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Turkey should lead the Muslim Countries

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Uşak ART TV,  August 19- 2008

Adnan Oktar: If Turkey undertakes the role of the elder brother and deals with the issue, the dust will settle.That’s why establishing the Turkic-Islamic Union is definitely an urgent duty… Even a delay of one day would would leave [Turkey] under responsibility. An immediate action should be taken. Turkeyshould bring this forward. If a single person raises an objection, come directly to me. Go to Syria and make a suggestion to unite with Turkey, Syria will not think over it for two days. Go and suggest it to Azerbaijan. They offer it themselves. Azerbaijan wants this itself. They several times suggested to unite with Turkey. They suggested to unite as two states and one nation. That is why this should be expressed officially. But for the official expression to be made, the public should lodge this request to the government in official terms. The public should speak out by saying, “We want it” in a persistent manner so that the government can find enough strength to take action and put it into action. This is very important. As Turkish Nation we should stress this quite often by means of foundations, associations and all of our Muslim brothers and sisters should express this very often.

Milli Gazete, April 20- 2010

TurkeyShould Lead the Muslim Countries

Turkeymust become a leader country

2010-08-04 22:46:20

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