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Great Attention To Harun Yahya Works In Malayalam Language

Mr. Adnan Oktar’s (aka Harun Yahya) documentary films and books published in Malayalam language are widely distributed in India. Prominent ministers, members of Parliament and Muslim scholars in the country show great attention to these works.

1) Former Minister of Social Security and Labour Shri. P.K.K. Bava and Former Minister of Labour Dr. Shri. M.K. Muneer Looking Through the Atlas of Creation

2) Former Minister of Social Security and Labour Shri. P.K.K. Bava and Member of Muslim League Party Maayan Haji


3) India’s 2nd biggest political party members; Mohanan Master ve Krisna Das

4) One of the prominent scholars of Kerala, India; Rahmathullah Kasimi

5) Former Kerala Minister for Forests and Housing; Binoy Viswam

6) Muslim League Party member

7) Sunni leader Khaleel Bukhari, receiving Harun Yahya"s documentary titled Islam Denounces Terrorism

8) Canara Bank Manager

Examples of Harun Yahya documentaries in Malayalam language

One of the books of Harun Yahya in Malayalam language, "Signs of the End Times in Surat Al-Kahf "

 One the Harun Yahya books in Malayalam language for children, "Skillful Dam Constructors: Beaver”

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