Evolution Hoax

Harun Yahya Conference At Dubai Zayed University

In the article titled “Fossils Prove Creation” published in The National, the preeminent Engish newspaper of United Arab Emirates distributed throughout the world, the representatives of Mr. Adnan Oktar noted the invalidity of the theory of evolution in the Dubai Zayed University, on its edition dated January 11th, 2011. The conference, in which the dilemmas of the theory of evolution and the deceits being applied in order to maintain this theory were explained, was realized through the initiative of Dubai Department of Islamic Affairs and the student union of Dubai Zayed University. In the article, information about transitional form dilemma that refuted the theory of evolution was noted as follows:

Dr. Cihat Gundogdu, a member of Harun Yahya organisation, said yesterday that the ancient remains were simply evidence against the theory of evolution… Images of various fossil forms were shown, but Dr. Gundogdu said no transitional forms of species, for instance half-starfish and half-fish, ever been found.… He said, species were simply created as they are.

 (In addition, you can watch The National newspaper’s interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar on March 28th, 2009 from here.)


2011-01-13 13:20:42

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