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Tony Blair: ""The world needs faith""

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, states: “It is in this era of globalization that faith can represent reason and progress. Religion isn’t dying; nor should it. The world needs faith.”

Herewith Mr. Blair’s article from The Faith Foundation;

“For years, it was assumed, certainly in the West, that, as society developed, religion would wither away. But it hasn’t, and, at the start of a new decade, it is time for policymakers to take religion seriously.

Religion’s largest growth is in China. Indeed, the religiosity of China is worth reflecting on. There are more Muslims in China than in Europe, more practicing Protestants than in England, and more practicing Catholics than in Italy…

In the future, in any developed nation, you will find selfless care being provided to the disabled, the dying, the destitute, and the disadvantaged, by people acting under the impulse of their faith. Common to all great religions is love of neighbors and human equality before Allah (God).

Personally, I rejoice in this. Such a world requires that mutual respect replace mutual suspicion...

I started my Faith Foundation precisely to create greater understanding between the faiths…

Finally, religious leaders must accept a new responsibility: to stand up firmly and resolutely for respecting those of faiths different from their own…

We must demonstrate the loving nature of true faith...

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