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The Unity of Islam can only be established with love


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 28th, 2012 


ADNAN OKTAR: They've been saying; "we want the Unity of Islam". In the Unity of Islam, Muslims should unite, that is okay. What is needed for that unity? Let us say that we've just said "let us unite", or let us say that a man says "come to us and let us sit together." One would not come if he doesn't feel that love intensely. I mean he wouldn't come if he doesn't feel loved. For instance for Armenia we've said; "let us unite, come to us that would be nice, we will have match here in Bursa." We've said; "What is the point in this separation, etc.?" They came and what happened was that some people were almost beating them up. They couldn't see the love. They've gone back and the matter was closed. They really wanted to unite with Turkey, they wanted it a lot. They have the monument of Armenian Revenge, there is a fire going on in it. They have even extinguished that fire and turned off the lights there, they were about to give up, but when they didn't see that love and that affection they gave up. The man gave up that idea. An icy cold face, an icy cold bureaucratic manner - some bureaucrats have such an icy manner- wouldn't work. An imitated love wouldn't work either. It has to be real love. Without the existence of real love, a person wouldn't even see his own father; he wouldn't even want to see his own mother without the existence of real love. One would easily get in bad terms with his friend. For instance even with his best friend, if he sees a small decrease in his intimacy, he stops to see him. A country's nation wouldn't accept to have good relations if they do not feel that they are genuinely loved. The solution lies in love. Arrange meetings as ever you like. When one is arrogant, when he acts arrogantly, it wouldn't work. For instance some of our brothers who are students of Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light) may Allah be pleased with them, arrange meetings. That is auspicious, that is a blessing, that is nice. That is much better than not carrying out any activities. Why aren't there any of our Nakshibendi brothers in that meeting? You do not show them love, that is why. Why aren't there any Kadiris among them? Why don't the students of our Master Sheikh Nazim attend those meetings? Why don't the students of our Master Mahmut attend their meetings? You do not show them love, that is why they don't come. You address people only if they are from your own sect, you only are interested in your own people. And even then, only if they are fully complying with your beliefs, if they fully comply with that team, with that group; if not even his being a student of Treatise of Light wouldn't be enough. One has to show the characteristics of the related portion of that group. Even that group wouldn't be enough. They need to comply with the article c of the related portion for instance. Only then he addresses you. Inside Turkey you fail to form the first thing about the Unity of Islam. The Unity of Islam cannot be established without sincerity. In order to organize a meeting on the Unity of Islam; we need to have our Alewite brothers in that meeting as well, the Shia brothers should be there, the students of our Master Mahmut should be there, the students of our Master Sheikh Nazim should be there, our Suleymanli brothers should be there. Then you show a fervent love, respect to them and you will be mentioned in the history. That would be a great abundance, a great beauty and a great benevolence. We go to such meetings and there are only classical students of Nur. They are all the same people we see every time and the people of the C article of the same clique. They say that they want the Unity of Islam. Masha'Allah, may Allah be pleased with you. What about the practice? None. If you are sincere then you should put it in practice. Any other way wouldn't do.  For instance they bring the Armenian Patriarch Barthelemus. They bring the Chief Rabbi dressed up in his official ceremonial clothes; there are also some certain three-four people they invite. They come every single time, and they say "look, we show you the unity and brotherhood". Do the Christians consist of them? Do the Jews consist of only these people? Where are the students of our Master Mahmut? Let them sit among them. Where are the students of our Master Sheikh Nazim? Have them sit there as well. Where are our brothers from Suleymanli sect? Have them sit there as well.  What an insincere ambience you are forming.

I have had Christian guests, they came to my house, we had dinner and talked. There were people from every group. One of them, a priest, said; "Master they are all very insincere. They call the same people every single time. Barthelemous, and some other certain people they call. That is an official duty for that person, he would have to come anyway." He said; "they have to attend as they receive an official invite. These men come only because it is an official task, and they sit, dine and leave." He said; "there is no true love, no true friendship and they do not even mind. They know how those people see them. They know that they do not attach any importance to them. They know that they hate them, that they do not like them at all. But they nevertheless come as a formality." That is because when you utter the name "Jew" the man starts to shiver. When you say "Christian priest" the man starts to shiver. It is apparent that he doesn't feel any compassion. I do not mean all of them. I just am talking about the general idea of the priest there. And he is telling the truth. There is a show going on, like a play in a theatre. How is that acceptable? There are many genuine Christians among the Christian community, call them, call their deputies, why are you constantly calling the same people? They are already on an official duty. They are obliged to come, they have to attend to the invites. He cannot get his salary any other way. All of them are on official duty. They have to be sincere.

Invite the students of our Master Mahmut and have them sit at a table. If they do not want to see the others, let them sit at a different table. At least that would be a good start. Have the students of our Master Sheikh Nazim sit at a different table, have our brothers from the Suleymanli sect sit at a different table, right? Let it be convincing. If you implicate that you, under no circumstance, want to be with them even here, how could that happen, right? Invite youngsters from the nationalist front, invite our brothers from the MHP, have them sit at a table. Invite people from CHP and have them sit at a table. Aren't they the children of this homeland? You fail to unite even from the inside. How is it going to happen? I know that if someone from the nationalist party comes to their meetings some of our brothers wouldn't want them there. If they do not approach you, you should go approach them, right? Show them affection. They are wasting the time of Muslims in such artificial, formality meetings. And the Muslims say; "Look what beautiful activities are carried on and everything is going fine." Yet all these are for show. They do so because they feel obliged to, because they feel embarrassed. They do these because they are urged to do so. 


2012-07-18 20:09:01

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