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Sheikh Ahmet Yasin: "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is not a collective identity."

I have listened to the words of Sayyid Salih Ozcan. He is the most conscientious and may be the bravest one amongst the students of Master Bediuzzaman, who tells the truth. That is because when a collective identity is mentioned and when people are made to believe that, everything is over. He could have had a greater collective identity than our Prophet (saas)'s Age of Felicity. But he referred to an individual, right? 13 revivers have come up until today, just like Master Bediuzzaman. Just like the Prophets do not have any difference amongst them in terms of their tasks as Prophets; let him have 1 follower or none, or a hundred thousand people if you like, they are the same in regard of the task they perform. But the virtues of their following services might be different. Those reviver indiviuals have performed the same tasks as well,and none of them has said such a thing. For that reason, His Highness Master Bediuzzaman would not say "collective identity", and he did not. Let me remind that from here insha'Allah.

2011-02-19 17:18:37

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