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About Harun Yahya"s The Miracle Of Creation In Plants

The international news portal Moheet carried Radhwan Adem’s analysis of The Miracle of Creation in Plants. It contained the following lines:

Harun Yahya’s book The Miracle of Creation in Plants recently emerged from the ar-Risale publishing house. In that book, the author refers to the interesting secrets and miracles of plants. In the introductory section the writer describes how plants form and refers to their complexity. We imagine plants to be very simple things, though they in fact possess a highly detailed and complex nature. These plants could not, of course, have appeared by chance, but emerged through the might and design of Allah, just as applies to the creation of all other living things. These books are exceedingly useful in calling people to faith and the way of Allah.

With their simple and logical style they achieve an enormous success. After reading such books, the reader is left in no doubt in his heart or mind, and will inevitably abandon other material philosophies because these books demolish such materialist philosophies and ideas from their very roots. Harun Yahya and his colleagues have assumed a most important task in this field. By the will of Allah, these books will bring peace, security, justice and happiness to all mankind in the 21st century, as promised in the Holy Qur’an.

At the end of all his books Harun Yahya devotes a special section to the theory of evolution. The reason for this is that the disasters inflicted on the world in the past as well as today all stem from that theory. That means that these terrible philosophies and ideas were all built on the theory. Over the course of the last 140 years Darwinism has played a major role in people’s denial of the existence of Allah or else to doubt His existence. The rejection of the theory must therefore assume the form of a highly significant task for us. This valuable book can be easily read by all sections of society, and all can benefit from it. Nobody can deny the truths which it sets out.
2008-10-30 01:07:54

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