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Obama: ''I appreciate Turkey's leadership''

What He Said?What Happened?

Ekin TV, February 12- 2009 

Adnan Oktar: This is actually an obligation; the Turkish-Islamic Union is a binding religious duty. Because being separated is forbidden and being united in binding. It means that it’s forbidden for Muslims to be separated. Why should we be separated from Azerbaijan, from Turkestan, FROM SYRIA OR IRAQ? Armenians are our brothers, why should they go and live in a different country? Why should Azerbaijanis live in a separate country? There is a master of everything, isn’t there? For example, there is the kneader in the bakery or there is the blacksmith. Leadership has a master as well. This is the Turkish nation. Turkey is the leader country in the Turkish-Islamic realm. The leader always shows his attitude clearly. If there is a search for a leader, this leads to mischief and complication. However the leader is evidently obvious and it is the right of Turkey. Holy Relics are in Turkey. We also have experience. Thank Allah, we have a very intellectual and educated staff who fear Allah. We are clear-headed people. We are conservative, compassionate, affectionate people durable to pain, and who enjoy serving others and the happiness of others. Wherever we go, we are in a struggle for peace and agreement if you pay attention. They call for us wherever we go. Come and find peace between us. For example, Israel calls for us, SYRIA COMES AND CALLS FOR US, ALGERIA COMES AND CALLS FOR US. WHY DO THEY CALL US? Because they know that we are the natural leader. Then we will say of course, Turkey should be the head. Turkey should be the leader. Turkic countries are artificially separated. We are a family and this is family business. We clam this work, the Turkish-Islamic Union, as a family. Of course, we are going to unite with the Turkic realm, with our own brothers, with our family and embrace the Islamic realm, our family and protect them.

Star, February 17- 2009

Obama Called Gul and Erdogan,

“I appreciate Turkey’s leadership” 

Obama  called Gul and Erdogan and stated that he appreciated Turkey’s leadership. He told President Erdogan, “In the peace process of the Middle East your presence is of vital importance.”

2010-07-01 00:52:03

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