Evolution Hoax

The Man Who is One With Islam

Every issue of this social-religious newspaper contains scientific and religious articles by Harun Yahya. In addition, it carried a special interview with him, “The Man Who Is One with Islam,” in its 20 September 2002 edition. Some extracts from that interview read as follows:
“The life of this world is a place of testing. Everything that befalls a believer in this brief space of time is auspicious, because the destiny prepared by our Lord, Who is unbound by space and time, is flawless.”

“My books are printed in various languages all over the world. Documentaries based on these books are also broadcast on a number of stations. Works translated into such languages as English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Urdu, Albanian, Arabic, Russian, Bosnian, Uyghur, Malay, Bengali, Bulgarian, and Chinese enjoy a wide readership in a great many countries.”
29 November 2002,
"The Fact of Creation"
27 September 2002,
"The Collapse of Darwinism"

20 September 2002,
"The Man Who Is One with Islam"

20 December 2002,
"Reports of Past Times in the Qur’an"
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