Evolution Hoax

The End Of Materialism Has Come

The Belgian, French-language daily La Libre carried a report about the Atlas of Creation on 5 February, 2007. The article described the impact of the Atlas in France:

... This luxurious, 770-page work called the Atlas of Creation was recently sent from Turkey and Germany to French high schools and universities... In the 2 February issue of Le Figaro the biologist Herve Le Guyader says that the book is based on a new creationism and is far more effective than the Christian-based creationism predominant in North America. Written under the pen-name of Harun Yahya, this book differs from Christian creationism in putting the age of the Earth at 4.6 billion years. It is illustrated with fossils of fish, star fish and leaf species dating back millions of years alongside pictures of present-day specimens in order to highlight the similarity between them. It thus states that these organisms never evolved at all, but were created. The author quotes passages from the Qur’an and concludes that creation is a fact and that materialism has come to the end of the road.

In the authors’ view, Charles Darwin’s theories are the real source of terrorism, because Darwinism is the only philosophy based on, and therefore to encourage, conflict...

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