Evolution Hoax

Genome Project, the

Evolutionist circles claim that the Genome Project has proven their theory, but there is no scientific basis to this. Evolutionists engage in hollow claims that the Genome Project has definitively proven the theory of evolution, because they actually have no concrete evidence, and there is no connection at all between the Genome Project’s findings and the claims of the theory of evolution.

It is a grave error to think that causing physical changes by tampering with genes constitutes evidence for the theory of evolution. True, within the Human Genome Project defective genes in living things may be able to be put right. Certain inherited diseases may be cured, and a species may be perfected even further through altering its genes. So long as all such interventions take place at the hands of rational human beings possessed of abilities and technology, they will continue to give cures and improvements.

But the most important criticism of the theory of evolution actually arises at this exact point. The theory claims that genes, proteins, all the building blocks of life—and therefore, life itself—came into being spontaneously as the result of chance, with no consciousness involved at all.

Neither science nor logic can accept such a claim of chance. With the Genome Project, it was yet again realized that life consists of exceedingly complex structures, all interrelated to one another, and that any one cannot exist without all the others. Each one of these structures has a flawless blueprint and design, and it is therefore impossible for such perfect and complex structures to come into existence spontaneously and—again by chance—to further develop themselves into even more complex structures. This shows us one certain fact: God, the Omniscient and Almighty, created life.

Another error in this regard is that some scientists think that since they can effect changes by altering genes, it is actually man who is a creator. This claim is linked to the groundless, atheistic propaganda that evolutionists bring up at every available opportunity because of their denial of God. Tempering with a living organism’s genes to produce changes is not the same as creating it. To take cloning, for example, to place a living thing’s stem cell in a womb and produce an exact copy of the life form in question is not the same as creating it in the first place.

Creating means bringing into existence from nothing. And evolutionists are perfectly aware that they are quite unable even to produce a single cell from nothing. All their endeavors in this area have ended in failure. (See Fox Experiment, the and Miller Experiment, the.)

Far from proving evolution, the findings of the Genome Project have once again revealed the fact of creation.
2009-08-15 13:21:37

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