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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 October 2011


A9 TV; October 14th, 2011

One does everything for the good pleasure of Allah. Love is for Allah’s approval.Service rendered for Islam is for Allah’s good pleasure. Everywhere, everything is a manifestation of Allah; flowers, bugs, human beings. We also love human beings as a manifestation of Allah. The love you feel for me and the love I have for you; this is in terms of the manifestations of Allah’s names because they manifest everywhere. It manifests here as a color, while in another place it manifests as an image. This is a manifestation of His names, not His own being. We admire the manifestations of Allah’s names. We feel profound love. This is a blessing, a beauty, Insha’Allah. The measure in love is taqwa (awe or fear of Allah, which inspires a person to be on guard against wrong action and eager for actions which please Him). When one loves someone, he assesses him according to the service he renders on the path of Islam and his viewpoint towards Islam and the Qur’an. He loves one according to his person’s taqwa. Why do we love our Prophet (saas)? Because he is the prophet; because he serves Allah and His religion. Why do we love the Companions of our Prophet (saas)? Because of their  taqwa. Hazrat Omar (ra), Hazrat Uthman (ra), Hazrat Ali (ra), Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra). Why do we love Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra)? Because he was the one with the highest level of taqwa. After our Prophet (saas), he was the one who had rendered the best services. Then we love Hazrat Omar (ra), right? According to the account of our Prophet (saas), he has a special place in our heart with his courage, moral perfection and humaneness. What is this? They are the manifestations of the names of Allah. Allah manifests in them, for instance, as Hazrat Omar (ra). Who do we actually love when we love Hazrat Omar (ra)? Allah. The same thing holds true when we love Hazrat Ali (ra) and our Prophet (saas), Insha’Allah.

While we love a rabbit, for instance, we love it as a manifestation of one of Allah’s names and we feel very pleased with it. That is why we love a lot.Otherwise love does not have any meaning. For instance, while loving a person, if one loves him as a being independent of Allah and not as a manifestation of one of Allah’s beautiful names  that would be ascribing partners to Allah. That would be unacceptable. That is to say, this is not something a Muslim can ever attempt.

Who makes us speak right now? Allah. Who makes you speak? Allah. Everywhere there are the manifestations of Allah’s names. Therefore when we appreciate someone, we appreciate Allah. Otherwise it means ascribing partners to Allah. You, for instance say to someone, “You are very beautiful” but she responds saying, “I ask Allah's forgiveness; I am not so beautiful.” Are you the one who we praise? We praise Allah. We praise Allah’s names. For instance one says,“I do not like to be praised.” You are not the one who is praised; so how can you dare to say that you do not like to be praised? We praise the manifestation of Allah He creates in our brains. All beauty and might belongs to Allah. Everything belongs to Allah.

As long as parents do not intervene in one’s faith and the way he lives by his religion, it would be haram (unlawful) to be at odds with one’s family. But if they bother you, and do not want you to live by Allah’s religion, a child does not say, “Yes, I am at your service;  come and beat me.” That would be unbecoming. They say, “Would any parent dare that?” So why are  penitentiaries full of prisoners? There are parents who murder their kids. There are parents who cut their kids into pieces, rape their children. Incest is tremendously widespread. The ratio of reported cases of incest is twenty percent. How about the ones that are not reported? Incest is unimaginably widespread. A father rapes his daughter, a brother rapes his little sister. Immorality, infamy is widespread. These are surely not reported to the related authorities. How can a young girl come up and say that such an incident had happened? How can she speak out? She cannot. There are such fathers who cut their daughters into pieces; there is no end. They take the kid to an desolate place and cut her throat. He cuts her body into two pieces. Then they say, “It is not becoming to say a word against a father.” He simply cuts the kid; how can you not say a word? For instance, the kid goes to the police station and says that her father will kill her. The police officers say, “How can it be possible? It is your father, go to your home with heart’s-ease.” Then her father takes the girl and cuts her like a sheep. Then it appears in the headlines. Prisons are full of killers who are parents. There are thousands of them. One respects those parents who have respect for Allah, the Book and the blessed values. How would one feel respect to those parents who assault your faith? That mother or father is not blessed; they are blessed only when they abide by Allah and His religion. If they tempt you against Allah’s religion, Islam and the Qur’an, if they attack you because you make Muslims your friends, they are no longer blessed. How can they be blessed? There are those who force their children into immorality, into prostitution. How can a child express it? This is a secret tragedy. A secret predicament. It is a very great disaster. It has no limits; incest is unbelievably widespread; it exists in Turkey, in Germany, in France . The number of those who prompt their children into immorality is incredibly widespread. They ask their daughters to go and find a rich husband for themselves. The guy is a bad lot, but it makes no difference for the father. Another man is reliable, he is a Muslim but he does not want him because he is poor. But if a man has money but is mean, then the father finds him proper for his daughter. There are those imposters, members of the PKK terror organization, those raping their daughters, attempting to sell their daughters. Prisons are full of people committing such  reprehensible crimes. There are various kinds of men.

It is related in the Qur’an that Allah sees all eyes but eyes can not see them. Notice that the One Who looks within from those eyes is also Allah. He manifests within those eyes with His beautiful name, Insha’Allah. For instance, Allah speaks of the existence of beautiful women with big black eyes in the Heaven. But their eyes are only directed to their spouses. They only belong to their spouses.Here Allah mentions passion as the most important feature. It is the most important feature of  Heaven. Insha’Allah, Almighty Allah will grant this blessing to all believers in the Heaven for all eternity because in this life we have an insatiable love for human beings. We have love for all kinds of beauty. The human soul can not get enough of love for cats, rabbits, flowers, the beauty of women, the sweetness of children. This can only be satisfied in  Heaven, Insha’Allah. 

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