Evolution Hoax

During the time of Hazrat Mahdi's (as) occultation people whose faith is weak will doubt his coming and claim he will never appear

Abu Basir; a student from the school of the Ahl Al-bayt said “I asked Imam Sadiq, ‘O Son of the Messenger of Allah! Who is the Qaim from the Ahl al-Bayt?’ And he replied: ‘Abu Basir! He is my fifth grandson after the Prophet Musa (as)... HE WILL GO INTO SECLUSION AND THOSE FOLLOWING LIES WILL DOUBT HIM. AFTER THAT, ALMIGHTY ALLAH WILL MAKE HIM VISIBLE AND HE WILL CONQUER EAST AND WEST BY HIS POWERFUL HANDS.

[Qamal-ud Din, Sheikh Sadik]

Abdullah ibn Fazl Hashimi relates that Imam Sadiq said this about Hazrat Mahdi (as): “There will be a time when the Lord of this affair will be concealed AND EVERYONE WHO IS DISLOYAL WILL DOUBT HIM.”

[Molla Baqir Assembly, Jilal  al-Uyiun, 3/157]
2010-01-08 22:54:50

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