Evolution Hoax

Look at your lives realistically

Films show birds-eye views of the world’s most modern, largest and magnificent cities. Looked at from above, giant skyscrapers and bright city lights are highly attractive to most people. But this is the false face of the glittering world seen from the outside.  When one enters the city and looks at it realistically, one sees no alluring life of the kind imagined in societies that do not live by the Qur’anic moral values. Because the lives of the people who work in the skyscrapers are filled with intrigue, rivalry and greed, nobody in them is happy. These people, who have lost all human qualities, work like robots and have no awareness. These people who fill the roads, streets, shopping malls, metros and quays are unaware of their own purpose. They are unaware of the dirt and noise of the city, its crowds and the unconsciousness on the faces of the people.

Cars, shopping malls, shops, restaurants and expensive districts are my no means as impressive as one might imagine from seeing them from above. The shopping malls are full of people who just look longingly at the windows but lack the power to purchase anything. These people eat fast-food off plastic plates, drink out of plastic glasses and sit on plastic chairs at plastic tables, and are unaware of this misery that has enthralled them. Since they hate one another, these people try never to make eye contact with anyone. They fear and avoid everyone else. They have literally turned into robots, bereft of all feelings of friendship, love, compassion, affection and empathy.

The only salvation for these people who live so unhappily,with atrophied eyes and hearts, in the cities is religious moral values. Someone who loves Allah loves all the people He has created. Love brings with it compassion, sympathy, consideration, loyalty and enjoyment of beauty. A peaceful, modern life is only possible in these magnificent-seeming cities when they are inhabited by people who look one another in the face, are loyal and behave in the finest manner by knowing the value of beauty.

2009-01-01 05:03:59

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