Evolution Hoax

""Islam is the biggest growing religion in Europe""

“I converted to Islam because of its conceptions of honesty and justice. Islam is the biggest growing religion in Europe because of the presence of its people who hold this religion and thus come by the essence of the conceptions of justice and equality.” says Yvonne Ridley.

British journalist Yvonne Ridley was born in 1959 in UK. Ridley worked as reporter in Newspapers such as Sunday Times, The Observer, Daily Mirror, The Independent and Sunday Express as well as  TV Channels like BBC, CNN and ITN where she had duties as anchor person, commentator and producer in programs covering Middle East.

She was captured by Taliban in September 2001 when she entered Afghanistan by wearing a ‘burqa’ and hiding her identity and then released after 10 days on a condition that she will read the Holy Qur-an and review Islam religion without any prejudice.

After a long review and study of Islam, she became a Muslim. The perspective on women and family structure of Islam which is expressed in the Qur’an deeply impressed her to take this decision of converting to Islam 

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