Evolution Hoax

Rabbi Linhart's comments about the Conference held in Manchester on the Collapse of Evolution Theory

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on Tv Kayseri dated March 13th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: "My dear and most respectful friend, Mr Adnan Oktar, I am writing to congratulate you to the beautiful and professional Conference you recently held in the City of Manchester, England, entitled "Evolution Fact or Fiction"." May Allah be pleased with you. "The presentation was given by two phenomenal individuals with great medical knowledge and which knew exactly about what they were talking." Oktar if that is you who has written this.. No, that is not possible. "Shalom and Salaam," he says. "Rabbi Mordechai Moshe LinhartThis is a brother of ours who is a Rabbi. He is a Rabbi friend. Okay then Oktar, you have guaranteed yourself from this point. At the first sight I said this is surely written by Oktar himself. "To learn that Darwin contradicts himself, on quiet a lot of occasions, in his own writings, showed everybody present that he was not only a crazy man, but also that his so called theory of evolution is build on lies and his imagination. Darwinism has brought much suffering to this world and has brought the terrible disease of Atheism. As true believers amongst Jews and Muslims, we share the common belief that God created the Universe, the world and all that can be found on it!"That is true, Masha'Allah.  "Due to this I give you my blessing, that you shall continue to have much success in fighting the lies of Darwinism and Atheism!"With the help of Allah you can say whatever you like to me if I do not pound them into a jelly, insha'Allah. I will raze them to the ground by the leave of Almighty Allah. We have done this, we are still doing this and we will continue to do so. But how is my speech? Masha'Allah, Elhamdulillah, Masha'Allah "May God bless my honorable and good friend, with the health and strength to continue spreading the truth of God and His creation! May we soon all bow down to proclaim the glory of God and may we see Moshiach/Mahdi bring peace to the entire world," he says insha'Allah. Look, our Jewish brothers, even they are waiting for the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) Masha'Allah.

2011-03-24 17:24:33

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