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The Theory Of Evolution Has Begun To Be Questioned In French Universities

Politis, a French weekly news journal, took anti-evolutionary creationist activities as its cover story under the banner headline “Creationist Attack on Darwinism.” The four-page story by Ingrid Merckx largely concentrated on the impact of Atlas of Creation in France. After describing how the book had spread through the country and stating that university students had now begun doubting the theory of evolution, the article went on to say:
“Universities have been slow to realize this. They never expected that students would one day assail them with these questions.”
Panic has begun spreading among Darwinist circles along with the rise of creationist belief in France. Darwinist, materialist circles who oppose even the questioning of the theory of evolution complain that “anti-Darwinists say, ‘room must be given to skepticism, and we must be open to debate and be democratic," thus confirming once again that they have adopted evolution as a dogma and are blindly devoted to the theory.

The report in question also stated that belief in the theory of evolution had weakened in France and that conferences had been held to draw attention to this. Part of the reference to Atlas of Creation reads:

“In February last year Atlas of Creation was sent out to hundreds of French institutions. This 700-page illustrated work denounced the theory of evolution while espousing Creationism. It was written by Harun Yahya. Yahya, a Turkish Muslim who disseminates his ideas by means of www.bookglobal.net, seeks to prove that animal species have never changed since they were first created, and says that Darwin’s theses represent the true cause of terrorism.”

2008-04-15 14:16:15

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