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Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 1 December 2010

TV Kayseri; Samsun AKS TV, 1 December 2010

People in countries such as Pakistan and India, and it sometimes happens in Turkey as well, that poor, obscure types who want to be famous make wretched attacks on the religion, faith and Muslims. They write books and send them off to Europe. And Europe calls them “extraordinary” and “magnificent,” and atheist masons, some evangelicals and some Catholics support this. But there is no artistry or general culture or broad research in these people. They are such ignorant people who know nothing. They just want to be famous. They sometimes attack famous celebrities in order to be famous. That is how they are. They become famous in Europe by attacking Islam and drawing attention to themselves, in their own eyes at least.

Go to Bulgaria and you will find a great number of Turkish mosques. There are Turkish bridges, right up to Italy and Vienna. Everywhere is packed full. They are full of Turkish works. The Turkish-Islamic Union will go there and enable them to live better and be happier and wealthier. I mean, there will be no interference in their religion and language. Everyone will live as he wishes, but since they will see the perfection of Islam they will become Muslims en masse, but there will be no compulsion. Almighty Allah says that in a verse. Almighty Allah says that when people see vast numbers turning to Islam, they will give thanks to Him, insha’Allah. We will also then remember Him and give thanks to Him and sacrifice animals. This includes Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a country that loves us, and we love Bulgaria. We have been friends and brothers for a very long time. Albania and the others are our own people, Bosnia…The same with the Greeks. They are people we have always lived side by side with, our brothers in Ottoman times. Greece entered the European Union, and its economy has now collapsed and the state is bankrupt. The Greek state is bankrupt. It is economically in need. The people are poor and wretched, but it is Turkish-Islamic Union that will eliminate that misery. It will bring generosity, plenty, wealth, justice and peace.

It is solely because of frauds and liars that Islam does not currently prevail. Because there are despairing people. May Allah forbid, they have lost their minds and hope and strength, but people who imagine them to be perfectly normal go along with them and fall sick with them. But Allah tells us that “if you follow the majority, they will turn you away from the path of Allah,” One must follow the truth, not the majority.

Under normal circumstances, there should be sufficient numbers of Muslims for Islamic Union to form. Plenty for Turkish-Islamic Union. They have the material means at their disposal. But Islam does not rule the world, solely because of a handful of idiots, a handful of unintelligent people, a handful of people who have lost their faith, a handful of people who are afraid for the future. Why? Because the time has not yet come. Allah makes them His instrument. There is still time. A little more time. Because the movement of the Mahdi cannot do its work then.

Some Muslims have no trust in Allah. Their faith in Allah is weak. What would anyone who became the Mahdi do? Someone who trusts in Allah knows that Allah will do everything in the very finest way. But since they do not trust Allah, they do not trust anyone. That is why they do not want Muslims to unite, some people do not want that at all. But young people are up on their feet, masha’Allah. All the young people in Azerbaijan, Turkestan, Tajikistan, Tatarstan and such places want it with a passion. The young people of Syria and Iraq want it. But a handful of cretins are striving with all their might to suppress these young people’s fervor. They are striving to suppress their fervor and desire for unity, prompted by satan, fearing it will all work against them. Because if they say, “Yes, the Mahdi will come,” then nobody will bother with them again, and they are terrified they may go hungry. They fall prey to such fears as, “what will happen to me? What kind of future will I have? What will happen to my children?” That is why they regard the way of the Mahdi as something sinister. Whereas it is in fact light and beauty itself. It is a beauty described by our Prophet (saas). But satan depicts it as the opposite.

Kaçkar TV, 1 December 2010

Muslims never spread Islam by force anywhere. That is unlawful according to the Qur’an. There is no compulsion in religion according to the Qur’an. So how can Muslims oblige anyone when compulsion is forbidden? You cannot impose Islam through the sword and the gun. The strategy and language employed by some Europeans and Americans who say that Muslims are bloodthirsty, that they support policies of war and conquest, is wrong. What do Muslims do? For example, they are not going to let bandits walk into their homes. And if they do enter, they will attack them. Otherwise, there is no question of them invading someone else’s question and saying, “We are going to force you to become Muslims.” That is out of the question in Islam.

We see that Hazrat Mahdi (as) has established a climate of struggle against the antichrist in Hijri 1400. Because it is meaningless if Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not emerge to oppose the system of the antichrist when it appears. There would be no meaning in the sense of struggle. The two have to appear together. The movement of the Mahdi has to repair the damage caused by the way of the sufyan over the years. But they are trying to give the impression of a decrepit, feeble movement of the Mahdi. I mean, they have pacified Muslims to an unbelievable extent, applied a vast plan of engineering, calling it something spiritual. Because people look at the collective personality, but the collective personality will not do anything. Prophets have always come and people have gathered around them. A fervor and excitement has grown up and Islam has come to reign and flourish. For example, Dhu’lQarnayn came and they collected around him. The Prophet Solomon (as) came and they gathered around him. But they did not gather around his collective personality. He was an individual, and he had followers, and they all constituted a collective personality, but the Prophet Solomon (as) definitely existed himself at that time. He reigned when he was healthy and alive.

21/79- We gave Solomon understanding of it. We gave each of them judgement and knowledge. We subjected the mountains to David, glorifying, and the birds as well. This is something We are well able to do.

1979 is the year saw the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Allah says He has given him the power to issue ruling and preach. Hazrat Mahdi (as) has no independent power of his own. Allah bestows power and knowledge. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not have been educated in a madrassa or sect. Allah teaches all knowledge. The seven hills of Istanbul. Everyone listens to me. We are reciting the names of Allah now on all the peaks. Everyone in their homes on the hills of Istanbul is now listening to me. Are we not all reciting the names of Allah on these hills and in all regions of Turkey? My body is here, but we are reciting the names of Allah everywhere in Turkey and the world. This is happening with me as one of the vanguard of Hazrat Mahdi (as). But Hazrat Mahdi (as) will do it even more comprehensively.

2010-12-09 21:44:33

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