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Highlights from Adnan Oktar's Interview dated February 10, 2011

Samsun Aks TV, 10 February 2011

  • Those who denied the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) did so until the revelation to the Prophet Muhammed (saas). Anyone denying Hazrat Mahdi (as) is without doubt an unbeliever. These are hadiths cited by Sunni scholars. Two well-known hadiths of our Prophet (saas). The Companions have handed them down to us. “Those who deny Hazrat Mahdi (as) did so until the revelation to the Prophet Muhammed (saas),” he said. In other words, “they denied until the revelation imparted to me.” In the other hadith, he says, “Anyone denying Hazrat Mahdi (as) is without doubt kafir.” Insha’Allah.
  • Allah exists. Allah creates the angels and djinn. There have to be human beings to assume a form beloved of Allah. Allah creates this system because it greatly pleases Him. We see that this system is very special. Angels cannot be generous because they have no private property. They have no way of forgiving, experience no suffering and have nothing to be patient in the face of. They have no means of demonstrating the moral virtues in human beings. The only entities that can display moral virtue are human beings. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will emerge from among billions of human beings. And the Prophet Jesus (as) will come. Another is the Prophet Muhammed (saas). There are very few of them, but Allah regards them as sufficient and loves them very much. We will see when we go to the hereafter that the prophets are very few in number. There are many more spiritual guides, though even these are limited in number. There is also a limited number of devout believers. Because that requires a very high level of conscience. I have come here and am talking, but I have no material or worldly expectations. I do it for Allah’s approval. For the love of Allah. A Muslim does not do things in the expectation of paradise. They do not say I worship in order to go to paradise. I love Allah. I have a profound awe of Him. I fear Him and want Him to love me. That is why I am doing it. And if I suffer pain while doing it, but do it anyway, then that is love. Because I can do it when everything is easy and comfortable. But if, may Allah forbid, I lose my love for Him when I encounter difficulties, then that is a very terrible thing. That is unacceptable. Allah does not want that. When necessary, Allah says: “Give back the soul I have given you for My sake.” One of the things that Allah likes the most is martyrdom. A martyr knows the soul is weak and gives it up. Or one may lose a limb on Allah’s path. But who first gave the person that limb? Allah. Who takes it back? Again, Allah. That makes the world a better place. And it is fully established through this system.
  • I preach to all sections of society; I preach to masons, atheist Zionists, devil-worshipers, Knights Templar, women who cover their heads, women who wear the burqa, women who leave their heads uncovered, the irreligious, atheists and everyone. And that is the right thing to do. Women who cover their heads and those who do not are both immaculate people, both spotless believers and our sisters.

2011-02-15 14:56:29

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