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Israeli Ambassador Alan Baker expresses his hopes for better relations between Israel and Turkey

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with former Israeli ambassador to Canada, Alan Baker on A9 TV; 27 December 2011; 11:00

ALAN BAKER: Thank you. Thank you very much, and I'm very reassured by what you say, and let me just add one thing; when I was Israel's ambassador to Canada between 2004 and 2008, my best friend in Canada was the ambassador of Turkey, and we used to meet together twice or three times a week and we had a lot in common, and I'd like this to come back; and I hope very, very sincerely that the relationship will get back to what it should be, because there's a very, very strong connection between the two countries, and we can't allow regional politics, whether it's Iran, or Hamas, or anybody else to try and harm this relationship. That's my message to Prime Minister Erdogan.
ADNAN OKTAR: The protection and well-being of Israel are under the control of Allah, insha'Allah. Allah uses His servants as His instruments. We are in the age of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the King Messiah; your hearts can be at ease. We love you all. Allah has entrusted you to us. You are the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). We will all rebuild the Masjid of Solomon altogether, insha'Allah, and open up the borders. We will talk together with our Palestinian and Israeli brothers, and have fun and happy times with them. Let your hearts be at ease.
ALAN BAKER: Thank you very much.
ADNAN OKTAR: Thank you. We will speak again, insha'Allah. I hope to see you in Turkey.
ALAN BAKER: Thank you so much.
ADNAN OKTAR: We hope to see you here. Thank you. Salam.


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