Evolution Hoax

Chimpanzees adopt little orphaned youngsters and care for them too

Natural selection, an imaginary evolution mechanism Darwinists assert, is based on the assumption that there is a constant struggle for survival in nature and those surviving in this struggle are only “the strong.” According to this claim, “the weak are always eliminated and the strong always survive.”

With this assertion ‐ namely that only the strong survive in nature and the weak are eliminated ‐ in mind, Darwinist scientists have always assumed that animals lacked traits like altruism, cooperation and self-sacrifice.

However the beautiful names of our Lord Who encloses everywhere from heavens to Earth reveal themselves everywhere. The name of Allah, al-Lateef, also manifests itself in animals. We observe the instances of self-sacrifice ‐ which, according to evolutionists, should never exist ‐ also in animals. This fact is only one of the scientific facts that puts Darwinists in an impasse. One of these are chimpanzees. Christophe Boesch is a primatologist at the Max Planck Institute in Germany who have been examining chimpanzee behavior in Tai National Park in Cote d’Ivoire. Boesh and Max Planck researchers accompanying him reported 18 cases of adoption of orphaned youngsters in the wild.

The adoptive caregivers, including not only females but also males, carried these youngsters just like their own, cleaned their fur and shared their food. Furthermore, a male chimpanzee cracked nuts for his young charge for an uninterrupted two hours.

Research in laboratory environment also provided data related to self-sacrifice and altruism in animals. For instance it is observed that some chimpanzees opened doors or took objects that fell for their fellow chimpanzees.

Similar favorable behavior is also observed in bonobo apes. Two options are provided to bonobo apes in a room full of fruit. The first option is to eat all the fruit by themselves and the other is to take their fellow apes inside and share the food with them. The experiment revealed that the majority of bonobos opted for taking their friends in and shared their fruit with them.

Our Lord Who is the protector of every being manifests his name Al-Asim in every being He creates and reveals us His unique works and beauties to us.

In Surat al-Baqara verse 29, our Lord relates, “It is He Who created everything on the Earth.” Allah also creates behaviors resembling to good manners in human beings in animals and thus displays examples that please us. All these are the manifestations of our Lord’s superior artistry in creating.



GEO / September 2010


2010-12-24 00:13:19

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