Evolution Hoax

The Unloved Darwin

In its 23 July, 2007, edition one local German daily, published under the names Nürnberger Zeitung and Nordbayerische Zeitung Furth, carried a report titled “The Unloved Darwin.” The paper, which has a print run of 328,000, described Atlas of Creation as “a counter-attack with brightly colored illustrations against Darwin.” The article that followed described the author’s message as imparted in the Atlas of Creation by saying:
According to the Atlas of Creation, all living things, from tadpoles to human beings, were created by a Sublime Creator. And there is no doubt that this Creator is God.

While one page of the Atlas, sent to France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland within the last few months, shows present-day living things, the page opposite shows these life forms in their fossil states.

The author of the Atlas tells his readers that living things that existed in previous periods were identical in every respect to those living today. Even if millions of years have gone by … And this proves that evolution never happened.

The fact is that not only does this illustrated book delight religious fundamentalists, it also warms the hearts of those who are unwilling to believe that human beings are the work of chance and descended from primates.

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