Evolution Hoax

Creationism Is In Turkish Schools Thanks To Adnan Oktar

          The Economist, a London-based economics and news weekly published in English, once again covered Adnan Oktar’s influence in the spread of belief in creation. The magazine, with a weekly circulation of 1.2 million, referred to Adnan Oktar as follows in its 1 November, 2007, edition:

          “... Intelligent design is now taught in some Turkish schools—thanks in 
          large part to Adnan Oktar, a preacher who set up the Bilim Arastirma
          Vakfi (Scientific Research Foundation). He claims to have 4.5m   
          followers, and his ‘Atlas of Creation’ has been distributed around the
          Muslim world and Europe. His organisation also sees links between
          Darwin and terrorism, fascism and communism…”

2007-11-25 00:47:05

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