Evolution Hoax

Mr. Adnan Oktar's replies to the questions of Dr. Bernardus Bouwman, 23 May 2010

1.    Why do you attach such importance to the question of evolution? Why do you devote yourself to this subject?

Because it is Darwinist ideologies that lie at the bottom of the suffering, lovelessness, selfishness, bloodshed, terror, anarchy and conflict people are subjected to. Darwinism, which proclaims that human beings are the supposed work of blind chance, that conflict is essential for progress, that that the weak must be crushed and that might is right, is the fundamental basis for all bloody ideologies and especially communism, fascism and imperialism. It is not me saying this. Marx says it himself, and Lenin, and Mao. Marx studied Darwin's Origin of Species, published in 1859, and saw that it represented a great foundation for his own theory. In a letter written to Engels on 19 December, 1860, he said, "this is the book that includes the historic basis of our views." (Marx's Letters to Engels, p. 426) In a letter to Lassalle on 16 January, 1861, he says: "Darwin's work is a great work. It represents the historic class struggle in terms of the natural sciences." (Marx's Letters to Engels, vol. 2, p. 126) Mao makes the connection between Darwinism and his bloody ideology crystal clear in the words, "Chinese socialism is based on Darwin and the theory of evolution." (K. Mehnert, Kampf um Mao's Erbe, Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 1977) In short, the fact that Darwinism is the supposed scientific basis for communism, materialism and atheism is perfectly well known to researchers, writers and thinkers. There can be no materialism without Darwinism, and no communism without materialism.

For that reason it is essential to expose the scientific invalidity of Darwinism. People are alarmed by terror, anarchy, oppression and bloodshed, but they are ignorant of the cause of these scourges. In other words, there is acid rain, but they do not look to see what causes it and where this trouble comes from. The fact is that if there is terror somewhere, Darwinism will be there, too. If there is ruthlessness and selfishness, there will also be Darwinism. In short, wherever there is pain and suffering, Darwinism inevitably lies behind it. It is essential for those who wish to eliminate suffering to engage in an intellectual struggle to eradicate the supposed intellectual justification behind it.

2.    How many followers do you have in Turkey?

I have around 300 close colleagues. But I also have millions of readers in Turkey and overseas. Some 10 million people visit my web sites every month, and more than 100 million of my books are downloaded from them.

3.    Do you have followers in Holland?

Among those who follow my works with great interest are people living in Holland. Following the arrival in Europe of the Atlas of Creation in particular there was a huge rise in the number of my European readers. Because the book has been instrumental in Europe entering a true age of enlightenment. It saw how it has been deceived by Darwinist lies for the last century and a half or so. People no longer want to waste time on frauds and lies told under the disguise of science. The internet is an excellent piece of technology, and people can easily use it to obtain true and accurate information.

4.    People are questioning evolution all over the world. Do you engage in joint activities with Christians?

Creationist scientists from the USA attended two conferences held by the Science Research Foundation in Istanbul previously. But there has been no other joint activity. As you know, some Christian scientists put the age of the Earth at 6000 years. This is not a scientific statement, and it is impossible to produce ideas against Darwinism in this way. All the information we provide is based on concrete scientific facts. That is why Darwinists are in such a great panic. Otherwise, thousands of books criticizing evolution have been written to date, thousands of other studies have been carried out. But none has had the impact of mine, and particularly the Atlas of Creation. Because none has been able to deal a lethal blow to Darwinism in the way that Atlas of Creation has. By Allah's leave, we have dealt Darwinism a knockout blow.

5.    Is it possible to believe in the theory of evolution and still be a Muslim?

All efforts to reconcile evolution with Islam and the Qur'an are in vain. Some Muslims, with the knowledge of the 1940s-50s, imagined that evolution is a theory supported by science and seek, in their own eyes, to reconcile Islam and evolution using a hopeless and peculiar logic along the line of "Muslims knew about evolution long before Darwin." This logic is the product of profound ignorance. First of all, the idea of evolution did not first see the light of day with Darwin. All materialists throughout the course of history have claimed that living things formed spontaneously from stone or earth and that living species are supposedly all descended from one another. Evolution is a pagan belief dating back thousands of years. The ancient Sumerians and Egyptians used to believe in evolution and advocate it. For example, the Egyptians thought that living things emerged spontaneously from the muddy waters of the Nile. It is therefore pointless to say that "evolution was known before Darwin and Muslims knew about it," as if making a grand new discovery. Of course Muslims, and the first Jews, the first Christians, the Sumerians and the Egyptians were aware of a heretical belief known as evolution. But as in our own day, rational people of good conscience then could clearly see that evolution was an error, though some people espoused that error because of their atheist and materialist mindsets. Second, no scientific findings support the idea that living things are all descended from one another. If living things really were descended from one another, as Darwin or evolutionists living in the past maintained, then this should be clearly visible in the fossil record. More than 100 million fossils have been unearthed to date. But not a single one shows that one life form turned into another or that living things have a so-called common ancestor. Without exception, all these 100 million fossils show that living things appeared suddenly and with all their attributes, in other words that they were created and have remained unchanged for hundreds of millions of years, or, to put it another way, that they never evolved. If not a single transitional form has been discovered in all the excavations carried out over the last 150 years, if nobody has responded to the challenge issued to evolutionists that "I will give 10 trillion lira to anyone bringing in a transitional form", and even Darwin himself said his theory would collapse if no transitional forms were found, in other words, if there is no concrete evidence of any kind, then spinning tales under captions such as "our forefathers were microbes," "the ancestor of birds has been found" or "our ancestors were dates" is meaningless. The answer these people who claim that man developed through evolution will give when asked how the angels and the jinn were created will again be "Allah created them from nothing." The way that these people, who accept and know that Allah created the angels and the jinn, fail to think that Allah also created man in the same way is very grave. It is amazing that they fail to see that our Lord, who created the angels instantaneously by telling them to "Be!" also created human beings in that way. In the same way, these people have no answer to the question of how the mansions, trees, gardens, handmaidens and houris of paradise were created. Anyone wishing to respond with verses and scientific evidence to people who make ignorant claims on this subject should read my book The Qur'an Refutes Darwinism. They can download it free of charge from http://www.HarunYahya.com


6.    Do you share any opinions or activities with Fethullah Gulen on the subject of evolution? Would you consider such a thing?

Fethullah Gulen is a genuine and immaculate Muslim whom I like and respect very much and consider to be very honest. I do not regard what people say against him as honest or rational. I find those illogical. They do very beneficial, excellent work. May Allah be pleased with them. They open beautiful schools. They produce really civilized, cultured, rational and pure young people. Fethullah Hodja is a worthy individual preparing the way for Hazrat Mahdi (as) before his appearance in the End Times. He is a significant and historic figure. His task is a great and significant one. He is performing great work for the development of the system of the Mahdi and to prepare the ground for the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Insha'Allah he will do more in the future. As for me, mine is an intellectual activity directly targeting atheism, materialism and Darwinism. Once we have seized hold of Darwinism we knock it down; we pull it down on its back. It is irrelevant to me what others may say or do. In other words, I will hold nothing back for Allah's sake... For example, I adopt a direct, scholarly attitude toward freemasonry and communism and use very clear language against them. I explicitly say that Hazrat Mahdi (as) is coming; I explicitly describe Hazrat Mahdi's (as) coming. I explicitly describe the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as). But the followers of Fethullah Hodja bears a very heavy burden. They are walking on egg shells. So they have to be very cautious and careful.

7.    What activities do you engage in to spread your word?

All my activities are intellectual and cultural ones. I have written more than 300 books to date, the great majority of which have been translated into 63 languages. There are more than 550 web sites based on my works and these have also been translated into many languages. There are also many documentaries based on my works that are broadcast regularly on more than 100 TV stations. My colleagues have held more than 3,000 conferences in Turkey alone in which they have fully documented the invalidity of evolution. They have held seminars in many universities abroad, in United Kingdom, the USA, Indonesia and Israel. And this work is accelerating with every passing day.

8.    Are there other theories that are unacceptable to Islam?

Islam is a faith of love and compassion. Islam holds to freedom of thought. Major contemporary values such as democracy and laicism lie at the heart of Islam. Of course no idea that denies the existence of Allah or encourages people toward conflict, ruthlessness or oppression is compatible with Islam, and there is nothing oppressive or compulsive in Islam. Allah says in the Qur'an that "There is no compulsion where the deen is concerned. Right guidance has become clearly distinct from error." In other words, according to Islam, one describes why an error is wrong and shows what the truth is; but the choice is left up to the individual concerned. One cannot eliminate error through force and compulsion. It is enough to demonstrate why that is an error intellectually. And no rational person will in any case prefer error over truth. People turn away from religious moral values because they are not made aware of the truth, because they forget love, humanity and compassion, and then they turn to superstitious ideologies. Once this climate of ignorance is eliminated, when people are shown that love, the food of the soul, depth, affection and trust all lie in love of Allah, they will naturally turn toward religious moral values. You will clearly see this inclination explicitly in the present century, insha'Allah. The 21st century will be one of faith, love and brotherhood.

9.    What is the reason for the increasing skepticism about evolution in the West?

Let me openly state that my Atlas of Creation has had a huge impact. Darwinism is practically the only ideology to be protected by just about all the states in the world. It is literally under the custody of a Darwinist dictatorship. You can never see someone who opposes Darwinism making any progress in his academic career. You never see those opposed to Darwinism being protected by the media. On the contrary, comprehensive campaigns are waged against them. That is why the great majority of people in Europe believed this deception was true. Then they saw the truth, when they least expected it, literally with a midnight raid. It was as if the Sun had suddenly come up. All Europe saw the Sun come up, and even if some people still keep the drapes closed and say "No, the Sun has not risen," this will do them no good. It is no longer possible for them to mislead and deceive people who have seen the light of the Sun.

10.    What do you think about cloning?

Some people ignorantly imagine that cloning is evidence for evolution. That is not the case. The theory of evolution is built on the idea that inanimate matter gave rise spontaneously to life. Cloning is the use of genetic material in the cell to copy a living thing. It is based on a living cell that already exists and the biological process is repeated artificially by being moved to the laboratory. There is no "random" process or "inanimate matter coming to life" here that represent the basic idea of evolution. The copying process in fact constitutes no evidence for evolution, and it is clear evidence of a biological law that eradicates evolution right from its roots. That law is the principle that "life comes only from life" put forward at the end of the 19th century by the famous scientist Louis Pasteur. The way that copying is depicted as evidence of evolution in the face of this manifest reality is a terrible distortion and deception led by the media. Life coming only from life is the scientific proof of creation and the explicit rebuttal of evolution. Another misunderstanding people fall prey to regarding copying is that they conceive of it as "creating human beings." The fact is that copying has definitely no such meaning. Copying consists of adding already existing genetic data to a reproductive mechanism belonging to an already existing living thing. Neither a new mechanism nor any new genetic data are manufactured in the process. Genetic data are taken from an already existing human being, placed inside a mother's womb and the child to be given birth to by the mother is thus the "single egg twin" of the person whose genetic data were obtained.


11.    Why are the reports in the media about you always negative? (That you sit on a gold throne, for instance)

Had certain pro-Darwinist and materialist media organizations supported me, it would have been really surprising. That is what people should have been really suspicious of. I am honored by the fact that adherents of Darwinism are opposed to and slander me. I have been waging an intellectual struggle against Darwinism, materialism, atheism and atheist Zionism for the last 30 years and have been exposed to numerous conspiracies. I am greatly honored by that, thanks be to Allah. I have been imprisoned many times following no legitimate legal process, and was detained in a mental hospital. I was even kept chained by my feet to the bed for 40 days. I was kept in solitary in a tiny cell. A false allegation was made against me by cocaine being mixed in with my food at the Security Department. They made assassination attempts against me 9 times. Ridiculous libels have been published about me in press, and are still appearing. But Allah has always ensured that these plots come back to hurt the plotters. I have been acquitted in all the cases brought against me. The Military Hospital issued a report saying I am mentally healthy. A Forensic medicine report proved that cocaine had been mixed in with my food during my detention by the police. The courts have proved that the reports appearing about me were all slanders and had nothing to do with facts. Events that appear to be hardships, troubles and difficulties just increase my enthusiasm and raise my determination to struggle on many times over. I regard such incidents as perfectly natural. When we look at the lives of our Prophet (saas), the companions, true believers and other Prophets, we see they have all suffered similar events.

12.    What would you like to see taught about evolution in schools?

Of course evolution should be taught in schools. Young people should take the way that people were once misled by frauds as a warning. There is no harm in teaching it as a historic reality for deterrent purposes. But if they try to mislead young people by saying "this is a scientific fact," then that is wrong. In fact, it is now impossible to convince young people of any such thing, insha'Allah. Students begin looking their teachers in the eye and laughing at them when they start to tell them about evolution. They right away start asking why, if evolution is true, not a single transitional form has ever been found. They ask how the first cell came into being when it is mathematically impossible for even a single protein to emerge by coincidence. They point to fossils they have seen pictured in the Atlas of Creation; they ask whether these also evolved, and if so, how it is that these life forms have undergone not the slightest change over millions of years. Their teachers can say not a word. They cannot utter a word, because their students are talking science. It is impossible for any adherent of Darwinism to produce any scientific documentation in support of it.

13.    Is faith growing weaker or stronger in Turkey?

The Turkish people have always been devout and devoted to spiritual values. There has never been anything else at any time, and it is impossible for anything else to happen. But there has of course been huge recent progress in consciousness and awareness of this subject. Turkey has the lowest level of belief in evolution in the world. It was rather different in the '70s and '80s. Almost 70% of people then believed in evolution. But now 95% do not believe in evolution. My works and the conferences and exhibitions held by my colleagues have of course had a major impact in this. The public have been fully informed. If you stop anyone in the street and ask why Darwinism is false, they will tell you quite clearly and with a lot of supporting information. The same applies to other Islamic countries. My works are some of the best selling in many Islamic countries and are used as important reference texts in universities. Allah has made these works His instrument, and Darwinism has suffered a huge defeat, insha'Allah.

14.    What do you think about Intelligent Design?

I regard the inability of the people, who espouse these ideas, to explicitly state the existence of Allah and say that He created all things as dishonest. One must explicitly state "Allah is the Creator." They just say "a force created, something created." But why say "something"? Why not just say, "Allah created" on the open? Of course the other person hearing this realizes just how dishonest that explanation is and he is made uneasy by that. Anyone would consider that to be a dishonest approach. That is why they should adopt a language that explicitly states that Allah creates and describes Allah's sublime creation.

15.    Science is increasingly signing up to the possibility of life on other planets. Do you believe in the existence of life elsewhere in space?

There are angles, and jinn; there are many jinns in space. These pictures of flying saucers – that is how they attract attention. They sometimes come as very bright apparitions, in the form of hemispherical objects, and then those images suddenly disappear. They sometime frighten people; they sometimes take hold of somewhere. The jinns are naughty like that. They want to attract attention to themselves by behaving mischievously.


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