Evolution Hoax

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Due to my love for God, I deeply love every pious, pure woman I see because I see them as manifestations of God.


Dreams are a sort of education, it is like another dimension of life. Believers can pray to be educated in their dreams, too. We are not responsible for our dreams but we can be educated in our dreams.


Due to a mistaken belief that ‘natural’ looks better, ladies are prevented from being beautiful. Ladies become more beautiful with make-up and with beautiful clothes.


Darwinism disguises itself as science to deceive the world. In fact, evolution notion is a pagan belief left over from the Sumerians.


Deep thinking is critical in Islam. It is important to recite God’s names by knowing and thinking about their meanings.


Dishonesty and insincerity cause people to suffer immensely. It is so common, people live their lives like they are on stage, completely unaware of the existence of sincere love.


Destiny unfolds like a movie. We are only supposed to be sincere towards God.


Darwinism/materialism are sinister threats that have silently ruined the world, but many people couldn’t see it. The most dangerous side of it is that it pretends to be scientific.


Darwinist education has stripped people off their love, mercy and compassion.


Dance and music are among the most beautiful gifts in life.


Darwinism is the religious and philosophical foundation that has lead to all the current disasters, to the current loveless, almost dead world. People cannot be saved unless this dark swamp is drained.


Diseases are a part of God’s artistry just as health is. At times of illnesses and afflictions, believers put their trust in God. Diseases prevent arrogance, vanity, undisciplined behavior and the threat of forgetting God by getting too attached to this world. Disease is a beauty that is a part of God’s hidden knowledge. It helps people earn Heaven.


Drinking alcohol is wrong according to Islam. Alcohol is nothing but pure poison; there is nothing fun about poisoning oneself. Even if it was allowed by Islam, it is not something to be drunk.


Darwinism is not compatible with the Qur’an. It attempts to deny the creation by God. Those who try to reconcile it with the Qur’an are wrong.


Darwinism is an irreligious philosophy supported and protected by the British deep state.


Darwinism is being imposed on the entire world; those academicians who don’t accept Darwinism are dismissed from their positions.


Darwinism is imposed in all schools. If a student challenges it, he is failed. While Darwinism is imposed on students like this, some people still say that they can’t see where Darwinism is.


Democracy is about diversity of thought, freedom to pursue different political goals. But our people don't want deceit or plots.


Darwinism, which seeks to explain everything with coincidences, is not science. Coincidence is not science. Darwinism is an ancient religion.


Darwinist education combined with the pressure of bigots, is making young people unhappy. An intellectual stance against both is crucial.

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1-20 / Total: 223
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