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Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 6 December 2010

Adıyaman Asu TV, 6 December 2010

Enmity toward the People of the Book, or Alawites or Bektashis, is a terrible thing. They are all servants of Allah. The first place that Muslims migrated to, on our Prophet’s (saas) advice, was Christian Abyssinia. They sought shelter with the Christian King Nejashi. Otherwise why should the Companions go to the Christians? Why should they flee to them if they are unbelievers who should be killed, people we should have no dealings with? Why should they eat their food? Why stay in their homes? Do you think they said, "Salamun Alaykum to the unbelievers, we have come to stay in your homes.” Of course not. There was respect for different religions in all our Prophet’s (saas) policies, and no compelling people to be Muslims. We act in the light of the Sunnah. We act according to the language of our Prophet (saas). The Sunnah of our Prophet (saas) contains love and affection, watching over and protecting people. So they do not make them uneasy, beat and kill them or cut them into bits. Rather they watch over and protect them. There are no insults or oppression or humiliation. These things are forbidden in Islam. There can be no persecution of Allah’s servants, only affection and compassion. Anyone acting otherwise is acting outside the religion.

Allah wants us to make the Earth like paradise. He wants us to make all good things, compassion, friendship, good intentions, brotherhood, art, science, freedoms and liberty. When He described evils, Almighty Allah refers to a wooden log. An empty log is a thing without a soul. Allah shows us the ugliness of selfishness and egotism in animals. What is a log of wood? It stands there. An old log. It has no soul or depth or meaning. But there is movement and life in an animal. But He cites them in terms of character. A monkey protects its young, for example, and this is an excellent example. But egotistical and selfish behavior is a bad example. Allah sometimes shows us the bad side. The pig, for example, Allah can sometimes make it useful from various aspects. For example, the wild pig goes and roots in fields with its snout, and that may be useful in helping plants to grow. But it also has an aggressive side. Its aggression looks very terrible and when people see it, they see the terrible nature and ugliness of that aggression.

    It is good to always want something better. So long as he gives thanks, a Muslim will want a better house, the best car, the best streets and the best gardens. This is in any case a requirement of Islam. But in doing this there will be no greed or offence or any illicit activity, so long as it is done with goodness and rationally. Of course the ideal thing is for quality and beauty to keep on rising. That is pleasant, and the world will become a pleasanter place through it. Paradise, for instance, is very pleasant. The vehicles in paradise are lovely, as are the plants and people. The food is of the top quality possible and of the very best. Allah also wants us to make the world a very beautiful place. He wants us to make it the most delightful place.

Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV, 6 December 2010

There are people our Muslims brothers do not approach or else leave abandoned. They say let us slaughter Jews and Christians, people who leave their heads uncovered are this or that, even people who cover their heads up are this or that, they are also impious, they say. So there are always people propelled in the direction of heresy. When we approach them with a sincere love, they may not always be exactly as we wish, of course, but in general terms good behavior can be obtained. They may not respond with a language compatible with the Qur’an and the Sunnah, but this is not something we can be angered over. When approached with love and affection, their love will also be felt straight away. A rude, hostile kind of language is very common, and that wearies people and means they cannot live in peace. But when they receive love and affection, their hearts are softened. If we are preaching the religion and telling people about it, then we will see different conditions in every individual and every event we encounter. It would be completely wrong to abandon them to solitude and impose solitary confinement on them with various imputations. That would be a grave error. When one preaches one may not hear a fully educated language fully compatible with the Qur’an and the hadiths. We generally encounter the very lightest things and responses when preaching Islam. But the exact opposite is also possible. People may be very difficult and respond rudely to whatever we say, say that black is white no matter what we say, and if we are not patient we will be unable to preach at all. In that event, the only people you speak to will be your friends, and you will not speak to other Muslims. Because that is the point where you conflict with them. I also speak with Alawites and Bektashis. I speak with Jews and Christians and freemasons. I speak with followers of Fethullah [Gulen] hodja, and with other communities and members of different sects. Our ideas may not always agree exactly, of course, but I respect their ideas and opinions. I try to talk on subjects I am not in agreement on with them using the most polite language, in order not to put them off. I am also careful about that in my general conversation. I try to tell the person opposite me the truth without damaging his love and respect, by using the most rational kind of language.

Muslims must be very patient with one another. The law of the jungle applies in many parts of the world, and people offend, fight, turn their backs on and humiliate others in many parts of the world. There can be no quarrels in Islam. One can win people over with a bit of patience and make them people who are more loving toward Muslims, the Qur’an and Allah. Otherwise, may Allah forbid, they will fall into the hands of disbelief, which would be very terrible. Our Prophet (saas) used to debate with the pagans of Mecca. He would talk to Jews and Christians. And there were very difficult people among them. I saw some unbelievable cases during my years at the academy.
I had to work really hard to educate my friends properly, it took ages. It was not easy. It took me 5 years to educate some people and 10 years to train others, but others have a greater capacity and change right away.

If we use a language devoid of affection, then irreligion will avalanche. Muslims must be patient, and moderate and reasonable. The alternative is very terrible. There will be no Muslims. I have spoken with freemasons, I wrote a book about Judaism and Freemasonry, they know me. My struggle against atheist masons is still going on. But I have also invited masons here and seen that they are very pleasant people. It would be a great exaggeration to be terrified of them just because people are masons, or say they are wicked and a danger. We have spoken, and I have won over hundreds or thousands of masons. A huge love has grown in their hearts, and later on they all prayed together. The alternative is giving way to disbelief. That is unacceptable. Are we meant to surrender to the antichrist (dajjal)? If we oppose masons, Jews, atheists, communists, the sects and ignorant people, how many people will be left? There will be now more then 2,000 or 3,000 people left out of a world population of 7 billion. That would do immense harm to Islam. They need to be shown a moderate and rational kind of language.

    For example, the Prophet Abraham (as) comes to people who are pagans. They say they worship the Moon. Others say they worship the Sun. And that is not all. They say they worship the Moon, but their logical framework is all wrong. You say white and they say black. You say the weather is nice, they say it is raining. They are totally imbalanced. But the Prophet Abraham (as) talks to them and wins them over. He sets up his own people. The same with the Prophet Noah (as). Most of the people he dealt with were psychopaths. And life spans were very long at that time, hundreds of years. He preached for hundreds of years and they always responded with a very harsh, unpleasant and stubborn language. But the Prophet Noah (as) kept right on. Our Prophet (saas) spoke in the Ukas market, but the hypocrites and idolaters there were not at all respectful, pleasant or reasonable toward him. They were utterly immoral and loveless. But Rasul-Allah  (the Messenger of Allah) (saas) was very respectful, reasonable and patient with them. Why do we love Rasul-Allah (saas)? Because of his moral virtues. There is no questions of Muslims only speaking to other Muslims. We must be loving and reasonable. And we must not be in a hurry. Every phase is different. For example, when you first meet, you should overcome their general excitement, panic and unease. Then they will believe your language will be loving and respectful. They believe they will hear pleasant words. For example, I never say anything rude. Nothing offensive. I tell people the truth. Never offending anyone, but I always tell the truth, insha’Allah. But one could give the same reply and offend people in the process. One could use very rude and harsh language. There is also intermediate of the language. Or one can respond without hurting anyone at all, and that is the best thing. One must employ a reconciliatory language that will keep things calm on the subconscious level. One’s gestures, tone of voice and general language must all run in parallel to that. You can also make people uneasy by the way you look at people, or your tone of voice, or the sentences you employ. A sentence may be quite regular but still upset people. One must choose one’s sentences so as not to upset people nor give rise to the slightest doubts in their hearts. You must correct the error without offending the people committing it. If you offend them as you amend their ways, then hatred will grow in their hearts.

There is certainly a Sign in that for anyone who fears the punishment of the Hereafter. That is a Day to which mankind will all be gathered. That is a Day which will be witnessed by everyone. (Surah Hud, 103)

The Day of Judgment will be seen by everyone, even the dead, all will see.

So be in no doubt about what these people worship. They only worship as their forebears worshipped previously. We will pay them their portion in full, with no rebate! (Surah Hud, 109)

We see what they worship. There is Darwinism, materialism. When we look at the roots of this religion, we see that they believe that the atoms possess intelligence. Such a religion. One that believes in the unconscious atoms coming together and making up intelligence, and that the atoms that don’t see cause seeing, the atoms that don’t hear bring forth hearing, the atoms that don’t know the mind makes up mind. Since when? Since the Sumerians, ancient Egypt. In the verse Allah says How their ancestors worshipped.. What did the Pharaoh say? He said we came out of the muddy waters of the Nile. What did the Sumerians say? They said by coincidence. What do present-day people say? They say the same. Allah says that they did the same.

We gave Moses the Book and people differed concerning it and had it not been for a prior Word from your Lord, it would already have been decided between them. They are indeed in grave doubt about it. (Surah Hud, 110)

They are wary of the Qur’an and are not genuinely devoted to it.

When the Prophet Moses (as) arrived he said that Allah created everything that Pharaoh and his people saw. Pharaoh said life appeared by chance from the muddy waters of the Nile. The Prophet Moses (as) was unable to respond in terms of paleontological discoveries, chromosomes or the structure of protein. There was no scientific background and anyone to understand it. The only thing they would understand was to see creation right away. When he threw his staff onto the ground it turned into a snake. The first thing he thus eliminated, the first idol he smashed, was the idea of evolution. The Prophet Moses (as) demolished evolution with a single piece of evidence. Pharaoh asked how people who lived before had come into being. The Prophet Moses (as) said that in the same way that piece of wood had turned into a snake, Allah had created people by the same law in earlier times. That evidence of his even convinced those scientists who engaged in sorcery. The scientists who did sorcery in the Prophet Moses’ (as) time were rather different. They were also evolutionists and manufactured false evidence. They even stuffed a piece of skin to look like a snake and made it wriggle around in order to convince people. What do Darwinists do? The manufacture Piltdown Man, stick the pieces together and stain them up. But I smashed that idol with the Atlas of Creation. The Atlas of Creation meant the end of an era, and a new age dawned. The Prophet Moses (as) first eliminated the religion of polytheism, the main religion, and then moved on to the subject at hand.

Give good news to the believers that they will receive immense favour from Allah. (Surat al-Ahzab, 47)

There is happiness, and the global dominion of Islam and Islamic Union. There is our seeing the Prophet Jesus (as), and our seeing and recognizing Hazrat Mahdi (as), whom our Prophet (saas) spoke of 1400 years ago, and the Prophet Moses (as) 3000 years ago and the Prophet Abraham (as) 5000 years ago. The abjad value of the verse is 2005.

Do not obey the unbelievers and hypocrites and disregard their abuse of you. Put your trust in Allah. Allah suffices as a Protector. (Surat al-Ahzab, 48)

Do not implement any of their beliefs and ideas. For instance, people say we should not talk to Muslims, but we do. They tell us not to pray, but we do. Not to fast, but we do. Not to abide by the Qur’an, but we do. We do not obey them, do not obey the hypocrites. They may gossip, defame and insult us, make insinuations, torture or imprison you, but you must leave yourself in Allah’s hands. It is Allah Who will make you speak, make you healthy and protect you from your enemies.

We did not send down the Qur’an to you to make you miserable (Surah Ta-Ha, 2)

The Qur’an brings freedom and joy. It brings all delights. People expect prayer, friendship, fasting, eating or going outdoors all to be difficult. But Allah says He has not sent it down to make life difficult. They make like intolerable by adding nonsensical stuff to it.

So do not try to hasten their punishment. We are simply counting out the number of their days. (Surah Maryam, 84)

A time when the movement of the Mahdi has just begun, a difficult time when his followers are acting in haste. The movement of the Mahdi that started in the 80’s will be completed around 2021.

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