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Erdoğan: ''We want stability and co-operation in the Caucasus''

What He Said?What Happened?

Asia RFA Radio-June 14, 2008

Asia RFA: When you say Turkish-Islamic Union, where exactly do you mean?

Adnan Oktar:  Everywhere from The Adriatic to China. Including the Caucasus and Turkistan. Including East Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, all of these included.

Asia RFA: Where do you place Christian and Buddhist Turks within that?

Adnan Oktar:  They will also live at ease within that union. Their rights will be protected in the finest manner. It will even ensure that atheists enjoy the necessary respect, concern and services.

Asia RFA: Yes, Mr. Harun. Now, you know about East Turkestan, of course. Enver Pasha died in Tajikistan, in what is now Turkistan territory. Many people in Turkey today say that Enver Pasha was a dreamer. But they might not be saying that if Turkistan, the pan-Turanian Union, had become a reality at that time. What we have today, of course, is the work of Nursultan Nazarbayev, which has been around for some time. There is talk of the establishment of a Turkistan [pan-Turkish] Union. What do you think of that?

Adnan Oktar:  There is only one union. That is the Turkish-Islamic Union. It rests on the most perfect, most splendid, powerful and credible foundations. This is a just union acceptable to and including everyone. It will defend Armenians within the Turkish-Islamic Union. And Israelis and Jews. And Buddhists. And atheists. It will protect and embrace them all. But if one only wants this kind of Turk or that kind of Turk, then that is corruption. There can be no such thing. There are no different kinds of Turk. Turks are Turks. Wherever they may be in the world, they are brothers. There can be no diversity within Islam. They may be Sunnis, or Shiites, as in Azerbaijan. Or they may be Wahabbites. Or Alawites. But they are all our brothers. None of the separatist definitions can be accepted. We shall unite them all together, InshaAllah.

Dokuz Sütun, 15 August 2008

'We Want Stability and Co-operation in the Caucasus'
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