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If not resolved, the Crisis in Greece may spread to 5 other European countries

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Çay TV, 4 March 2009

Adnan Oktar: When the global financial crisis started, I said - at the very beginning – that “this will last for seven years and IT WILL PERSIST WITH AN INCREASING SPEED.” I said “ this will bring a severe famine with it” and I said that “precautions must be taken against it and preparation has to be done” and I also told them that the only solution is the Turkish Islamic Solution. Otherwise, the world would be destroyed, people would become miserable, it will turn into an unprecedented famine in the history of world. The only solution is Turkish Islamic Union. With the abundance, the beauty and peace brought by this union, this situation will be reversed… There is no need to wait until the end. Notice that countries are collapsing right now ; they have started  to go bankrupt. There is now this issue; for instance I was not hearing it previously. I told that companies would go bankrupt but I was not hearing countries going bankrupt. Now every day we hear the news of giant companies going bankrupt. I repeat time and time again that the salvation of our country from this scourge lies in the Turkish Islamic Union; in our embracing spiritual values tightly, in watching over one another. We need to feel compassion for the needy. Keeping money and possessions in hand is the triggering force of this scourge. We need to move money and possessions, distribute goods and money. But of course this is a matter of spiritual manners. It is a matter of zeal, excitement, love Insha’Allah. These will also happen.

Türkiye, 10 June 2011

Zaman, 19 June 2011

The economic crisis that struck the entire world continues to spread and become more severe.  Jean-Claude Juncker, the Chairman of the Euro region, warned that if the debt crisis of Greece is not resolved, it can spread to at least five European countries including Belgium and Italy. He stated, “The bankrupt of Greece may spread to Portugal and Ireland, and then to Belgium and Italy even before Spain due to the heavy debt load. We are playing with fire.”

2011-07-21 11:34:36

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