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Economic flood continues: The crisis doesn't abate in Europe

What He Said?What Happened?

Mavi Karadeniz TV, February 17-2009 

Adnan Oktar:  They said that it was an insignificant crisis which would last at most 6 months or a year and would regress and disappear. And I said it was a an enormous flood, an economic flood. I said it would last for 7 years.Now the world's richest people started to go bankrupt. Today a newspaper carried the headline that a person known as the weathiest person went bankrupt as well. Now it's the turn of all factories, banks, they are all on the line. That means the entire capitalist system will collapse. And none of them will be able to survive.Only the Turkish-Islamic Union is like Noah's Ark.This union will rescue the entire world in the leadership of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Not much time will pass by to see that what I tell will come true. 2014 is close at hand and you'll see it.

Taraf, July 20-2010

The crisis does not abate in Europe

2010-09-27 22:55:16

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