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The Swiss Want Creationism To Be Taught In Schools

A report on the web site of the Swiss magazine Factum dated 1 June, 2007, referred to the Swiss public’s wish to see Creationism taught in schools. The report emphasized the way in which certain boulevard-newspapers such as Blick ignored this situation and published pro-evolution and anti-creationist material:

“The results of the Internet survey carried out by Blick Online itself showed that a large part of the public want to see Creationism made part of the school curriculum. Blick, however, did not inform its readers of the result of the survey.”

The Factum magazine report stated that the person referred to in the biased Blick article was Harun Yahya, who has dispatched his anti-evolutionary Atlas of Creation to schools in Western Switzerland. It also made reference to the way in which the Atlas, by the Muslim author Harun Yahya, had been misinterpreted because of prejudiced perspectives.

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