Evolution Hoax

Various Articles By Harun Yahya Have Been Published In Daawah At Various Times

Al-Daawah, a weekly publication devoted to Islamic and social affairs, is published in Saudi Arabia and distributed across the world, including Saudi Arabia, other Arab states, the United Kingdom, France, the USA, Canada and other countries. This attractively presented magazine has been making enormous efforts to present Islam in the best possible manner for 11 years. Harun Yahya"s scientific articles in this magazine contribute to this aim by opening the reader"s mind and showing him the glorious artistry in God"s creation. One article says:

Water is "just right" for life to a degree that cannot be compared with any other liquid. The larger part of this planet, a world whose other attributes (temperature, light, electromagnetic spectrum, atmosphere, surface, etc.) are all suitable for life, has been filled with just the right amount of water necessary for life. It should be obvious that this cannot all be accidental and that there must instead be intentional design.


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