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Greece and Turkey will unite

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19 December 2009, Kanal Urfa and Kral Karadeniz TV

ADNAN OKTAR: THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION IS AN ESTABLISHMENT THAT WILL SAVE THE EUROPEAN UNION. AT THE SAME TIME, IT IS AN ESTABLISHMENT THAT WILL SAVE THE ENTIRE WORLD. Let’s assume that Turkey has joined the EU.What happened to Greece when it joined EU? Its economy collapsed and has gone bankrupt. Consequentlyentering the EU is not a salvation; it would bring nothing to Turkey. If Turkey is poor, it will remain to be poor.But if Turkey appears as a wealthy and glorious country, and emerges as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union, it calls the EU into its structure. As the Turkish-Islamic Union,Turkey would embrace the EU.In such a state, they would say, “Let us also join your union.” And they are alos included in the Union. This is a beauty because then comes wealth, abundance, spirituality, joy and excitement. The EU would desire such a unity but if Turkey asks for money, food, jobs and education, the EU would not want that.

10 November  2010, Kackar TV

ADNAN OKTAR:  We are in pursuit of being brothers and friends with the countries around us. We do not fear from Russia, Iran, Syria, Greece or any other country. We will make all of them friends within the Turkish-Islamic Union. We will establish a very beautiful unity from Bulgaria to Italy, including Italy, Insha'Allah. Making other states enemies is an old classical policy. That was what we experienced in my childhood years. They used to call the Greeks and Russians with bad names. [According to that mindset] Arabs were treacherous; they always stabbed Turks in the back. Iran was already Shia, enemies of Sunni Muslims. They were considered as the greatest enemies of Turkey, as a threat that would transfer the regime of Mollas to Turkey. In plain words, I could not see a single country that was friend to us. The same things were told about Bulgaria as well. Then I noticed that this was a plot which was carried out to isolate Turkey.  Greece is a country that always remained under the Ottoman training and culture. It is an old province of ours. Greeks are our old friends. We will also make them live under the best conditions within the Turkish-Islamic Union Insha'Allah.


Haberturk, 6 October 2011

En Son Haber, 5 October 2011

The Greek professor, Dimitri Kitsikis stated that, his country which is on the verge of collapsing, will in a short span of time leave Europe and unite with Europe.

2011-10-11 21:07:57

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