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Allahu Akbar Turkey against the oppressor


Azerbaijan Reyting Daily, November 6, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Satan gives such delusions which should not be taken seriously, I mean let's say we will sit on the dinner table which is already prepared but we still discuss where to put the salad or where to place the chairs. There is no need to keep it long. It is so obvious that the Turkish-Islamic Union will be very well, and it will bring abundance, wealth, joy. I mean these are weak excuses, and we should not direct ourselves on to these. THE ELDER BROTHER TURKEY WILL EMBRACE THEM WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION, AND TURKEY IS READY FOR THE TASK. Turkey does not have any benefit out of this task. What is surprising about a father and his son getting together to chat or have meal together? A father, I meanTURKEY IS THE FATHER AND THE LEADER OF TURKISH ISLAMIC WORLD. And it calls all of his sons to the dinner table, to eat together for the sake of joy, amusement and fest so that a cheerful environment would be established.


Taraf, 26 November 2010

Halil Kaplan, the columnist from daily Taraf who accompanied the Prime Minister Erdogan during his visit to Lebanon, wrote that the motto “Allahu Akbar Turkey” had a concealed meaning: “While Muslims are saying, ‘Greatness is reserved to Allah only”, they also mean, “If the oppressors persecute, the oppressed have their Lord, Allah.” At this point it seems as if the motto “Allahu Akbar Turkey” conceals the meaning, “We commend the oppressed first to Allah and then to Turkey.”

2011-04-04 14:55:22

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