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The Cause Of The Global Crisis: The Strong Crush The Weak

On 30 October, 2008, Antara, the official Indonesian news agency, carried Adnan Oktar’s views regarding the latest economic developments under the caption "Harun Yahya: The Cause of the Global Crisis: The Strong Crush the Weak.” The report included extracts from the author’s article titled “Why Is Iceland Now the ‘Sunken Land’?” and his analysis of the flawed nature of the capitalist system.


An extract from the author’s article:

If the idea that "the strong crush the weak" is made the moral principle in society, and if moral values degenerate because of that, and if increasing enrichment of the rich and strong out of greed for accumulated wealth becomes the main issue in life, then the economy turns into "savage capitalism." Savage capitalism is a system, in which no help is given to the poor and needy, and in which they are oppressed instead, and in which social injustice is regarded as a “natural state of affairs” rather than a problem.

As a requirement of savage capitalism, the poor have to be eliminated. Poor countries have no right to life. According to this perverted perspective, the strong must grow ever stronger and ever richer. That is why available cash is kept back in the interest system for the enrichment of the wealthy, rather than being used to help the poor or make production. The basic idea on which savage capitalism is based is, naturally, Darwinism.

Iceland in the global financial crisis is another tragic example caused by the materialist, capitalist system. …

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