Evolution Hoax

Chief Rabbi: I am suffering for mankind

What He Said?What Happened?

Seher TV-October 3, 2008


Adnan Oktar: Athiest Zionist thinking is a heretical movement that does not believe in Allah or the Qur’an and that is opposed to the prophets Musa, Ibrahim, Ishaq, Yaqub, Ismail, Harun, Yusuf or the others.  That is godless Zionism. They fiercely reject the Torah. It sets people against one another. These heretics imagine that makind will be happier if people are in a state of conflict with one another. They harbor the devilish and insane belief that mankind can evolve and be increasingly perfected when people shed blood and wage war against one another. They therefore set people against one another and imagine that this is a good thing. We have distributed copies of these books in Israel to oppose this perversion. Many people in Israel are also downloading the book over the Internet. We seek to save also devout, religious Jews. BOTH DEVOUT CHRISTIANS AND DEVOUT JEWS, BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALSO BEEN AFFLICTED BY THE SCOURGE OF ATHEIST ZIONISM. Atheist Zionists have troubled them in its real sense. Atheist Zionists are the enemies of Jews, hostile to devout Jews.  They need to be broken and overcome.

Shalom-January 16, 2009

Chief Rabbi: I Am Suffering For Mankind


Turkish Chief Rabbi Rav Isak Haleva expressed his deep sorrow at the killing of innocent civilians during Israel’s attack on Gaza. Haleva called on those in power to act reasonably. 

Vatan Newspaper-January 17, 2009

Prayer for Gaza in  Synagogue

Haberalemi-January 8, 2009

Prayer for Palestinians in Synagogues

2009-02-08 23:23:17

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