The Evolution Deceit

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Tribalized States Or Tribes That Are Effectively States In The Middle East


The Importance Of Individual Rights And Freedoms In Yemen


Fossil Exhibition in Scheveningen


Advent Media, 'Presentation: The Invalidity of Darwinism'


Germany, The Collapse Of The Theory Of Evolution And The Fact Of Creation Conference In Tübingen


Harun Yahya Conference At San Antonio Air Base, Usa


The Collapse Of Darwinism And The Fact Of Creation Conference In Malmö, Sweden


‘islam: The Religion Of Peace, Compassion And Love’ Conference Held At The Masjid Ammar, Hong Kong


Signs Leading To Faith Conference At University Of Zayed, Dubai


Living Fossils Dating Back Millions Of Years Displayed In German High Schools


Owen Alik Shahadah ( Halaqah Media )


“creationists’ Success in Turkey is A Matter Of Concern To Evolutionists”

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1-12 / Total: 12
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