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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 8 May 2012


A9 TV, 8 May 2012

(Pro-NRW party supporters at a meeting in Germany unfolded posters portraying our Prophet (saas) scratched out, surely the Prophet Muhammad (saas) is beyond that. The regional security chief applied to have the use of such cartoons that insult our religious values banned at such meetings. However, in its consideration of the application the Arnsberg administrative court ruled there was no need to ban the cartoon. This laid the legal ground for their use. The ruling has caused a debate in the country.)

What is wrong with the picture? Does it say we are against mosques? My brother, it is bigotry they are against. See what a great thing the bigots have done? How they have made people detest Islam? Now if we talk to them, they will say what I talk about. They say, “Hang a stick up to be used against women.” They regard women as on a par with dogs and asses. Whatever a woman says, do the opposite, they say.  “They will fill hell,” they say. “Make them stay at home so they cannot go out. Do not give them anything to eat, let them go hungry, and don’t give them any clothes.” If asked, where they get all this from, they will produce some huge tome. The slanders of pagans. That is what these people think of as religion.

I only describe a small part of the filth of the bigots. They know it all off by heart. That is why there is this huge… Islamophobia, is that the word? in Germany and all of Europe. A huge and devastating hatred of Islam has begun growing. Because of the statements by the bigots and all their filth. They detest all women who do not cover their heads and regard them as cursed. But they also hate women who cover up. If she uses a flowery scent, she is cursed. Or if one can tell she has her hair in a bun under the covering. They again say she is cursed. To call someone cursed is one of the worst criticisms in Islam. They already hate Christians. They do not preach to them. They regard them as filthy. And they hate Jews. They hate women who do not cover their heads. They hate young men who shave. They hate men who leave their heads uncovered. They hate men who wear skull caps. They are in a dire strait unless they wear the turban. That is why even though these bigots are few in number, a huge policy of hatred of Islam has begun. It is spreading like wildfire. It has clamped itself on Europe. People in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and German have started to become full of hatred for Muslims. But through our efforts, being a Muslim will become something to love again. Through the efforts of enlightened communities and societies, of course. Insha’Allah.

The world is temporary. One must not be too devoted to it. One must be sensible. This world seems to be lovable, but when we look we see a metaphysical environment. I did not realize when I was a child. I imagined matter exists on the outside. I realized there is no matter, or that the matter we experience is a phantom, at the end of high school. We only believe that matter exists on the outside. I was stunned. I could not sleep for excitement. A metaphysical world. When my childhood was over and I was more mature, I saw that there is nothing in this world. It is just a place of testing. Of training. But Allah creates people with very, very weak minds. He makes them love this world. People are taken in when they look at them and say, “I guess this world is to be loved.” We must have got it wrong, that kind of thing. But no, there is nothing in this world. Society gatherings take place. People are envious. There are good people in high society, but also quite rotten ones, wearing furs that stink to high heaven. Women with fungal infections here and there. Their bodies never get any air so they stink of fungus. They dab perfume on here and there. They have infections in their eyes. Sinusitis. Ear infections. They have hernias in their backs and rheumatism in their legs. Take them all off and have them examined, if you like. They are all like that. Allah is testing them. They have all kinds of different illnesses. They are barely able to stand. Their make-up runs down from their eyes. Their breath stinks. They have 3-4 layers of polish on their nails, so they look like dried eagle talons. But they love this world so much that anyone seeing them might really imagine the world is worth loving. Though they are in a wretched state. Death comes as a release for them. Because when they die, they will be freed from all their troubles and fungal infections. And hernias. And stomach upsets. Their headaches and stomach aches and everything. Death is a release for them. But Allah does not let them die, He makes them struggle on. He sends them pain. This would be a test for believers, but for non-believers it is just torment. I say that from the point of view of saying that this world is not a place for having fun.

Anyone wanting to grasp the essence of the religion should look carefully at the Qur’an. There are many verses about weakness of faith. Noah (pbuh) always calls on his people to believe. He tells the Lord that he told them everything very clearly, but they still refused to believe. What is it? A sign leading to faith. It is the same with Eber (pbuh). What does Shelah (pbuh) say? “O Lord, I preached but they still did not believe.” Why? Weakness of faith. Is it a problem of canonical jurisprudence or of weakness of faith? Weakness of faith. That is the world’s whole problem. Weakness of faith. That is how Almighty Allah creates the test. The wisdom of Almighty Allah. He shows it as 50 per 50. The people of belief rise above 51, the people of unbelief fall down to 49. Whoever has good conscience will be on the side of Allah. And whoever does not will abandon Allah. They will be on the side of their own pleasures. They will give themselves up to a short-lived world. For example, I see very lovely women on Facebook and the rest. But they are flesh and bone. And flesh and bone have a huge predisposition to decay. They rot very badly. Iron does not rot. It decays very gradually. Stone is also very sound. It remains pure. Wood decays, but not disgustingly. But flesh decays horribly.                           stinks when it goes off. It looks disgusting. Really horrible, may Allah forbid. Allah protects the prophets and guides. Otherwise, human beings assume a horrible appearance. Their end is revolting. They are truly horrible in the grave. For example, if people could see those ladies who put on airs throughout their lives and those men who put on airs throughout their lives …If they could see them  20 days after burial, or 30, or 50, nothing would be left of their devotion to this. But none of them are visible beneath the ground. The world goes on with all its noise, and they still do not understand.

One must direct all one’s love and attention to Allah. But Allah has created human beings to be cruel and ignorant. That is why people look at others and make mistakes. This person has no faith, they say, this person is wicked, that kind of thing. “Most people have no faith,” Allah tells us in one verse. “The majority of people do not believe without ascribing equals to Me,” He says. This is Allah’s law. There is nothing surprising in it. But people look at the majority and go astray. Allah says in another verse that if we follow the majority we will wander off His path. You must not follow the herd. You must follow the Qur’an. There is Allah, one, and you, two. You must look at things rationally. “My friend is this or that person…” But your friend is shown to you in your brain. You will realize who is your friend and who is not in the hereafter. You will realize the majority of your friends are zombies. My mother and father are like this or that. They may also be zombies. Your mother and father may be zombies. There may be human beings with no soul breathed into them. The number of real human beings in the world may be much lower than we think. Many people may not be so. Most people are dead. There are many dead people in the world. The reason why people go crazy is that they do not learn from the dead. They deny death, saying it is this or that. But they are already dead. They do not do it consciously. A rational person is responsible for his own mind. I mean, they cannot use others as their excuses. If they do, they can expect no hope from them. There are lovely young girls who quickly age and die. It is foolishness to be tied to this world. A rational person will look to the one this world belongs to. To the Lord of love and beauty. That is the most rational thing to do. Insha’Allah.

But we have to have a deep-thinking aspect to ourselves. The Qur’an is always telling us to think deeply and reflect. People always want ready information. They want to see explicit proof of Allah’s existence in the Qur’an. They want miracles in the Qur’an and for everything to be set out explicitly so they can have faith, have no option but to believe. That is out of the question. Most people do not believe. There may be difficulties and sickness and difficult conditions, but they can never tear a Muslim away from Allah. One must be very rational. One must reflect, and then reflect more deeply. One must be sincerely devoted to Allah, and then more sincerely still. Veils will be lifted stage by stage in one’s mind, by Allah. Otherwise they will just close down. But if one looks with an over-look and with one’s inner eye, then one can think of nothing but destiny. The veils are lifted. Someone may say he has thought deeply and come to this state, but he will have the specific time for reflection. And apart from that he will not think deep at all.

Look, I am opening a page of the Qur’an at random. In the name of Allah.

Surat al-An’am, 135

Say: ‘My people, do as you are doing, just as I am doing. You will certainly come to know who will have the best home in the end. The wrongdoers will certainly not be successful.’

What is the subject matter here? Lack of faith. There is no problem of canonical law here. And none of faithfulness. There is one of faithlessness. What do they do? “do as you are doing, just as I am doing. You will certainly come to know who will have the best home in the end.” You will learn with whom the end of the world lies. If we look at the figurative sense of the verse, whose is the end of the world, the End Times in which we are living? Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh). Jesus the Messiah’s. Looking at it in those terms, that is the figurative meaning. The wrongdoers will certainly not be successful.” What does that mean? The system of the antichrist will definitely be defeated. There is no escape for the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. The oppressors will definitely be eradicated.

Surat al-An’am, 133

Your Lord is the Rich Beyond Need, the Possessor of Mercy. If He wanted, He could remove you and replace you with anything else He wanted to, just as He produced you from the descendants of another people.

For example, in those days it was our Arab brothers who best protected and tended Islam. Then what happened? That duty passed to the Turks. What does Almighty Allah say? He could remove you and replace you...” Another people. The Turkish people came, insha’Allah.

Surat al-An’an, 134

What you are promised will come about and you can do nothing to prevent it.

What is promised? The Mahdi (pbuh). What is promised? Jesus the Messiah. As well as indicating the Day of Reckoning, the verse also suggests the Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). And to the global reign, insha’Allah.

Surat al-An’am, 135

Look, it says, Say: ‘My people, do as you are doing, just as I am doing.What do I say to Darwinists? “Do everything you are doing now. Leave nothing undone. As we are doing.” You will certainly come to know who will have the best home in the end.” They say victory will go either to the communists or to the capitalists. No, it will go to the Muslims. The system of the Mahdi. The wrongdoers will certainly not be successful.” All the antichrists and despots will be crushed and disappear. Only the truth will reign across the world.


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