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Remorse makes believers better people. When a believer feels remorse, it is never destructive. On the contrary, it serves as a lesson and helps improvement.


Remorse is a way to improve oneself. It is not a destructive feeling for believers.


Religion is the basis of family and moral values. There are atheists with good morals but their morality is also based on religion.


Radicalism is not Islam. Islam is the religion described in the Qur'an. God encourages love and peace in the Qur'an. Radicalism on the other hand, is a pagan belief.


Religion does not complicate things. On the contrary, God only expects sincerity and honesty. Religion is easy and simple.


Refuting Darwinism scientifically and being an ultra-modern country should be among the top priorities of Turkey.


Radicals are self-righteous despite their irrationality. That’s why they are a source of constant trouble for their societies.


Racism fueled by Darwinist education was the driving force behind WWI.


Referendums are always won by a small margin, everywhere in the world. If the laws accept such results, then everyone should accept it, too.


Respect for women’s rights, especially their choices as to their attire, as well as promoting art and modernism should be priorities for the government.


Radicals believe that violence is the best answer. They turn life into a living hell. Islam in the Quran will make the world a heaven-like place.


Radicals don't follow the Qur'an. Instead, they create dozens of new prohibitions, yet they don't follow those either and make life a living hell for themselves.


Radicals follow a false religion passed down from their ancestors and try to find it in the Qur'an. They can’t accept the fact that their false religion does not exist in the Qur'an.


Radicals are so predisposed to hate the arts, music and happiness that they cannot bring themselves to accept the fact that Islam champions these blessings. Radical men believe that they deserve freedom and having fun, but cannot accept that women have the same rights as well.

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Regarding women as worthy of nothing more than a horrible life is a custom of the idolaters. They should not try to infiltrate that pagan belief into Islam.

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Radicalism, due to its superstitions, offers a horrible world. It is completely against the true Islam in the Holy Qur'an.


Real science, art should be strongly encouraged. When that happens, national culture will get stronger. Education should be saved from Darwinist imposition so that the real arts and science can reveal themselves.


Religion, piety is for God only. Everything about a Muslim, his whole life is for God.

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Rohingya Muslims are ruthlessly persecuted. They are forced into a tight corner everywhere. All Muslims should protect and look out for them.


Rohingya Muslims are ruthlessly persecuted. Their sufferings alone should be enough for the Islamic world to awake them from their heedlessness.

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1-20 / Total: 208
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