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The Famous islamic Creationist Harun Yahya

The Italian political daily il Riformista carried a report about Atlas of Creation headed “Darwin, the Qur’an and the Irrefutable Theory of the Herring” on 18 September, 2007. The report carried extracts from the article published by the magazine The Economist and went on to say:

Adorned with gold leaf, one of seven volumes comes with illustrations and a CD-Rom, and consists of eight hundred glossy pages. It’s got hologram on its cover… In our century, Harun Yahya is the best-known author to espouse Islamic creationism under the name of Adnan Oktar… The second volume is long since ready and has been sent by courier to university professors, businessmen and politicians in France, Germany and Great Britain…

Of course, fossils. In this book, they show that transitional forms have never been found… Fossils from many species are displayed and you can see that they have not changed much. The plane tree leaf and the herring for example… The book emphasizes that, just like other fish, the herring is a species that has not changed over millions of years…

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