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The Leader Of islamic Creationism, Adnan Oktar

The leader of Islamic creationism, Adnan Oktar

"In particular, Darwinism is an element of obscurity rather than enlightenment. It has eliminated people’s tendencies to love Allah and one another. It has destroyed the human soul. It has eliminated the tendency to beauty in people. It has eliminated the conception of friendship and brotherhood. And it has placed Europe in a dark age... 

Irreligion is something that deprives people of happiness. People suffer because of irreligion. Darwinism lies at the heart of Marxist and fascist regimes. Darwinism lies at the root of savage capitalism. These are things that inflict suffering and cause bloodshed and oppression. Darwinism intensely encourages this.” (Adnan Oktar, from the La Vanguardia interview)

On 2 March, 2009, La Vanguardia, Spain’s highest circulation daily, carried the notes from Ricardo Gines"s interview with Adnan Oktar.

The report was titled "TURKEY REJECTS DARWIN” and went on to say:

Adnan Oktar, the leader of Islamic creationism, warns that evolution constitutes a barrier between Allah and man... A new movement is increasingly gathering many followers: Islamic creationism.

Adnan Oktar, the leader of Islamic creationism, says that evolution represents a barrier between Allah and man…

In his recent interview with La Vanguardia, the powerful creationist Adnan Oktar said, "DARWINISM HAS DESTROYED PEOPLE’S LOVE FOR THE CREATOR AND LED THE WORLD TO A NEW DARK AGE.” 

During our conversation Oktar suggested that, "When we look at Marxism, fascism and capitalism we see that Darwinism lies at the root of all these beliefs... It is that which makes people unhappy and wretched today.” People who read Oktar’s books in languages such as Urdu, Arabic, Russian, Serbo-Croat, Spanish and English in countries like India, Indonesia, Turkey and Poland say it is impossible to remain immune to this call. 
Cover Title: The Turks Against Darwin

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