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Harun Yahya Is Turkey"s Best-known And Most Assertive Critic Of Evolution

The 9 November, 2009, issue of Times of Oman, which has been in publication since 1975, is the Sultanate of Oman’s oldest English-language newspaper and attracts millions of visitors to its web site every week, carried a report titled “In Turkey, fertile ground for creationism.” The report stated that Adnan Oktar was the most assertive proponent of Creationism in Turkey and that the number of believers in evolution in the country was in rapid decline:

"Darwin is the worst fascist there has ever been, and the worst racist history has ever witnessed," writes Harun Yahya...

The most visible Turkish proponent of creationism is named Adnan Oktar, who writes and appears daily on his own two-hour television show under the alias Harun Yahya. In 2006, Oktar created an international stir when his book of high-quality fossil images reached to biology teachers worldwide.

Adnan Oktar, who as Harun Yahya is Turkey"s best-known and most assertive critic of evolution, says he is "following the path of Allah."
2010-01-12 19:29:21

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