Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 September 2011


A9 TV, 10 September 2011


Those who look at the Qur’an must examine it very rationally. What does Allah emphasize most? The abnormalities of disbelief and how believers must be fixed in their faith against it, believers being strong and thinking and investigating and always being on the side of Allah. I mean, this is discussed in 80% or 90% of it. And we must always ask Allah to keep our faith strong.

Surah Ya Sin, 78:

He makes likenesses of Us and forgets his own Creation, saying, ‘Who will give life to bones when they are decayed’?”

What is that? Weakness of faith. He cannot believe. What do you need in the face of that? Genuine faith. Absolute faith. Say ‘He Who made them in the first place will bring them back to life. He has total knowledge of each created thing;”

What is that? Signs leading to faith. Because Almighty Allah encourages people to think. He says that He “Who made them in the first place will bring them back to life.” Human beings are created most perfectly. They are made one time only. This pen has been made once. Could the factory make another one? Yes, it could. Why not? We cannot say, “You cannot make another one.” Because it obviously can. Can a craftsman who makes one chair not make another? Yes, he can. That applies to everything. Allah also says He “made them in the first place...” So can He not do it again? That is such an easy thing that human beings cannot comprehend it. Allah reminds us of that. It is so easy but billions of people cannot comprehend it. Then they say, “Actually, that is really true. I never thought about that before.” Human beings think so superficially. That is why Allah reminds us. Their thinking is so impaired that they say, "Who will give life to bones when they are decayed?” Since they are materialists, they say, “Once matter has gone it is all over.” Since they look at things from a materialist perspective. They are unable to equate matter and the soul since they deny the existence of the soul. That is weakness of faith. “He Who produces fire for you from green trees.”

Allah also notes the greenness of wood and says He has made it flammable. Allah opens our horizons. But it never even occurs to people. In other words, Allah’s Creation of trees such that they can be burned, and their arising from green plants and growing from the soil. They emerge from soil and water and soon become capable of being burned. Can you burn soil? No. Can water burn? No. But water and soil combine together. You look and see that something flammable has emerged. Then you look and see that fruit has formed. Oranges, apples, mandarins, walnuts, melons, watermelons, beans, lentils and whatever else you can think of form in the soil. “He Who produces fire for you from green trees.” Allah broadens our horizons. He encourages us to see the signs leading to faith and to think. He reminds us to reflect in order to expand our horizons. When we reflect on it we start thinking of a whole chain of other things. Allah does this so we should think of other things. Does He Who created the heavens and earth not have the power to create the same again?”There is another logic here. Has He created the atmosphere in the most perfect form? Yes, He has. He also created the soil. Does not Allah cause this Earth to float like a feather in the boundless vasts of space? We are like a ship. We are like a ship with 7 billion people in it. We are floating about like a feather in a ship full of 7 billion people. Never running aground or suffering any turbulence. Take a car. No matter what equipment they provide, cars still rock about, as do planes. But there is not the slightest turbulence here. The whole world is moving through the sky. The soul also floats like that. And nothing happens to it. Does He Who created the heavens and earth not have the power to create the same again?”I “made them in the first place” He says, the Earth and sky. So why should I not be able to make the earth and sky of paradise?In other words, “Since I have created man once, why should I be unable to do so again?” He is encouraging us to think. But Allah does not provide so much information as to eliminate the need for our free will. Because the test would therefore be meaningless. Allah prepares the ground for us to reflect. Almighty Allah says, Does He Who created the heavens and earth not have the power to create the same again?”Allah does not leave it there. He encourages people to expand their minds. He is the Creator, the All-Knowing.”

Allah always described Creation. And what I talk about is always Creation. So what do they say about us? “They are creationists,” they say. When we say that “Allah created,” they call us creationists. What do they say? They say, “It was chance that created.” “An idol did it,” they say. But what do we say? “Allah created.” “…when He desires a thing is just to say to it, ‘Be!’ and it is,” saysAllah. Where is the evolution in that? Allah answers evolutionists like that. Evolutionists say, “It must have taken a very long time. Allah could not do so otherwise (may Allah forbid!).” But Allah says, “when He desires a thing is just to say to it, ‘Be!’ and it is.”

Allah gives a time frame. “And it is.” It happens instantaneously. “Glory be to Him Who has the Dominion of all things in His Hand. To Him you will be returned.”

Do you see the signs leading to faith? Allah directs us to these so we will have faith and believe this. That is why the signs leading to faith are the most vital subject. And I concentrate on the signs leading to faith above all else. I concentrate on genuine faith. I am opposed to imitation faith. It must not be imitation, but genuine. Imitation faith is weak.

Hazrat Mahdi (as) is a guide and servant. He is a guardian and servant sent to people by Allah. Just as the prophets that have come in the past as the Qur’an tells. If imams [religious leaders] who strove on the path of Allah have come, if these are described, he is a more blessed and immaculate servant even than them. Allah sends Hazrat Mahdi (as), a servant, as the last guide in the End Times, the greatest guide of all time. Since he will come in the most intense period of the End Times his rank will be very high. Because he will have to strive separately against hypocrites and against unbelievers and the way of the dajjal [antichrist] and the way of the sufyan. Darwinism, materialism and perverse movements and thoughts. The armies of satan and iblis [devil] will be directed against him in that disordered environment. Hypocrites and fanatics will oppose him with all their might. That is why his rank will be very high. Because it is very difficult. Bediüzzaman says, “he requires patience and fortitude.” “Otherwise he will remain barren and do harm,” he says. He will wage a powerful struggle since he has great fortitude and faith. Allah will open the way before him, insha’Allah. But our Shiite and Jafari brothers are in a huge error regarding Hazrat Mahdi (as). They have made a huge mistake. If they put that right then Islamic Union can easily rule the world. Then we will have Islamic Union.

Allah created us as brothers. We are descended from the Prophet Adam (as) and Hazrat Eve (as). The world is also a fine place. For one thing, what need is there to get rid of Israel from the region? I fail to understand that. “Get out and stay out,” they say. “Go where you like, but go.” Where are they to go to? They are chased away wherever they go. They go to Spain and are told to get out. Where are they supposed to go? All their forefethers’ are buried there. All their ancestors lived there. Let them live there, too. Is there not enough land for all? The issue there is for Israel to trust and turn itself over to the Turkish-Islamic Union. Those borders must be lifted. Completely. The walls must be done away with. The whole region must live as it wishes. There is no need for borders. Let them settle where they like. Nobody has a problem with that. Let them entrust their lives and property to Muslims and then they can relax. There are just a handful of Jews. But the land goes on for ever. It is boundless. They could lose themselves in it. Jews are the equivalent of an apple in a football stadium in terms of the room they take up. Do what you like. It is all yours. Build factories or do what you like. Let there be no war or conflict. Let us open up all the Palestinian borders. Let the whole region be theirs to use as they will. Let us open up Jerusalem and rebuild the Masjid of Solomon. Let them live in peace and happiness. Why cause trouble? But Israel must surrender to Hazrat Mahdi (as). To the King Messiah. If they do not do that, they are declaring war on the Torah and opposing its commandments. And that, in their faith, is a great crime. It is a great crime under their law. They must surrender to and trust in the King Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (as). And the matter will be resolved entirely.

The love of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is very strong in Shiism. It is much more intense and stronger than in Sunni belief. The account given in Sunni belief is fine and rational, but calmer. But in Shiism it is completely translated into reality. They talk about Hazrat Mahdi (as) day and night. Every day, they pray to Allah for Him to send Hazrat Mahdi (as). Every day, at every prayer. The Mahdi is always on the agenda in Shiite belief. But nonsensical beliefs have been allowed to enter as part of Allah’s test. But that is for the best, of course. Allah may perhaps have done such a thing in order to conceal Hazrat Mahdi (as), to draw a spiritual veil over him. But they must eliminate that nonsense when the time comes. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not in a cave. He will be born into the world from a mother and father. He will disappear twice. I think he will enter prison or else conceal himself of his own will. Our Prophet (saas) says that “he is like the Prophet Joseph (as),” that he has the same rank as the Prophet Joseph (as). It implies that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will go to prison, insha’Allah.

Satan always preoccupies people with detail. They never look at the whole picture. They are smothered in detail. That is a ruse of satan’s. Foolish people drown themselves in detail. But intelligent people look to what is essential, the wisdom, and turn toward that, insha’Allah.

Muslims are humble. How? They know that Allah has created all things, that everything belongs to Allah. They know that Allah created their speech and bodies and the images they see. They know that nothing belongs to them. So what is the result? They know they are nothing. What becomes of someone who knows he is nothing? He becomes humble. I describe the essential elements of that, and if someone grasps that he will inevitably be humble. If he realizes he is nothing, that all his strength comes from Allah, if he knows that Allah creates all his images, words and feelings, and that this was created infinitely long ago and will be maintained by Allah for all time, then he will realize his own weakness. For example, we say to Allah that He is unfettered. That He is unfettered by any weakness or deficiency. That weaknesses and deficiencies belong to us. We are weak and inconsequential. Allah is the One, true absolute entity, and we are nothing, insha’Allah.

Love bestows mutual health and beauty on both sides. Love opens people up. It is the body’s greatest need. Not this or that or anything else, but love. All the cells of the body open up to love. Everywhere recognizes it. The eyes recognize love; the nose recognizes it, and the lips and ears and everything. The skin and the whole body recognize love. That is how Allah has created it. There is an intense desire for love. They are made wretched because they suppress that, may Allah forbid. They lose their light and joy and fertility and are made wretched. Is that not a shame? Allah has created loving and being loved most excellently. Cats and squirrels and rabbits are so cute as to drive on crazy. That is no normal cuteness. 

(In answer to the question of whether the Prophet Jesus (as) will again have disciples when he returns)

The style of the Prophet Jesus (as) is entirely different. Very different to the way of the Mahdi. Hazrat Khidr’s (as) style is also very different. It is like nothing else. The Prophet Moses (as) was quite unable to adapt to him, despite being given revelation. Hazrat Khidr (as) says he will be unable to bear with him. The Prophet Moses (as) insists that he will be able to, but Hazrat Khidr (as) insists that he will not. And indeed he is unable to. He is quite amazing. And the Prophet Jesus (as) is an extraordinary individual, too. They will be unable to fit in with him. He is so extraordinary and amazing. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is also extraordinary and amazing. People cannot fit in with them. That is why Hazrat Mahdi (as) will have so few followers. Everything he does is extraordinary. Bediüzzaman says, “I cannot be like that extraordinary individual of the End Times in any way. I think I am just a humble pioneer of his, a trooper in his vanguard.”

The outcome will be most excellent. We will all see 2012 together. Little time remains. Start monitoring as of events in New Year, 2012, insha’Allah. There will be huge difficulties and events that appear very terrifying, as well as most pleasing events. The most astonishing events will take place, really influential ones, insha’Allah. The two kinds will take place together, insha’Allah.

They go into a restaurant and pack bombs into it. Even though there are children, young girls and innocent people inside. There are Muslims inside. What are you doing? Why do you have to do that? You are committing murder. Then you will remain in hell for all time, because you go without repenting. If you kill, the penalty is eternal hell. Instead of repenting, they say, “I am a jihadist.” But their homes are full of pictures of Che and Mao. What is Muslim about them then? They are just classic terrorists. Admirers of Darwin. Darwinists and materialists who believe the world is shaped by Darwin’s theories. But they sit around and talk about Islam. Whenever we look closely at a terrorist we see a Darwinist and materialist. But they say, “I am a Muslim.” Children aged eight, young girls, die because of their bombs, and what do these people say? They say they are waging jihad. If you are waging jihad, then raise your level of general culture and knowledge and tell people abut Islam with love, affection and patience. They must find that hard, and planting bombs very easy, I guess. People become fed up with living and look for somewhere to do away with themselves. So they kill the people there as well as themselves. Instead of bombing that restaurant, go and preach or hand books out in it. But they find that difficult. Do you know the penalty in the hereafter for throwing bombs? What answer will you give Almighty Allah if He asks why you martyred a child of five or six? You will say, “I was waging jihad.” “Allah will ask you, “Why did you kill yourself?” And you will say, “I was waging jihad.” Islam is being attacked in a thousand ways, and this is one of them. I talk day and night about the ideas and errors of those who harm Islam. This is one such example. Our Prophet (saas) says there will be no bloodshed in the End Times, no waking of the sleeper and even no causing anyone’s nose to bleed. And no weaponry. Arms will be done away with. What is left? Love, affection, compassion, justice, sincerity, brotherhood, joy, science, art and beauty will be left. I fail to understand why they make a world like this when they have the opportunity to make it so lovely instead.

By Allah’s leave, I allow no room for superstition when I talk about things. I talk about what is wise, true, accurate and necessary. It is very good in those terms, masha’Allah. America likes the kind of Islam I describe. The Europeans like it, and the Russians. The Russian government is delighted with it. Our activities alone are free in Europe. The Russian secret police said, “We support you. You are free to do as you please.” They support us as a policy of state because we espouse peace, love and brotherhood and oppose fanaticism. They are delighted everywhere. Take America. Can anyone preach to the U,S. Army? They never allow anyone to do that. They only allow us to do so. Muslims have never been permitted to preach in masonic lodges. Never in the history of freemasonry. We are preaching in the lodges for the first time ever. Because we genuinely wish the best for them. I want Russia to be very strong, for instance. I love the Russians. They are excellent people. They are respectful and have that Ottoman upbringing. Why should Russia collapse? Let them be wealthy. May Allah grant them well-being and make them strong and preserve them until the Day of Reckoning. Why should Russia collapse? Or America? Americans are particularly fine people, happy and agreeable. They enjoy fine talk and laughter and are physically highly attractive. Why should America collapse? Why should I want disasters to strike America? May Allah protect America from disasters. May Allah also make them economically strong. What I want is for people everywhere to live by the moral values of the Qur’an and for extremism to vanish from the Earth

We must also join the European Union. We need to act fast on joining the EU. But there is one key subject: Why does the EU not want Turkey? The state should conduct a poll among perhaps 400,000 people in France, in France alone. They should go street by street, asking people, “Why do you not want Turkey to join?” Then a report must be prepared. They can also videotape the process. They just go to Holland ask them, “Why do you not want the Turks to join?” They must also tell them to answer honestly, as nobody can overhear them. They should tell the participants to say whatever is in their minds, even if it is negative. There is no need to say, “Let us speak guardedly so as not to embarrass anyone.” Let them speak openly and state whatever it is that is subconsciously disturbing them. I believe they will be very honest. What are the things they disapprove of? One, two, three, four, five… If they are right, we must then put those matters right. Let us put right whatever is worrying them. Because that is a human and ethical requirement. If a person is put off by someone else, then if those things are legimate he must put them right. But if they say, “we are uneasy at your religious devotion,” then of course we will answer back and reject it. But if they say proper things then the response must also be proper. I mean, we cannot just stick our heads in the sand. Let us test the public and do our research. Let us start from Greece and go right as far as England. Let us ask everyone. What is it about Turkey and the Turks that make you uneasy and what do you have no problem with? That must be a scientific poll. Let us ask 2 or 3 million people. Even 4 million. At the end of the day a state official will work on it. Let them work on it for a year. Let us prepare a report from it, and the state can take steps on the basis of that report so we can eliminate those problems. We must make Turkish-Islamic Union and out entry into the EU simultaneous. Because Europeans are excellent people. I like them very much. The French, Germans, Romanians … Let us go and embrace the Serbe, the Romanians, the Bulgarians, and Holand, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Great Britain. These are fine people. Justified reactions may emerge things they have never told us. They may be uneasy for reasons we have never imagined. Why conceal this and cover it up? Perfection befits us very well. If there is a problem, let us eliminate it. We do not say we are free from all error. If we have a defect or make mistakes, let us rectify them. This scientific study really must be carried out. Let us tell the government in the form of a petition. Let us ask at least 4 million people. On the streets, everywhere. We can ask them in discos and in churches, in rich areas and the poorest ones. Let us ask everywhere. That is very important. We must obtain information from everywhere there are people, insha’Allah. Because I do not like dividing people into classes. There is no such thing as class, but we must obtain information in the different places where people live. Then it will be very good. Because people sometimes hesitate. Someone may have a reason, and becomes angry. For example, we can imagine someone saying, “the wars of the past come to mind.” We can resolve that. That is easy. They sometimes state things openly, but it is very important to get them to speak honestly. For instance, someone may dislike someone else but never say anything. Out of good manners. He knows it subconsciously, but never says. Let us learn the reason for their subconscious disquiet. Then we can resolve it right away, insha’Allah.


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