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Red Army Appoints Religious Scholars within the Army

Russian Army officially appoints religious scholars to avoid any moral corruption within the army.

The Government of the Russian Federation has decided to permanently employ religious scholars to serve in the education of soldiers on a moral and religious basis.These scholars will be paid by the government.

The soldiers have already been divided into groups to receive education from these Muslim, Christian, Jewish Scholars who are to be appointed in Red Army at the beginning of 2010.

In scope of the modernization of the army, President Dmitri Medvedev asked a research to be carried out regarding the religious scholars to be appointed in the army. Therefore Russian Patriarch Kirill has taken the necessary actions to support Kremlin.

Aleksander Kansin, President of Russian Social War Veteran Commission told to Rosisskaya Gazeta that the new practise will surely lead the moral values to rise within the army.

2009-12-11 00:00:00

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