masters’ beliefs

Another one of the most striking features of Middle Eastern and Asian pseudointellectual sycophants is their submission to their masters’ beliefs: In other words, these people sign up to a belief system that is developed for them, rather than acting in the light of the truth inspired by God in the Qur’an, our Prophet (pbuh) and their own consciences. Since they completely subscribe to the worldview of their lords and masters, they also shape their beliefs on the basis of those masters’ opinions. They do not regard what God says as at all important – may God forbid – but regard what the deep state of America or Great Britain says as most significant. They do not apply what is written in the Qur’an, but implement everything their masters, whom they deify, say. They never think of the interests of Muslims or the Islamic world, but defend the interests of the circles in which they are enslaved right to the bitter end. That attitude is actually an external manifestation of their subconscious hatred for Muslims and the anger and inferiority they feel at having been born in the Islamic world.

For example, the fact that Muslims may be harmed by an idea they espouse causes these people no distress at all. They place innocent Muslims in a terrible predicament under the guise of saying, “I am making a stand against terror” or, “This is not part of the real Islam.” Defending the air attacks taking place in numerous countries, such as Iraq and Syria in particular – and also in places like Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan – is one example of this. Aerial bombardments are a form of mass punishment that destroys everyone in the selected target area, making no allowances for women and children, or the sick and the elderly. It is a violation of both good conscience and human rights law. Whole towns and villages are not destroyed in any democratic country for the sake of catching people who have committed serious crimes. Nobody, not even a crazed killer, is killed by having bombs rained down upon him, before he is even put on trial, in any democratic country. When it comes to Islamic lands, however, these secret forces put the law and democratic values on the back burner. It is at this point that the responsibility for portraying such an inhumane and unconscionable policy as something “reasonable” to public opinion falls to the pseudointellectual criticisms of the Middle East and Asia. These people passionately espouse tactics that wreak great destruction and havoc in Islamic lands and lead to the deaths of significant numbers of civilians under the name of the “fight against terror.” If their masters say, “Let us kill,” then they say, “Let us kill,” too. If their masters say, “Let us bomb people,” then they say, “Let us bomb people,” too or, “Let us do even more than that.” Yet someone who really wants to fight terror will know that the intellectual foundation of terror needs to be demolished; he will know that no solution will be forthcoming through guns and bombs without intellectual activity as well. Even more importantly, he will know that violence always leads to more violence. Yet what matters for these people is not the truth, but for the people these pseudointellectual sycophants serve to tell them, “Well done!” Merely for the sake of a “Well done!” and gaining even more approval they enthusiastically espouse the most ruthless policies that are wholly incompatible with the Qur’an and are willing to stand in the ranks of murderers.

Another striking example of the surrender of beliefs on the part of these pseudointellectual sycophants is the way they never refer to Islamic Unity and even, on the contrary, describe how – in their view – such a thing is well-nigh impossible. Even though God commands Muslims to be united and even though numerous verses of the Qur’an tell them to be brothers and live in unity, these people insist on opposing unity. They reveal their opposition through rather cunning tactics. For example, they do not openly stand up and say, “Let us not be united” because they know that will of course attract a great deal of criticism. They use fabricated hadiths instead. They use a false hadith attributed to our Prophet (pbuh) but which was never spoken by him, which reads, “Disagreement among my community is a mercy.”They thus seek to influence Muslims by saying “Look, even our Prophet (pbuh) says there is no need to be united.” Yet our Prophet (pbuh) would never say anything that was incompatible with the Qur’an. He would never say there is mercy in division when dozens of verses of the Qur’an command Muslims to be united. Unity is a blessing for Muslims because that is God’s command. Yet for people with this pseudointellectual character, it is not God’s command that matters, but the interests of the masters whose toadies they are.

Pseudointellectual sycophants in Turkey

A close inspection will also reveal the presence of the pseudointellectual sycophant character, which is so widespread in the Middle East and Asia, also in Turkey. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of these people, who live far removed from the spiritual values of their own country – or who, to be more accurate, imitate a foreign culture – who are ignorant of Turkey’s shared values, who seek to give the impression of being unaware of popular values and beliefs, who despise ordinary people and regard themselves as terribly important and who analyze events from a remarkably narrow perspective is that they care absolutely nothing for Turkey’s interests.

Just like the examples from other countries, these people denigrate Turkey at great length, make comments contemptuous of the Turkish people and, even more painfully, passionately espouse ideas that may damage the country in the long term, all for the sake of a “Well done!” The recent increase in writings and statements that seek to portray the PKK as a group of freedom fighters, that try to bring Turkey to heel using the threat of the PKK, that threaten Turkey along the lines of “Either you support the PKK or else you must suffer the consequences,” and that prepare the way for the breaking up of the country is one indication of this. These people, who espouse the ideas served up to them by various think tanks in the West on almost a word-for-word basis, never stop to think where the line they espouse may lead. They espouse whatever they are indoctrinated with for the sake of approval, a desire for fame or even something as simple as just seeing their name under a column in a foreign newspaper. When they promote these ideas they imagine that they will be perceived of as ultra-modern, capable of seeing what ordinary people cannot and making the most accurate analyses. The fact is, however, that they are people who merely recite what is told to them, have lost all character and self-esteem and are regarded with pity by the majority of people.

Pseudointellectual sycophants also compete with one another in terms of pseudointellectual sycophancy. The competition involves seeing who can secure most “well dones” and who can be most pseudointellectually sycophantic. In order to win that contest, they entirely abandon the interests of their own country and merely wonder how to make themselves even more popular. It is this competition over pseudointellectual sycophancy that lies behind the way they shower praise upon the PKK, even though they know full well that it is a traitorous terror organization that still continues to martyr our troops and police; they routinely raise the subject of an amnesty for terrorists and even shamelessly advocate the idea of Turkey providing the terrorists with weaponry. The anti-Turkish writings, or comments within those writings, that frequently appear in the foreign press are a manifestation of that competition. The pseudointellectual sycophancy contest waged out of a hope that “maybe they will include me among them and then my name will be mentioned in the same breath as theirs,” will eventually cause damage that leads the person concerned to sign up to all kinds of ugliness; instead of sacred values such as their own cause or ideal, the family, the nation and the country, these lackeys of the Western deep states are far more concerned about what their “masters” think.

Another humiliating behavioral defect that the people in question learn from their masters is that of putting on airs.

A common philosophy: Putting on airs

Putting on airs is a behavioral and moral defect that is widespread in Western countries. These people, whose language consists of a mixture of showiness and an “I know best” attitude have a common tone of voice, accentuation, way of sitting and placing the spotlight on themselves. Their desire is to emphasize this state of being “rather special,” which regards themselves as different to other people in their every gesture and action. Some of the best known aspects of putting on airs are using exaggerated facial expressions, insisting on using foreign words all the time when speaking, speaking while chewing gum, describing things they would never normally like in terms of admiration, describing places they may never have been to as if they knew them well and people they may never have met as if they were close friends, and talking about music they have never heard as if they liked it very much or about films and art they have never seen as if they understand them very deeply. Being able to sit in the lobby of a five-star hotel, blowing the smoke from a cigar given to them as a gift by that hotel into other people’s faces, posing with a wine glass in their hand and being seen at the entrance to a famous restaurant are all terribly important to people who put on airs.

Details about the routine day-to-day matters in the lives of high-quality and noble people are of exaggerated importance in the lives of those who put on airs. They imagine they can become esteemed and gain importance through them. They make every effort to show that importance they imagine they possess to other people. Every action in the philosophy of putting on airs is intended to tell those whom the individual admires so greatly that “I am one of you.” That is why in one sense, putting on airs represents a common language and philosophy among superficial folk. Someone who puts on airs will immediately recognize another of that ilk, and someone who puts on airs will best understand the language of another of that kind.

Although putting on airs is an embarrassing and humiliating state of mind, many ignorant people feel a sincere admiration for those who do so. Those who put on airs, often starting in high school, enjoy great prestige among other people, while modest and well-mannered people are generally undervalued. That is the reason why difficult, spoiled and showy people enjoy such great esteem in high school. Putting on airs then continues to grow apace after high school. While the pop music groups they listen to, the concerts people go to and what they buy in the shops are all tools for putting on airs in their school years, in the years that follow, it is such phenomena as one’s social circle, the places one chooses to go on holiday, the exhibitions one attends, one's rank and position, the car one drives and the area of town one lives in that acquire greater importance. Each one of these is used as a tool to psychologically put down more modest folk.

Putting on airs is a common philosophy between pseudointellectual sycophants in the Middle East and Asia and their masters. However, pseudointellectual sycophants never put on the airs they learned from their masters in front of them. They only display such an attitude to put down ordinary people whom they regard as beneath them and inferior. In the presence of their masters, they are most humble and sycophantic; they would never think of putting on airs to them. It is not hard to imagine the kind of language that someone in Egypt, Bangladesh or Palestine who has been to Europe will use, or the way he will look down on ordinary people. People who live in a state of deeply-rooted feelings of inferiority in Europe or America, and slavishly do everything they are told, suddenly develop an entirely different character when they return to their own countries, as if that despised person had not really been them at all; that is another manifestation of putting on airs. What is genuinely embarrassing is that poor, ordinary people are generally deeply impressed by such airs and regard the person concerned as someone terribly special or important.

Yet the moral values and qualities that should really be admired are those of the believer. The character of the believer, who knows that God is the Lord of all blessings, that all power and all might belong to Him alone and who is fully submitted to Him, is as steady as a rock; that character is sturdy and unshakeable. That person knows that he is dealing with mere shadow entities and that God witnesses him at all times and he never stoops to the facile. He is ultra modern and high-quality. He lives by the moral values desired by God, not by those of the people who would seek to shape him for their own ends. He knows that the lords and masters whom the pseudointellectual sycophants regard as very important and enslave themselves to are themselves nothing but helpless servants of God and mortal beings. The respect and value he places on someone is directly proportional to that person’s love and fear of God. He will never be rude to anyone, but he knows how humiliating it is to feel inferior in the face of weak and helpless human beings. The only entity to Whom the believer will sincerely submit himself is God.


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