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""my True Cause in This World is The Turkish-islamic Union""

The 6 December, 2008, issue of Avrupa, a Turkish-language newspaper published in London, carried Adnan Oktar’s answers to the paper’s questions.  Adnan Oktar’s answer to the question, “What is the finest message you would wish to send to the people of Turkey and the world in your life” in the interview, which appeared under the title "My True Cause in This World Is the Turkish-Islamic Union," was reported as follows:

Adnan Oktar: “My true cause in this world is the Turkish-Islamic Union.”
My true cause and one of my ideals in this world, as everyone knows, is the Turkish-Islamic Union, insha’Allah. In other words, the establishment of a very large union including the Islamic countries, Azerbaijan, Turkestan, Kazakhstan and all of them. And for Turkey to be the elder brother. In the Turkish-Islamic Union I have in mind, all states will remain as nation states; it is a union of hearts, a union of love.  It will be a union of shared minds. For example, when terror raises its head, joint decisions will be taken to eradicate it. When an economic crisis emerges, a joint decision will be taken to resolve it. When a country faces economic collapse, for instance, a joint decision will be taken to rescue it. At the root of this union lie love, altruism, mutual aid, compassion, tolerance, understanding and compromise. The Qur’an commands the Islamic world to be as one. The moral values of the Qur’an must be sincerely applied. We have one faith, one tongue, one everything; we have the same everything, we share the same roots and are brothers, but we are separate. That should clearly not be so.  If we suggested to Azerbaijan “let us unite” today, they would agree without thinking about it for even a day. All that is needed is for the official proposal to be made. We can easily unite as two states, one nation. There are no obstacles. That applies to Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. The Islamic world will be able to breathe much easier after this unification. Iraq and Syria are desperately keen to unite with Turkey. All it needs is for Turkey to come up with the proposal, to give it a name. Just making the request will be sufficient. The Arabs want it, too. They regard it as the only way out. It also means salvation for America. And for China and Russia. They will all be better off economically. Terror will be completely eradicated. Israel in particular will be able to relax and will have no more problems. Armenia will be able to relax and a fine civilization will result. There are really no obstacles to the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union, because it is a union of peace, of brotherhood and of love, not a conception based on racial superiority or putting anyone else down. Everyone will want such an excellent thing.

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