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Marine creatures that hunt by shooting out bullets and spears

There is a magnificent and colorful world in the depths of the ocean. This colorful world astonishes those who explore the intelligent hunting tactics and flawless creations of the living beings of this world. Sea roses and marine snails are among these living beings that live under water and attract attention with their hunting tactics.

Poisonous bullets of anemones

Anemones known as sea rose are invertebrates that hunt by shooting out microscopic poisonous bullets. Since their sense of sight is insufficient, these creatures find their prey via their receivers sensitive to vibrations. They shoot out their poisonous bullets shaped like a capsule at a speed of 2 m per second.

Several experiments have been carried to get to know these methods of anemones that shoot out these capsules with two different methods called chemical and touching. In one of the experiments, a sea rose was placed into a pool and the outer shell of the shrimp was dipped into sugar. Following this, a small quaking strip was made touch the sea rose, to calculate how many bullets, at different sugar densities and vibration frequencies, it shot out.

When there was no sugar, the shooting mechanism operated with a vibration of 55 Hz, and when sugar was added a vibration of 5 Hz was enough to prompt the mechanism. While this living being, which makes this sensitive measurement
with the help of the small extensions it has on, is normally sensitive to a frequency of 50 Hz, the outer shell of the shrimp becomes able to sense a value of 5 Hz by extending out its small extensions when a matter containing sugar like chitin layer is located. And this indicated that sea roses also have a structure sensitive to chemical matters. In a short while after the matter containing sugar is determined, the bullet shooting mechanism prompts and shoots the target prey.

Marine Snail that Shoot Out Spears

Conus striatus, which is a form of marine snail, hunts by shooting out spears. The snail shots the clownfish by throwing its 1,5 mm spear out of its suction pipe. The nervous system of the fish becomes paralyzed and in that moment the snail swallows the fish. Marine snails, which have many different types, can also be big in size like the speared marine snail that is 15 cm in height. Such a snail holds 50 spears in its body ready to throw any moment. These poisonous spears are held in the room called the poison sac outside the body and a new spear is produced to replace the one used.
No doubt that it is Allah Who inspires the hunting techniques created in such detail, the bodily features enabling them to use these techniques and the effect of the substance shot at the other party, to the sea roses and marine snails that live in deeps of the ocean, and Who creates them and everything in the universe. The oceans are merely one of the examples of Allah’s infinite power of Creation. The Almighty Allah reveals that He surrounds everywhere with His Wisdom in one verse:


“The keys of the Unseen are in His possession. No one knows them but Him. He knows everything in the land and sea. No leaf falls without His knowing it. There is no seed in the darkness of the earth, and nothing moist or dry which is not in a Clear Book.” (Al-An‘am, 59)

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