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A9 TV; November 8th, 2011 

I love all communists who believe in freedom of thought, and who are respectful and kind. In the academy, I had so many communist friends. I treasure them. I respect them because you can talk with them in the ideological sense. But if he acts improperly, if he challenges, terrorizes and sheds blood, this is cruelty. This is mercilessness. But I am in favor of freedom of thought to the end. They can advocate their ideas as they like.

It is a disgrace to silence a person who is speaking. Let him go and talk from the pulpit or on television or write whatever he likes. I support freedom of ideas right to the bitter end. All ideas, that is. People can talk about irreligion, fascism, communism and everything. But there must be no insults or disrespect. Freedom of ideas, within the bounds of propriety. Is something that is very relaxing. Science and art grow in such a climate. Pressure and the lack of liberty is a terrible thing. Let people live, think and speak as they like, so long as they do not harm anyone.

Pressure is why people become depressed and sick. There is pressure in all third world countries. It is as if most people are crazy. Art and science grow in free countries, if you notice. A free artist can produce a very fine picture or building. For example, no artists came out of communist Russia. They could not do it. Nor from Red China. There was no architecture. Show me a bit of architecture of a work of art! Let them show me just one picture. A free system is very good. It broadens people’s horizons. One has to be free in art. One has to be free in the production of clothing, free in speech, free in politics. People can speak well in free politics. Freedom is vital, it is people’s adrenalin. It works like adrenalin. It expands the mind. That is why people will enjoy the greatest freedom in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). They will make the best use of the blessings of democracy. And they will be under the guarantee of secularism, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 25 February 2011

Atheist masons believe in satan. But there are also religious masons who love and fear Allah. There is a struggle between them and atheist masons. I support the religious masons. I support those masons who believe in the existence and oneness of Allah and who love Islam. We have a due to strive against atheist masons, insha’Allah.

2012-10-31 12:09:20

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